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  2. Strange creature captured crossing highway

    Lol yep. Great name, btw.
  3. I was just clarifying some lies and slander about Falun Dafa by the Chinese Communist Party. We can get back on topic by all means.
  4. Spate of big cat sightings continue

    not sure why but when i hear these cases of big cats i figure they are true, especially if big cats were in the area or could thrive in the area, not too far south of me are iguanas, lots of them, florida is a great place for them to thrive.
  5. Make Your Case Here

    When I was a child I believed in magic, believed that a magician used genuine magic to make coins disappear, as I could believe a man might use magic to walk on water etc etc. As a grown up I know magic is simple trickery, usually used for profit in one way or another. I now know enough, understand too much to believe such tales, so I quote Corinthians. And thus God disappears in a puff of logic!
  6. Again this absolutely nothing to do with ancient history or alternative history. The op is using this as a platform to preach.
  7. Maybe I`ve lost the track, but what exactly is the connection between the Moon, "Master Li Hongzhi", "Falun Dafa", the Aristarchus crater, oppression of homosexuality and Titanium? Why is the Nazi Moon base not mentioned yet? For political reasons? Reichsflugscheibe? No? Hell, I think we are on the trail for something extraordinary new here, the really wild stuff, I tell ya!
  8. Things that make you go grrrr ( Part 2 )

    Simon Cowells new face...grrr. he looks like he's had CGI done around his eyes which results in a sickly sweet, creepy, half done face job.
  9. "Terrorists" kill 200+ in Sri Lanka

    When it's created on WoW it's even more ridiculous; and, really deserves no oxygen. Tarrant wasn't a Christian of any denomination, he didn't identify as a Christian of any denomination. Trying to make a connection between him and Christianity in general reeks prejudice and bigotry.
  10. Dire wolf? Wolf shifter? Magic?

    I said they glowed orange. That's the orange. I'm bad at drawing glowing.
  11. Dire wolf? Wolf shifter? Magic?

    I am ignoring you now. After I warn you. Do. Not. Get. On. My. Nerves.
  12. That link is from the Communist Chinese Government. As I have stated earlier in the thread, the Chinese Communist Party are currently persecuting, torturing and harvesting organs from Falun Dafa practitioners. Even the United Nations and the U.S government knows that China is doing these heinous things: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organ_harvesting_from_Falun_Gong_practitioners_in_China They also have a full scale propaganda machine designed to undermine and slander Falun Dafa: https://en.minghui.org/cc/9/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Water_Army
  13. "Terrorists" kill 200+ in Sri Lanka

    Yeah....pretty much analogous with "let's stop the invasion of our land."
  14. Strange creature captured crossing highway

  15. I don't believe you

  16. This beggars belief. Energem, you should spend some time (lots of it) on the space section here. You may get a response from Waspie, but them again you may not.
  17. "Terrorists" kill 200+ in Sri Lanka

    This could rapidly go off topic... and I don't have much time.... but this example comes to mind... the promotion of the Hijab during the Women's March in the US just after Trump got in... and one of the organizers was a Sharia supporting muslim... couple of random links... https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/inaugural-protest-poster-stirs-debate-among-muslim-american-women https://canadafreepress.com/article/the-muslim-veil-not-pink-psy-cap-was-the-real-symbol-behind-yesterdays-big
  18. It is physically impossible for me to roll my eyes any harder
  19. I've heard of that Darren Naish. He's one of those nasty sceptics whose given cryptozoology a fair hearing, multiple times, multiple, multiple tines, taken a critical look at the evidence and formed an opinion based on it.
  20. Hammerclaw

    Why is the RSU text running off page?

    1. Vlad the Mighty

      Vlad the Mighty

      It does that sometimes if someone's posted something like a picture (or a very long url) 

  21. I have been waiting for this for soooo many years!
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