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  2. 1960 Evil Overpass ! Humble, TX

    The old movie theater is beside Pancho's restaurant and is now a Planet Fitness. I think you're describing that weird tractor parts store that looks like a theater and is connected to a church. Anyway, the owners cleared out a lot of the woods and the cemetery isn't really hidden now. There are even houses or businesses across from it. Still wouldn't recommend going. It's trespassing and Humble cops aren't pleasant.
  3. Line of Cain, Abel and Seth

    Blessed be the Holy Bacon.
  4. Mind-Body- debate

    Sorry, but I view science and the sciences as tools. Not a faith. Science teaches me stuff so I'm not an idiot. I like learning. Which is why I care little for religion. Nothing to actually learn from it, if I wanted deep thought and insight, I'd read more philosophy. If I wanted to dig more into wishful thinking, I'd go with psychology. If I wanted to go on blind faith, I'd drink draino and hope for the best.
  5. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Ignore them. They're trouble makers.
  6. Russia probes kick into high gear

    Basically he is investigating irregularities within the DoJ and FBI at the highest levels. These irregularities became evident when the when ADM Rogers, head of the NSA noticed massive abuse of the FISA surveillance system about the same time a lot of questions were being asked about how the DoJ and FBI handled the Clinton email scandal, (she was absolutely guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt and anyone who says differently is either lying, biased to the point of being beyond trusting any longer or a moron). This generated many oversight committee investigations (ongoing and creating scandal in their own right). Mueller was turning over a lot of dirt and in that dirt the worms of the present scandal were seen. FISA abuse, corrupt DoJ and FBI leaderships etc. so Inspector General Horowitz has spread his investigation to these further abuses of power. This week he turned over his preliminary report on the Hilary email scandal and it appears to be damning with reported criminal procedures having been recommended (the preliminary report goes to the principals (Wray of the FBI and Sessions of DoJ for their input). The final report, the one that will answer some of our questions decisively, is rumored to be out by the end of May. Horowitz will subsequently issue several other reports concerning this thread's topic and many others and so I consider this thread as relevant to many other topics, especially since the Russia collusion thing is dead except to the hard core lost souls. Much is speculation but answers are now coming and, frankly, it looks to be anything but a waste of time. I believe a soft coup was tried in the USA. Al of the suddenly knowledgeable leftists above who now know all the facts are the same who have stated unequivocally since the beginning of this thread that none of this was going on so take their word with a block of salt. Same thing with the sudden change at the NY Times that knows the truth can no longer be denied and so are spinning it in a most ridiculous fashion.
  7. Sigh... If you actually gave a crap about statistical analysis and facts you'd know that there's hardly any reason to fear illegal immigrants. Should they have come here illegally? No, of course not. But the overwhelming majority of them are here simply to provide a better life for their family. They aren't all hardened drug dealing gang members and rapists like conservatives suggest.
  8. rashore

    A sublime weekend of traveling, building bridges, connecting and renewing the mortar of stones...
    Good to hug old bones and new.

  9. Line of Cain, Abel and Seth

    I wouldn't deny ham either, because without it, we wouldn't have BACON.
  10. Mind-Body- debate

    I get where Will is coming from. God can be thought of as "the highest ideal" however that is represented. Be wary of seeing the "good" in the representations of "Satan." Malevolent forces operate under the mechanism of human emotion too. That is, they experience the same level of "greater good" as those who believe in God. They act "for the best of humanity" in the same way those who believe in God "act for the best of humanity". A force of "evil", loosely speaking, operates under the same notions of virtue is a force of "good". It's only one viewing the other where perception causes emotions to skew to the negative side, because that's the emotional layers we use to interpret that which is sometimes different, and certainly opposite, operating to bring the world into perspective. Now, regarding where I view Will coming from thinking of Science as God. Many "non-believer-scientific-types" view Science as "the highest ideal". In this sense Science is "their God". What's "more ideal" than Science? Science doesn't tell a person how to behave. Unless you view all of life as economics and operate by some principles derived from game theory however that sounds like no basis for typical human psychological tendencies. Something else that confuses me is this "I believe in God" or "I don't believe in God." I don't believe or believe. I know. I've seen a couple of people now and again talk about this "knowing". Carl Jung comes to mind. The same "knowing" hit me tripping on DMT. The first time I experienced it was around 4 and then again at 6. I don't think it's innate to everyone.
  11. OverSword

    You make everything groovy.


