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  2. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    True - but this account for only about 35% of those that voted. So 65% against WTO.
  3. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    I heard something last night when Corbyn made a statement after the results came in and he seems to think that they can prevent a No Deal Brexit.... so dunno.... doesn't all this come from the Gina Miller* thing and taking the decision away from the Government and giving it to the MPs.... ? * and her backers who made sure they themselves weren't made public...
  4. Not necessarily! You could have some "bad" genes that you didn't know about. Or maybe a car will hit you (I hope not). The ignorance here gives me allergies!
  5. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    I was fast.
  6. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    UKIP were already included in that 34.9%. But, yes, about 58% backed leave supporting parties. They did not, however, back your idea of leaving, despite the repeated claims that 'the vast majority now want to leave without a deal'. I'm not sure 'adding' counts as playing with statistics but, yes a fair portion is unknown. But, as with everything, we can only work with what we do know. Which is that the order of popularity is: Remain > no deal > deal Also, I am now saying remain did better than no deal. I missed the 3.4% for Change UK (probably says something about their impact). So the figures are actually at 39.4% remain, 34.9% no deal, 23.2% deal. So Brexit Party win the election but remain has the popularity.
  7. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    @hetrodoxly.... I'm glad you just made that edit in your previous post......(about the Green Party policies) it did my head in briefly... I was like..... what !!!
  8. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    It proves we knew what we were voting for, we haven't changed our minds and the vast majority of leavers are willing to do it on WTO.
  9. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    As it stands, a "no-deal" Brexit (e.g. a true Brexit) is the default condition come October. If the Conservatives elect a 'true' Brexit PM, then I don't think that Parliament can do anything to prevent him/her taking us out of the EU ?
  10. How Iran will defeat Trump and America

    Ah, then Judaism must be a fascist, ultra nationalistic, racist, supremacist, terrorist seeding religion (Israel is a Jewish state). Got it! Also, based on that guilty by association 'logic', Muslim extremists are correct in viewing the whole of the West, and all its denizens, as (supporters of) evil invaders of their sovereign lands. Lovely wielding that three mile brush isnt it, its exceptionally easy, creates a marvellously simple reality. You do realize such black & white tactics are an inherent attribute of extremism, dont you. Nuance - not 'hand ringing and pious denials' - is absolutely essential to resolve the present situation, because it addresses the specific culprits instead of blaming an entire global religion by association (which will alienate and aggrevate said population), which opens the way for the only real solution (addressing that specific source). Yet, that source is - again - one of the US's main economical and political ME allies, which is an unconvenient nuance / truth for most Islam basher simpletons.. so they prefer the simple three mile brush interpretation. Hows that for stupid.
  11. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    true... but what is new is the arrival of the Brexit Party and the huge support they got and if this success goes on to be repeated in a General Election... we could end up with a very different House of Commons...
  12. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    Brexit Party stood on. WTO. Green Party stood on. Our policies: Cancel Trident replacement, saving at least £110 billion over the next 30 years. A humane immigration and asylum system that recognises and takes responsibility for Britain’s ongoing role in causing the flow of migrants worldwide. Implement a UK-wide strategy to tackle gender based violence, including domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse, FGM and trafficking. An ethical foreign policy that builds capacity for conflict resolution, and end support to aggressive wars of intervention. No more arms sales to oppressive regimes. Trade rules that respect human rights, labour standards, environmental standards and climate commitments with mechanisms for individuals, groups and communities to bring grievances. Strengthen the global deal on climate change, including by delivering climate justice and promoting ecologically sustainable development so that poorer countries can cope with the impacts of climate change Increase the overseas aid budget from 0.7% of GDP to 1.0% of GDP.
  13. Where did Vyse write “We found nothing on the walls”? Your analogy is bogus. As usual. M.
  14. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    The sad truth is that we are no clearer than we were before the vote, and any and all sides can take figures from the results to argue whatever case one wants.
  15. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    well if we are going to play around with the statistics... 23.2% of the vote is unknown as to their Leave (with or withour a deal) or Remain desires... the combined Labour and Conservative vote was the 23.2% share and this is the unknown factor.... as they probably voted out of loyalty to the party but may be Leave or Remain.... ? so your figures aren't wrong... so much as incomplete... something like that anyway... the whole thing is exhausting but that might be because I had a late night...
  16. Captain Risky

    President Donald Trump was overheard telling Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that if they worked together like two butt cheeks they could stop the $&%# coming outta North Korea. 

