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  2. Russia probes kick into high gear

    Let's be honest, if Obama had said and done half the things Trump has, he likely would have been impeached. Trump is an unprecedented disaster for the Republican Party and for the USA. Any other President and most politicians would have stepped down after Stormy. This is the alternate reality we now occupy. The President is lying about cheating on his wife with a port star and also obviously lying about paying her off with money that might possibly and legally be a campaign donation, which is against the law. The problem with the Trump Presidency is that there is such a monumental cascade of scandals, that we are collectively numb to anything else that happens. It's all becoming normal, which to me shows a form of collective madness. It also helps that he has an outright propaganda outlet covering for him. If Nixon had Fox News, he'd have got away with Watergate. You really can't see why asking for the loyalty of the man who is investigating your campaign and who you know will likely end up investigating you also, might be a problem? Trump literally said he fired Comey to stop the investigation. First to the Russian ambassador and then live on NBC. He's also Tweeted it since. I don't understand how anyone could deny this. It's been well documented.
  3. Trump: U.S., France and UK will strike Syria

    Sigh.. All these pro Russian Propaganda - Conspiracy sites.. cant we just keep to Trump's Tweets, Breitbart and Fox for our information instead of all these fake news outlets? Oh I forgot, Fox is compromised as well these days, what is this world coming to. America haters.
  4. Vlad the Mighty

    it's cool today

  5. In between

    Something I've done before, that you might want to try, is create a thought form that addresses and overcomes that initial fear reaction. I still have problems there myself because the reaction is almost like 2nd nature thanks to a youth spent terrorized by SP.. The thought form I use is a semi dark unknown space that is new to me.. I wander through it, alone and vulnerable and eventually I find a Alien being that for all intent and purpose is in the same situation I am in. I realize it is like me in this place, and rather than back off in fear I team up with it and we move on together.. We find others, we repeat the process.. After a lot of resets and re-runs of the thought form it can take on a life of it's own, but essentially the intent is always overcoming fear of the unknown.. This can have some pretty wild effects on dream states if you do it before sleep.
  6. Democratic Party files lawsuit

    As I stated earlier, just because someone is to the left of you does not make them 'progressive'. From what I gather from your posts, you are undoubtedly the biggest right-wing extremist I've ever come across. So I'd say the vast majority of republicans who proudly call themselves conservatives would be considered 'progressives' in your eyes as well? You're just nonsensically asserting that any ideology apart from your far-right extremist viewpoint to be 'progressive' and labeling it as BAD. There's no such thing as 'the progressive party' anymore than there's an official 'conservative party'. You could make the argument that one political party supports progressive ideologies, but as it stands now here in America, the two major political parties are democrats and republicans. When you use the word 'party' in a political sense, you aren't talking about ideologies, or where someone falls on the political spectrum. You're talking about an official political organization. That's inherently different. I don't really care to. I'm only responding to you here at the moment cause I have a minor bout of insomnia atm and have nothing better else to do. Responding to you goes absolutely nowhere, so I no longer care to waste my time trying to explain basic facts and logic to you. During my temporary hiatus, I've for whatever reason become perfectly content with just letting you be wrong. Lol, I wish. The republican party in America in comparison to the global political landscape is insanely right-wing. Yet even they aren't right-wing enough for you, huh? Man... OR the current political parties platforms could simply grow and change with the times as they always have. That seems to be the most likely scenario to me. In terms of the global political spectrum, the democrats are center-right. If you're talking about the political spectrum here in America, then of course they're 'left-wing', because the Overton Window of the political spectrum itself here in America is far right-wing. Given the number of Communists and Marxists out there in the world, in comparison to my positions I'm simply a left-leaning moderate. You're acting as a pathetic partisan hack. The Trump administration is quite possibly the most openly corrupt presidential administration in modern history, yet you ignore their corruption and only focus on the corruption of those you deem your political opponents. I have absolutely no problem pointing a finger at the corruption of the DNC, because I'm not rooting for any 'team'. If you were actually able to at the very least admit to some of the blatantly open corruption of the Trump camp, then I might actually take your criticisms somewhat seriously.
  7. Hypothetically speaking

    Interference by killing things or allowing things to live is selective evolution and as a result does alter evolution. Look at wolves to dogs. It is direct interference and it does and can effect how a species evolves. http://www.newtonsapple.org.uk/evolution-from-wolf-to-domestic-dog/ I understand that you think interference is literally just changing dna but it's far more complicated than that in my opinion.
  8. The global high standards for A/C maintenance are not the problem, people who dont follow the standards, maybe some of them are badly trained in the mattter, who cause problems.
  9. Thanks for that background. it helps me a lot to understand people's world views if i understand their lives I've been interested in the human mind since i was abut 3 when i first noticed my inner voice and my mother had to explain that it was nothing to be scared of None the less i was a bit scared by it and its power, so i determined to control and master it While i appreciate the physical comforts of a modern life, i am increasingly convinced that only how we perceive and interpret our environment is important. A human can gain almost total conscious control of their mind and thus their body, and that's been a life long exercise for me I not only control everything within my control in my waking life but i have basically total conscious control over my subconscious and my dreams Thus in physical terms there is only one truth and one falsity Ie one concrete physical reality, but in perceptual terms, what is true to one can be false to another, and vice versa. Thus humans do not live or exist in one standard concrete reality/environment, but in millions/billions of diverse ones
  10. The global high standards for A/C maintenance are not the problem, people who dont follow the standards, maybe some of them are badly trained in the mattter, who cause problems.
  11. Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    Yes, but now he's Irish, in fact, is there any other more Irish saint? What, you're not psychic?
  12. Russia probes kick into high gear

