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  2. If someone at the Airport is withholding public information requested.., then they should be reported. Quote where I dismissed these claims, and I will make it up. I'm fairly sure I discuss all aspects. I'm not one to back out of a discussion.., and I reply even when wrong. That's odd.., I never saw the words ET in the majority of articles or reports. Can you provide a reference for this? Mitch could have some mental disease for all we know.., but ya'll treat him like an fallible god. If Mitch told you anything.., you'd believe him. This is the definitoin of gullible.., and I have started a thread here to discuss how to help people who simply "believe" others without fact checking. One must give you credit.., you have much faith. Even with his telescope.., the best he could say is "looked like" which is not a confirmation. "They seemed" is also not a convincing argument. Even if Mitch really saw planes.., you know what I am gonna say hey. Its still an opinion based on an observation. It needs to be verified. More than once..., omg zzzzzzzz. Why am I bothering with this? I could easily dig up posts from you and stereo.., and compare how many times you have been anry and irate.., compared to me and I will win. But wth for? I am done with personal discussions, and playing these little kid games.
  3. Nirvana is one of my favorites! Great song!
  4. Vlad the Mighty

    Welcome aboard this service to Birmingham New Street. We'll be going as fast as we possibly can, and we'll be giving you as much pleasure as we can throughout the journey. So please, sit back and enjoy it. 

    1. Vlad the Mighty

      Vlad the Mighty

      A Trolley service of Drinks and Light Refreshments is supposed to be available, but it'll probably get blocked by loads of backpacks which someone has dumped in the vestibule, so it probably won't get down as far as you. Sorry about that. 

