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  2. Peewee Herman "I know you are, but what am I" stuff doesn't work with me. Go look at yourself in a mirror.
  3. The one who willed you to be his son.
  4. Will That doesn't seem to relate to Crazy Horse's hypothetical. What if they don't have batteries? Whether they do or not, what does that have to do with consciousness?
  5. I am sooo building that plane...
  6. At some point, the Special Counsel will write a report for the Deputy Attorney General. If that report doesn't have any recommendations to charge Trump for coordinating with Russia -- then that's close enough for me.
  7. When are you gonna get tired of being nasty?
  8. I once received a hairbrush from Tesco because they were out of the shampoo I ordered.
  9. You could start by removing the robot's batteries.
  10. You reek of unhealthy narcissism.
  11. ouija ouija

    Why do so many American women(on the tv), have voices like little girls?!

    1. Lilly


      Because they probably are little girls. You know, teenagers dressed up like adult women. 

  12. it's easy and entertaining to make fun of them while watching them with your friends. I haven't seen Sylvia Scarlet, but that applies to several other "Cult" or "Camp" classics. I have fond memories of sitting with freinds, watching a terrible movie and making fun of it the entire time. Though i have to admit I have a lower tolerance for "so bad it's good" than many others. For example I consider stuff like 'the Room" so bad and boring that it's not even possible to make fun of anymore, while many others do consider it a "Cult Classic" For amny people right now Nostalgia might also be a factor, as they might have seen those terrible movies on TV while growing up or on video/dvd and so the movies might have some appeal to them that way.
  13. Crazy Horse What would the difference between "close" and "actual" be? Is there perhaps a test of some kind? I am unsure what your hypothetical is. If there was no way to tell humans and robots apart? What would be the alternative to treating both of them alike? If there was a way to tell them apart, then presumably we would consider them what they are: robots (and they would consider us what we are, humans). But if they are so much like us, then we could have personal relationships with them, even though we aren't the same, and at least some of us probably would.
  14. That concept was pulled from the Tendai Buddhist concept "Daremo" used by Sohei (Warrior Monks).
  15. Failure is simply an educational episode—a cultural experiment in the acquirement of wisdom—in the experience of the God-seeking man who has embarked on the eternal adventure of the exploration of a universe. To such men defeat is but a new tool for the achievement of higher levels of universe reality.
  16. Please elaborate. Who are "these people" and uncovering what truth? Nibs
  17. LOL! Even if Mueller and friends find nothing there will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever (add a few more 'evers') be a letter of exoneration for Trump. Oh, I believe they will find 'something' alright, but probably will be either inconclusive or having nothing to do with criminal Russian collusion. Just my personal guess there.
  18. That's your mind flushing out negative thoughts about failure and driving you to succeed.
  19. No match for our mighty armed forces.
  20. I would be laughing. Then I would of played with it in the tube to annoy my boys.
  21. And I'm still waiting for the exoneration letter for Trump. Guess we'd both best get comfortable.
  22. Yes, God is good. And when everyone dedicates their will to God's Due, that's when comfort will be a true achievement, even for those people who became tired of being nasty. It'll be by design.
  23. As more and more time passes I'm starting to think this may all be a case of : "Show me the man, and I'll show you the crime" (the head of Stalin's secret police coined this phrase).
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