    I agree with what you said, "Suggests", because what was meant is very much up to each individuals opinion. If asking a person's loyalty isn't a crime, then why are we making a big deal out of it? Asking to drop an investigation... Yeah that could be Obstruction. However, even Comey said he thought Trump wasn't giving a command, or an order, but was basically dropping a hint... a subtle suggestion. AND, even then, if it can be proven that Comey was fired for not going with that suggestion... That also could be Obstruction, IMHO.
  13. Hypothetically speaking

    There is also the many world's theory that is as potent as the Copenhagen interpretation.
  14. Attacking Syria "Impeachable"

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but some people seem to be coming off as believing this was solely a U.S. decision (although clearly that isn't the case). Honestly I'm not sure that I see much of an issue. A government was gassing it's own people, all opposing countries are stating they have proof of this and can show it when necessary. Point of fact, someone in Syria was breaching the law so the US, UK and France decided to stop them. The only issue I see is that it may have been an extreme decision (missiles), but frankly there isn't another option for people who openly break international law. If there had been mass civilian casualties and damage I would be appalled but as it stands everything seems to have gone well with no collateral damage.
  15. Russia probes kick into high gear

    This is the glaring hypocrisy of that movement. They have no shame in admitting that ANY excuse will do to remove him and by admitting such, they out themselves for what they are. Despicable partisan hacks. It has become an absolute mania and obsession.
  16. I was only joking, I knew you were talking about the statement. Imagine the barrage of crap you would have had to deal with if you meant you thought you were correct 99% of the time. Yeah I think it's a self explanatory statement and is backed up by, all be it a small one, a good study. I don't think people see things as anyone sees them. Myself for example, I started my education as an apprentice electrician, started a degree course on industrial automation while in my last year of that apprenticeship, once I got that done started working in industrial instrumentation engineering, did a two year bridging degree to get an electricsl engineering degree, then a PhD course that in compassed doing a masters degree too. I tend to imagine everything like an electrician and Boolean logic. As in I don't see grey areas in things it's either true or false.
  17. I use the same standards of proof and evidences to prove anything in my life has real physical and independent existence, I've been doing this since i was a preschooler and began working on the nature of mind to improve my dreamworlds and give me control over every dream. How many people do you know who test every day to see if the y can walk through a wall or fly? i do. it is called reality checking, and should be a part of everyone's daily life . .This is not so much to test the validity of my waking experience, although it also does this. It is to ensure that, when i dream, and also do the reality checkers from habit, I become aware that i am dreaming, and from there can take control of the shape, plot, etc of any dream Of course the physical existence of MANY Santas and Easter bunnies can be proven by their physical existence in department shops. You can sit on their lap or eat the eggs they give you. The question then becomes one of knowing the historical context of those characters. This knowledge differentiates a child from a western adult . Ask yourself, when you encounter something how do you prove to yourself that it is not just in your mind but has its own separate physical existence.? That is exactly how i prove to myself that anything that i encounter, is real (or unreal.) It really is not very difficult, unless a person is mentally unwell. I used a simple reverse one last night In this dream we were in a new home by the beach and had just moved in There were lots of visitors I figured it was a dream so applied a simple test In my dreams i usually cant remember my real address or where my real home is I tested this and couldn't remember so knew i was dreaming. BUT more significantly i knew that, if i continued the test, and recalled my address i would push my mind into waking, in order to recall it. Becsue i wanted to take control of the dream i decided in the dream that i wouldn't try and remember my address because this effort of conscious recall would wake me up. Instead i took the dream off into a quite interesting adventure involving some adventures on A PT boat just out from pearl harbour on the day the Japanese attacked
  18. Cloning Can Not Succeed

    Don't worry, you aren't. There is no evidence to support this. I can appreciate the fact that you have your own opinions but stating all this is personal heresay, not factual. (I mean no offense, that's just an observation since you haven't provided articles or anything along these lines). In order to determine whether a clone has a soul or not one would have to understand what a soul is, since that currently isn't possible outside of personal opinion it is difficult to say whether a clone would have one or not.
  19. Russia probes kick into high gear

    I don't know.... I see articles in the media suggesting all kinds of things should get Trump impeached/jailed/convicted. Even the Stormy Daniels storyline has people yelling and screaming that Trump should step down.
  20. Russia probes kick into high gear

    I agree it should be investigated. But, I don't think we need to put Comey up on a Pedestal and pronounce his word and memos as the unvarnished truth..... Not that you did that, but some others, here, and in the media, certainly are trying to do so.
  21. How old is the Sphinx ?

    I agree that Schoch's hypothesis shouldn't be dismissed out of hand, but his ideas have been discussed by experts and the consensus has been that he is most likely wrong. His ideas have too many holes in them. It is not that people here on UM are dismissing the idea, but that they believe the idea has already been discounted by way of science and thoroughly investigated.
  22. I think that, 99% of the time. your statement is true. I think it is a perceptive although fairly self evident truth which many people don't see. However there are significant exceptions
  23. Completely correct, but entirely irrelevant to the article.
  24. Today
  25. Attacking Syria "Impeachable"

    Its win-win. Everybody gets to appear tough to their citizenry.
  26. Attacking Syria "Impeachable"

    We men often kid ourselves. Women have always been the strong ones and the culture bearers. As often as not they dry our tears, bandage our skinned knees, breathe life back into our faltering egos, and send us back out to play. Meanwhile they get back to the serious business of keeping the species going and cleaning up some of our messes. Good men, wise men know that and try not to make too many messes.
  27. The Queen's last corgi dies at Windsor Castle

    Sorry to hear about the dog, but.... being the Sovereign of the British Empire, Commander-in-Chief of the British Armed Forces, and Lord High Admiral of the Royal Navy (including the nuclear missile submarines) is ONE thing. Being made a UM moderator, on the other hand - even an honorary one - would give her WAY too much power !
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