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  2. I hear ya man and would have fully agreed with you until I spent some time in the desert, especially time in the dark. You honestly cant compare the desert to any other environment.
  3. I don't believe you

    She has a documentary series, you should watch it.
  4. Why Is There So Much Mass Violence?

    Absolutely I prefer to think of it as striving to have honor and love rather than pretending however
  5. US soldiers disarmed by Mexican soldiers

    I'm not convinced it was a mistake. I can, and have, walked the streams back home in the mountains of southern West Virginia complete with overhanging foliage and shallows and can tell EXACTLY which side of the stream I'm on, but 5 or 6 Mexican military members patrolling a predominantly dry area can't even tell where they're at? cormac
  6. Why Is There So Much Mass Violence?

    i don't think we're any worse off than what we were 100 years ago. only difference is that the media is quicker and more actuate in reporting this evilness. priests, politicians, business leaders and so forth have no where to hide. with our role models tarnished why should anyone act any different than they do? maybe deep down we're nothing but the cruelest animals pretending to have honour and love.
  7. I don't believe you

    I wonder how Lorena Bobbit is going these days.
  8. I don't believe you

    You need to study and be familiar with those other cases. In one. (Regina vs clarke) the court said that a court order which specifically cut off sexual rights would leave the husband open to a charge of rape. in Regina vs miller, the husband was found open to assault charges, but not rape, after his wife had petitioned for divorce In Regina vs O' Brien the wife had a preliminary decree of divorce which the court found revoked the consent given in marriage.
  9. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Well, guess Doc SJ and Chrlzs were frozen just as I said. Too bad. Funny thing is cold temperatures are much more efficient at killing things than slight warming. But hey who's counting right? Certainly not the Earth is melting "believers". At this point there is no more "Climate Change"! That is always happening, and what is really meant is catastrophic atmospheric warming. Let us call it what it is and debate, and I'll enjoy attempting to out debate you "believers". Should be fun. After 80 pages I assume most people should be able to get up to date.
  10. 3 ghosts in Dufferin St. Toronto

    He may have used it for jello wrestling for all I know
  11. 3 ghosts in Dufferin St. Toronto

    Good stories. Kind of sounds like kids coming back from another decade still hanging out just reliving fun times. The following about the hot tub incident is strongly telling too:
  12. Why do psychics ask so many questions?

    I would like to know how many mediums actually believe in spirits? Those who are using tricks and deceit surely must not believe in spirits?
  13. I don't believe you

    And now no one but Clint Eastwood would be right in the role. (well maybe Charles Bronson)
  14. I don't believe you

    It is not hard to be an expert on anything, after 60 plus years of study You should be able to read and comprehend what your own sources are saying, before using them.
  15. No google earth doesnt suggest otherwise, well depending on actual location of the incident. Just go north a bit or south a bit and picture it without the green. Once the water is gone there is nothing to tell you what is Rio Grande and what is just a dry wash. This spot south of Clint is a great example. You've got roads, washes , footpaths and other terrain features all stacked next to the river. Take the water out of the river and how do you know its not just another wash youre walking through. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Clint,+TX+79836/@30.9237133,-105.4668763,840m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x86e712d8773f6591:0xe79b9795fd6fcefb!8m2!3d31.592337!4d-106.2241449 Dont get me wrong its a mistake that they need to figure out how to not keep making but it is one that seems rather easy to make.
  16. I don't believe you