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  5. Yes for sure and not to mention the animal part later in those lyrics.
  6. and the pagan Romans were intolerant of the Christians not because they were Christians but because they were pushy pains in the butts and the Druids because they were inciting rebellion. Rome was tolerant to all religions as long as you kept it to yourself and didn't start trouble.
  7. COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS.. Many centuries ago, it was written " As a Man thinketh in his Heart...So Is He".. The Word Heart used in this context in the Christianized Scripture's does not refer to the Physical Heart.. It literally means The Inner Mind, or as We would Now say, the Subconscious. What is Actually meant by this is, that which determines Human responsibility, Character, and Conduct, is not what is Consciously Thought or Verbalised, but What is perceived by the Subconscious.. The tragedy is that quite often, Response Patterns are established in the Subconscious, of which One is unaware and these behaviour patterns Make or Break a person.. All successful People Consciously affirm that they Do Not Want to Fail, yet they persist in doing things Conducive to their Failure.. Likewise, people who are always apprehensive or afraid, affirm that they do not Want to live, under a Cloud of Anxiety, yet they continue to Do so.. All kinds of reasons are given- ....phobia, obsession, compulsion, and so on, but these are the Effects, not the Causes..The True Answer, is that these Individuals are Subconsciously Convinced that Such behavior responses are Necessary to Their Life... Mo..xx
  8. If a person's front door has swollen up due to the storm and is no longer operable, isn't it logical to climb out of the bedroom window?
  9. That's because I'm the coolest Angel More magic for you:
  10. I wonder if you poured the can soda into a glass would it make a difference?
  11. They come down every so often
  12. The information may be correct.., but you still used a .com site. Find a credible source if you demand the same from me. I'm done with the double standards. So all pilots are credible observers? If I mention Kurt Russel, Captain Mantel, David Fravor, General Yousefi and others.., this statement changes I bet. I have seen this bias before.., my brother contradicts himself all the time, just to be right and win the argument. Then flip flops when it suits him. You and Stereo set the rules.., not me. I even asked this same question and only got yelled at more. I'm sure astronomy records are correct. I am not sure if this .com websites opinion is right. If you are happy with "most likely" conclusions.., so be it. I just can't agree sorry. More .com websites. You and stereo harassed me for multiple pages about this. You set the precedent.., so no double standards. Did not read. Nope. I just don't dismiss them. If 100 people claim to see anything.., anything at all. I will look into it. Worst case scenario.., they are hallucinating or experiencing some illness. Just because we disbelieve them.., does not mean we can ignore them. I am here to help people in anyway I can. Even the sick and poor. I guess that's the difference as to why my 1st priority is to ignore descriptions given. Question them? Good.., but to ignore the descriptions, to work in my wn conclusion is the incorrect procedure. I don't have time to explain it all. If you can't see my efforts, then that's fine. I can see it, so I am happy. I just don't care or have time to talk about past actions. Anyone interested can click on my profile [page and view my posts. I am going to stop responding to personal posts.., as this is only wasting time and adding unnecessary posts that will not actually lead anywhere or solve any UFO problem. I am not here to discuss myself. I asked.., what is extraordinary evidence? And how are UFO witnesses meant to gather "extraordinary" evidence. How does this differ from "evidence"? How long have we gone back and forth about this. Days and days.., time wasted. I'm done debating something that can be looked up. The fact that you are happy with "most likely" conclusions.., and don't want to even attempt a fact check.., means I need to move on. This example? Yes, very specific conditions are required. Unless the UFO looked exactly like this.., the effect will not occur. If you wish to use this as your main argument.., you will need to prove it. Not just say illusion tricks are real.., so people see illusions. You need to understand how it works, and why? And when it doesn't work. Show real life examples of planes doing this. I cannot accept personal opinion. This will be the last time I say this..., then I'll just put it in my profile sig. I agree that planes are most likely. I don't agree on the process used to form the conclusion of planes. This must be verified.
  13. I would not categorize it as a difficulty in comprehension of multisyllabic terminology. Fringe Theorists are not afraid to toss out terms like funicular when it serves their purpose. It is more on the lackluster polish in delivery of the narrative in an academic paper( which admittedly is aimed toward a relatively small group of professionals). If you look at the more successful alternative theory authors their prose is arranged in a far more entertaining and smooth flowing manner. For instance one of my personal favorite papers is a work by Ken Wright on the water management system at Machu Picchu. One of my workers saw the paper sitting on my desk (not that I would ever read a non work related article while on the clock) and claimed they thought Machu Picchu was really interesting. Within three paragraphs you could see his eyes glaze over because of the format/phrasing for the content. Pull up the same information reworked by Dr Wright as a webpage article and the result on the part of that person was different (yes I will admit that guy probably had issues understanding big words). I am just saying a version should be written for an audience that will giggle when they see the word schist when talking about rocks.
  14. We experienced this weather phenomenon a few years back after a flash freeze, its kind of disconcerting.
  15. XenoFish

    Cheerwine is on my mind. Haven't had it in a long time.

  16. COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS.. A fundamental relationship exists between the Whole of Life Consciousness throughout the Universe, and the Individual.. Few are Consciously aware of it.. Everyone Must of his/her Freewill, desire, to achieve attunement with a Higher Power.. It is Tragic that Countless human beings have become so Involved on the Lower Levels of their Being, with Physical Aspects alone, that they are Completely Insensitive to this Higher Power..It is On the Cosmic Consciousness Level that All Life experiences are Viewed by What Constitutes Your Entity, and there is, Magically built into it, The Essence of What You have Become in this Life.... Mo..xx
  17. My sympathies to his family and friends. Rest in peace, Colt Storm.
  18. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. I wouldn't either.
  19. ACUTE - I can just see Auntie Weej sneaking out a bedroom window with her suitcase, can't you?
  20. Hmmmmmmmmmmm! We lost Helen of Annoy and Third Eye around the same time. What's the bet Auntie Weej and The Other Guy are next? He's been gone for a while now too.
  21. Agreed it's getting really old, I'll watch some of it hoping the Eagles hammer them
  22. NOPE! I wouldn't lay a finger on a pribble, not a prabble either. Would you Acute?
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