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  2. Features can be interpreted by the beholder sometimes. As an unnamed politician said at a recent rally about a Hispanic supporter, "Who knew, he looks even more WASP than I do."
  3. OverSword

    Wearable chair lets you sit where you want

    Turn it down a few percentage points. These things are a gyroscope and won't tip easily. I've seen some pretty uncoordinated looking people riding them easily.
  4. littlebrowndragon

    Vision during meditation

    I have done a fair bit of meditation, but have never had any such visions at all. I did my first Vision Quest about 8 months ago. It was very productive i.e. I interpreted the images. The image I saw was in yellow and black. I understood, for various reasons, that these colours predicted I'd be in a bad mood next day. I was in a bad mood next day. I have been trying to do more Vision Quests recently but I think I need to get into meditating again just to quieten my mind. The other problem is that, as I try Vision Quests when I go to bed at night (i.e. after consuming some alcohol) they never even get off the ground because I fall asleep so quickly. When I did my first Vision Quest, I was not sleeping as well and took a little while to drift off, making a Vision Quest easier to start.
  5. OMG! Thanks, had not heard of him. What a crock. Appreciate the alert.
  6. Calibeliever

    Wearable chair lets you sit where you want

    I'm 100% positive I would break my a$$ on this thing! hehe
  7. Whose presuming? We didn't invite em here.....
  8. OverSword


    Ain't it grand?

  9. We push it pretty hard, but usually we designed in some safety margins. Some humility helps. After all, we have been using tools and fire for well over 100,000 years and we still hit our thumbs with hammers and burn ourselves on the kitchen stove. Now this is purely a prejudiced opinion I know; I think the trouble often starts when the money types want to cut corners and question all of those safety measures to increase corporate profits. I am all for making money still there needs to be a balance, between cost and safety.
  10. Carlos Allende

    Carlos Allende

    "OMG Pheobe Waller Fleabag is _such_ an amaaazing writer!!!" - yeah just look at the footage smuggled out from Shatterhand: Bond in an Aston Martin chased along a mountain road by two black sedans. HOW CAN ANYONE THINK OF SOMETHING SO ORIGINAL?

  11. Tatetopa

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    Oh man Earl, I sure wouldn't go that far. There are plenty of people who thought the Clintons were throwbacks to Boss Tweed or some other political corruption dynasty. I don't even have a name to compare them to.
  12. susieice

    Mystery surrounds orange wristband deaths

    Police have ID'd the three who died. They were found in the same apartment. The other four had been there also. https://www.pennlive.com/news/2019/09/police-id-trio-who-died-in-mass-over-in-pittsburgh.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=pennlive_sf&fbclid=IwAR1VUaqGMUAsMbbDhwm7RVmBW8KEcLK6BPABKap18Jb9XfZDdLsn6JuJRBs
  13. He probably shot 2 bigfoot hunters wearing fur coats.
  14. This is what l am looking for, or a great song, we haven't heard for ages,....enjoy. Did an Allen Parsons Project search but they seem to be a one hit wonder. 1987. And this music video has a Sony Trinitron monitor, (state of the art back then).
  15. OverSword

    John Humphrys retires, accuses BBC of bias.

    So John Humphrys retires and states the obvious eh? The BBC is so obviously biased in their political spin that it doesn't take memoirs to know it, just viewing it with a neutral mindset is the only thing it takes.
  16. Setton

    John Humphrys retires, accuses BBC of bias.

    Then you still pay for it. Just like you pay for the NHS even if you go private. Then you don't have to pay the fee. It isn't. You really need to get some facts on this instead of whatever drivel you've cooked up with your right wing friends. I presume this idea therefore also extends to other areas of society, like the NHS example above. Since I don't drive, I should get a tax cut. Why should I pay for roads for others to use? And another one as I don't have kids. Why am I paying for schools and teachers? There are any number of things we pay for, whether we use them or not. You just don't like this one because it doesn't pander to your victim narrative.
  17. Rlyeh

    I Caught a Fraud Red Handed!

    I could tell he was a fraud the moment you said "psychic advisor".
  18. hacktorp

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    Boring day at work, huh? Don't worry...eventually someone will wander in to buy a slurpee and things will be exciting again.
  19. Yes, you have claimed that you astral travelled to a slumber party, and I think you have think this is what happened. I don’t have the evidence to support the conclusion that you astral travelled to the slumber party, and you have not participated in any kind of challenges that have been offered to you to establish that you have the ability to astral travel. I am convinced with evidence on woo claims, not story’s. Perhaps you can volunteer for a study.
  20. lightly

    Why are mountains so high?

    They sure can be beautiful ! ...it's mostly earth's tectonic plates crashing into ,and, over-riding one another ? I've seen mountains all over the country pilgrim .
  21. itsnotoutthere

    John Humphrys retires, accuses BBC of bias.

    What if you don't watch the BBC? What if you only use your TV to watch Netflix and amazon? Why should you have to buy a licence based on ownership of a television. The BBC should be a subscription service, then the people that watch it pay for it, it's very democratic.
  22. Farmer77

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    No tap out work willing ill be here all day to mock you and your delusions of dictatorial grandeur . You do the same however!
  23. hacktorp

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    Nice tap-out. Have a great day.
  24. Earl.Of.Trumps

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    LOL C'mon, man! They hate her. Something to do with "Cultural Appropriation"
  25. Setton

    Eating meat ‘could be banned like smoking’

    Interesting fact, a plant based diet can be even worse for the environment than an omnivorous one. We need a lot more plants by volume to get the same calories which means a lot more land clearance. Plus the kind of vegetables vegans seem to be obsessed with don't tend to grow too well here so you've got the transport pollution too. Unless this lawyer plans to live on carrots and cabbage?
  26. Farmer77

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    Well i figured I needed to keep it something hashtagable or theyd get lost in the nuance.
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