    As I have saId, I oppose rape, and have never even slightly influenced another person to have sex with me, let alone put pressure on them. You simply do not get the point. it is almost impossible that if i was born and lived 200 years ago i would feel the same way have the same values or be the same person. Thus my present day person cannot judge my past day person or anyone else from the past by the values ethics moralities principles or beliefs i have been allowed to evolve in my current life by the conditions and people i grew up with. Our present was once a fictional future, and anyone from 200 years ago who suggested that rape might one day be illegal in marriage would have been laughed a t, because the very idea would have been incomprehensible. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/blog/2013/sep/19/m********ion-laws-world-penal-code Alabama: illegal if it's artificial In the US, laws vary from state to state. In 2009, the supreme court of Alabama outlawed the sale of "any device designed … primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs" in an effort to target sales of m********ion machines. Saudi Arabia: 3 years and 300 lashes In March 2004, a general court sentenced a teacher to three years in prison and 300 lashes for declaring that m********ion (as well as homosexuality, smoking and music) were permissible under Islam. Indonesia: decapitation Most search results would have you believe that "the penalty for m********ion in Indonesia is decapitation". But hold your … er … horses! A formal query made to the secretary of information at the Indonesian embassy reveals that according to Article 281 of national law, the maximum sentence is 32 months' imprisonment. end quote You do realise that during the time rape in marriage was non existent, m********ion was (and in many places remains ) a criminal offence Different folks; different strokes
  17. Place your (pretend) bets..

    True. But the appearance of supporting the process will alienate potential swing voters. I am just placing my bet. This is just my prediction.
  18. This first part of the story is secondhand, but I do have a detailed personal experience right after. Back in 1988 in the West End of Toronto, located on the busy Dufferin St., my brother Justin and his friends, Rodney, and Clifford went over to their friend Mikem's house for a party My brother Justin and his friends played for the High School football team, so I'm guessing it was not a small party. So skipping ahead to when everyone's feeling good, I guess Mikem's parents had a whirlpool in the basement. I guess he had set it up for him and his girlfriend Roselynn, and when they went back down it was occupied by 2 guys. He raced back up to my brother and his buds, and brought them all down immediately because he wanted them gone. The story goes that where they all returned within 30 seconfs, the whirlpool was empty and no trace of them. Nobody at the party could recognize them. Several noises were heard down there afterwards for months. So begun their ghost story. Now, being 8 years younger than my brother, he liked to try and scare me with the story by adding things to it. So later on, I'm about 14 years old, and I ask Justin the story again. He finally told me he'll give me the real story., which I wrote above. I asked.him if Mikem's family still lived there, snd i was in luck. A few weeks later I'm over there with just my brother and Mikem, they dare me to take a bath. (Mikem never used it again after that night). I went for it, I've always loved horror books and movies, and love being scared. At the time I played competitive hockey and was always a little sore so i was enjoying this treat. 10 minutes in I start hearing from upstairs a pinball game, like an actual arcade version. Incan herebthe game popping for a free game, and the occational *TILT TILT TILT* I could also here those crappy 8-bit computer games from a Commodore 64 from somewhere else upstairs. After a few more minutes I got bored and got out. Went upstairs, and see these guys waiting on the front steps having a smoke. I asked Mikem which pinball game he has, and he immediately gets p***ed at my brother for telling something to me. (Which he didnt) Apparently Mikem has heard it too, but they don't have either a computer or an arcade game. I guess it didn't bother the parents, and they say they think there's a 3rd spirit there, who plays peaceful Gregorian chants. As a matter of fact they nicknamed them Pinball Lewey, Talia, and BiteBrune. I'd still love to spend a night there.
  19. US soldiers disarmed by Mexican soldiers

    You can show that to be true near Clint, Texas then? Google Earth would tend to suggest otherwise IMO. cormac
  20. I don't believe you

    Yes, he would have. Did you see Dead Again? Emma Thompson, Robin Williams and Kenneth Branagh. If you get a chance watch it, I work in the house (Caregiver) it is filmed at. The house is the one Emma Thompson remembers under hypnosis/flashbacks throughout movie.
  21. Is Handwashing As Important As They Say?

    Well thats great for you however by not washing your hands you are transporting and transmitting bacteria and diseases. While that may not affect you the individual with a weakened immune system could very well die because he grabbed that grocery cart after you and the 7 billion germs you are transporting got done using it. Dear god man no.
  22. Today
  23. I don't believe you

    He'd have made a great Dirty Harry.
  24. I don't believe you

  25. I don't believe you

    Gregory Peck? He turned down the role of Dirty Harry.
  26. I don't believe you

    I am a “To Kill a Mockingbird” type gal,,myself.
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