  12. Line of Cain, Abel and Seth

    And, I wouldn't just deny Ham. But, Nimrod was known as a mighty hunter, who descended from Ham and started the Tower of Babel, and basically started all of human civilization, starting the first major human cities. And Egypt and everything else because Abram was renamed Abraham as he was to dwell with Ham.
  13. Atheism and faith

    Yeah. Just a few weeks ago I saw myself on here. It was a train wreck.
  14. Rogue's Gallery III

    Spent the weekend on some dunes down in Oregon with the old man
  15. Mind-Body- debate

    Hi Mr Psyche .. Your Ape Religion belongs to You My Friend .. I am A WahineToa of the Human Family .. And .. No, I would not recommend, "Being One of Your Girls ." Lols .. I'm Vicious .. And .. Yes, you definitely make the .. Effort .. So .. Thumbs up .. Thankyou .. Much Appreciated Ummm.. What..??? You think we come from Apes .. Thats a FANTASY .. because We Dont ..!! And , Xens a good man .. So yeah, cool, do what he does, Your ,the Boss of you .. I Will My Friend .. And You Also .. Peace to you and yours .. Mo ..xx
  16. Atheism and faith

    It's the king of non-answers. If you can't present a valid argument or discussion point you do that.
  17. Atheism and faith

    That's one weird fetish.
  18. Atheism and faith

    What's the point in quoting gospel?
  19. Atheism and faith

    I'll try and answer one sentence at a time. Are you suggesting that all religions have snippets of truth? Or that all religions are true? I disagree that religion has nothing to do with a person's belief in God, it evidently does. I agree also that for some people their belief in God isn't dependent on religion. Faith is personal, but it doesn't mean people will stop behaving like sheep and following the crowd. True religion will never unite people because there is no such thing as one true Religion. Also like it or not Atheism is based on faith and is also a Faith.
  20. Today
  21. Line of Cain, Abel and Seth

    No doubt God new of the long term consequences of inbreeding and banned it.
  22. Line of Cain, Abel and Seth

    Well, in the major prophets that's one thing God complained to Israel about. " Your princes used to be as rubies incomparable." In Chronicles, the priesthood was in trouble for marrying to the strange nations around them, and God complained, " They are polluted and can't even be priests." So all the men who had foreign wives were made to leave them and their children and start over. But all forms of inbreeding, cousin, sibling, parents, family in law, are illegal in the Torah after the Genesis.
  23. Line of Cain, Abel and Seth

    You have to take into consideration that Eve was created from Adam's rib...as a Help Mate to Adam. Also take into consideration that in the Middle Eastern countries, even today, women are treated as fodder and have no rights. So...it isn't difficult to grasp why there is no mention of daughters of Adam and Eve...they were all had for one reason...to procreate the new creation. Over the course of a hundred years or more, before the fall of Adam, there would therefore have been many generations of humans. But things had changed you see...Adam needed more help actually than just a sexual playmate and procreation machine...so women took a bit more importance in the New Age of Cave Dwellers. But all that is a mute point since the Seth line is all that remains today.
  24. Replace one word in a movie title with Bacon!

    Brokeback Bacon.
  25. Atheism and faith

    All religions contain truth. Sincere faith in God doesn't really have anything to do with religious beliefs though. Faith is personal. Everyone has their own unique ideas about what it is they have faith in don't they? Whether they're a Christian or a Buddhist The attempt at uniform group belief is one thing, but true religion, (personally experiencing divinity) will unite us.
  26. Atheism and faith

    Whoever drinks from my mouth will become as I am; I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to him.
  27. Yesterday
  28. Atheism and faith

    I humbly disagree. how can you claim the faiths of millions of people are valueless? Just because you disagree with them? You won't find more humble people than some Buddhists. Actually that statement is true in all walks of life.
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