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  2. Someone declared them self a God, and just like gossip, it was greatly twisted and exaggerated, and spread like a wildfire, just like gossip. Notice the keyword gossip.
  3. Word has it that Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers post here. That would explain a lot. Man, I watched the latter leftist talk show host's program last night (to see what it would be like), and he spent the first ten to fifteen minutes criticizing Trump, and he does this *each night*! He gives Farmer a run for his money.
  4. Smarter people than I do the thinking, thousands of them in fact, I merely do my best to take in as much as is possible. Nobody has used any gimmicks, if you think you are inspiring people your sadly mistaken, you just sound like a crazy religious person ranting. You have not demonstrated that and only shown biased unfounded opinions so I feel your opinion can be readily dismissed in light of his accomplishments. That's right, none exists only evidence of a natural universe, not much more to discuss really. You've shown nothing to illustrate that view as incorrect. You have merely expressed what appears to be a fanatical opinion. I have to agree with jmccr8. Sounds like an opinion to me. That's what Clockwork_Spirit does, your just going in circles.
  5. Just out of curiousity how does that work exactly as the modern Abrahamic God, Yahweh, is a merging of the ancient Midianite deity Yahweh who was a mountain god (but not a Creator deity) with the Canaanite god El who WAS a Creator deity? No human required. cormac
  6. He obviously hates colored people, er, people of color. On the case, they're attempting to decipher messages connected to the bomb packages. This may help them learn the motivation(s) of the killer(s). Evidently, at least two of the victims knew each other.
  7. Are you under the impression there is a good god out there related to the bible? I know better.
  8. Although you do seem to be sticking with your usual 'It's all a globalist conspiracy' thing. So maybe not that flexible. Just saying
  9. Given the expedited nature of McCabe's firing -- I'm not so sure. Still waiting to see the details.
  10. I'm not sure why merely suggesting it might be terrorism warrants such opposition. I'm not saying it absolutely is terrorism. I'm just saying it could be. It's a perfectly rational possibility.
  11. Well, we can trust Big Pharma, and all their gadgets, or, we can look, feel, trust our our own feelings.. Do you have the best interests of Humanity at Heart?
  12. An atheist perspective is supported by knowledge. You speak as though it's a real world debate. It's not. Theistic perspectives are debated but the subject it not, its a discussion. There is more than enough hard evidence supporting biological, astrological and physics explanations to consider them as the best explanation we currently can have with the information available to us. Religion is more a hobby aspect, somthing people choose to subscribe to, it's not considered 'another view' its a cultural practice.
  13. I agree
  14. I need more information. I'll wait until the dust settles before I say this or that. I feel sorry for the guy since he was fired right before his birthday (the big 5-0), as well as right before his retirement, which *may* eliminate his pension. At times like this, I wish that the Democratic Party had nominated Jim Webb.
  15. You are juxtaposing two entirely different facets and in so doing committing a tautological error.
  16. obstruction of justice then if it's omission rather than outright lying ? - whatever it was it was enough to get him fired so there must be something solid...
  17. On the one hand we have scientific study using advanced brain scanning technology and on the other we have your singular anecdote. Which to trust? So in a way you're correct, I can't comprehend your way of thinking
  18. Overall yes. Some of us are capable of sufficiently flexible thinking to agree with someone on some things and disagree with them on others. Theresa May's opening statement was good, her answers to questions lacking. Jeremy corbyn made one good point in his but followed it with so much guff that she got away with ignoring it.
  19. I dunno about "my music" but I have my collection. Mostly an eclectic bunch of songs that are usually not mixed. Even my parents think much if it is too old.
  20. So apparently the church of Scientology is getting it's own TV channel now. Sounds like exactly what we need.
  21. I doubt it. They're "above the law". The Hollywood and media love fest with Hillary and Obama will continue. That would be the case even if both of them drowned puppies on live TV.
  22. I enjoy a bit of 90's grunge stuff here and there.
  23. I literally just said the following: "Based on what I read in the article, do we know yet whether they were targeted based on their skin color by one of these groups? No, not yet. But if they were then the term 'terrorist' fully applies." This was primarily a hypothetical suggestion, since I literally just admitted that we don't know all the facts just yet. Regardless, the fact that the victims were 3 black men (in the deeply conservative state of Texas no less), with white nationalism on the rise, it's a distinct possibility.
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