  17. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    Labour, UKIP and Conservative were standing on a brexit policy using that logic leave got 57%.
  18. Place your (pretend) bets..

    No, I completely ignore the on topic content because you're an arrogant and smug a*rse. You haven't explained what your peculiar theory is that I've changed my user name because i'm embarrassed at what I've said in the past, and I expect you're not going to now because you're going to sulk aren't you.
  19. Urantia Book Poll

    I was just wondering, how many people in this thread have actually read the UB?
  20. Captain Risky

    Not everything that counts can be counted. 

  21. How is this "solved"? Can they explain what caused the humming? And if saying that they "never seen anything like this", doesn't that only raise more questions (like how can they be so sure)? And where is the actual evidence regarding the origination of the humming sound? What a weird story.
  22. No Oversword, I didn't intend to. The information is out there if you want to check it up, if not it makes no difference. I'm just pointing out that your version and Patterson's diverge.
  23. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    I was claiming more of a tie to be honest. Anyway, would you like to point out what is wrong with those figures?
  24. Place your (pretend) bets..

    Not a 'playground jibe' but a valid point shared by others as well as the poster currently known as Dumbledore the Awesome.
  25. The secret origin of the Liberal Democrats

    It was a beautiful day for our summer fete. There was no other way to describe it other than 'heavenly'. All of the tents and the various stalls just shone beneath the high June sun. I remember, the sight of amassed jars of home-made jam drew you in, even if you didn't particularly like jam. And so I simply drifted among the funny scarecrows, the face-painted childeren, the toffee-apple chewing farmer's daughters. Sandals, beige shorts, neck-tied jumper and panama hat: the most comfortable combination of clothes I'd ever worn. For the longest time, I spoke with the guest of honour, TV science legend Johnny Ball. His daughter Zoe was unable to attend and -- though he could never have openly admitted it, least of all to himself -- you could tell he felt liberated. Having already opened the fete, he had no particular duties other than to fire off some high-altitude rockets which had been made by local school children. Plus, of course, his most important duty of all -- to thoroughly enjoy himself drinking our sublime Somerset cider, and all this to the Vicar regaling us all with Rogers and Hammerstein on the Mayor's piano, which had been carefully manoevred out onto the village green. The most important part of the day --it's a cliche of summer fetes, but let's not pretend it's not true!-- was the judging of the prize marrows. Perhaps it's not surprising that a row had broken out. Both of the judges were feudal land owners, but one argued that the size of a marrow must always be aspirational in nature, the other maintained that one should be happy simply with the ability to grow marrows in the first place. Everyone laughed at this good-natured rivalry. Everyone laughed except the local geography teacher. He looked increasingly haunted, eyes dark and mesmerised in a way no one could quite explain. What's more, he was muttering under his breath. Things like, _'I am a geography teacher and I work bloody hard. People should listen to me'._ Finally, his apparent nervous breakdown culminated in an act of unspeakable horror. He marched to the nearby field where the school children had arrayed their high-altitude rockets on their tiny launchpads. He laid his head across the biggest projectile and, pulling the trigger, shouted, "I AM THE MIDDLE WAY!" His head exploded instantly. The resulting wave of blood had a strange colour and consistency, though. It was like custard, but a very unappetizing custard, off-yellow like something sick and radioactive. And as his soul screamed from his body, it looked like a strange, abstract crow, made up of just nine black pieces. The creature swooped low above our heads, traumatising the elderly, knocking off the Mayor's wife's fascinater. A farmer tried to bring it down with his shotgun, but the demonic creature simply glided away through the suddenly dark atmosphere, worryingly bound for of London. It was a day no one from our small village will ever forget, least of all the nine year old boy whose rocket had been used to unleash the creature that would one day destroy England forever. And who would get a first prize ribbon from Johnny Ball.
  26. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    I suppose so..... it's a political war of attrition and no one is backing down...
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