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  2. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Funny thing about New Zealand. It's Frank Luntz's escape plan. Hmmm... what could he possibly know?
  3. Let's talk about the Devil

    “We are exposing everything,” the president said Friday. Can you hear the trumpet blasts at the devil?
  4. The joke would have a lot more heft if I ever thought Atlantis was real. Pick something legit: pretense, nigh-Victorian sense of self-satisfaction, weird obsession with basset hounds or Doctor Who, torturing undergrads, inter alia. Even the gay thing would work with a clever enough response. But Atlantidiot? Never. —Jaylemurph
  5. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    What a load of crap. Not one thing in the above represents any legal proceeding he will have to face. The campaign violation one is precious. Harte
  6. Odd shadow

    Other notes (they were kind enough to supply two other images to help): - there were at least two other people in the house, one of whom did have darkish clothing (yes, my memory failed me!) and darkish hair, but tied in a bun. - the flower arrangement looked to have been slightly re-arranged, but had nothing in it that would explain the 'clenched hand?' or sleeve? parts of the anomaly. - the girl didn't think anyone else was in the room - I was unable to positively identify a light source that might have thrown a shadow at that angle, but there was other lighting in the room, and it appeared to be daytime, so a bright window might have been out of shot. Beyond all that, I give up! I'm genuinely unsure what it was, and it seems to be a genuine Unexplained Mystery, tadaa! Thanks again, all.
  7. Fantasy land is pretending words mean something they do not. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/euthanasia
  8. I’m not sure “more clever” and “Atlantidiots” belong in the same sentence... —Jaylemurph
  9. If you can find time to arrange the execution of your healthy pet, you can find time to have it re-homed. Animal lovers? My ass. Selfish pigs.
  10. Probably someone in the woods who needed a full body waxing.
  11. Let's talk about the Devil

    If you want to worship the right god, worship none at all.
  12. There was a guy who claimed he made and wore a suit for the footage about 30 years after the fact. He could neither produce the suit from the film and regardless of offers of payment wouldn’t make another suit. For years he was a go to argument for the nay side of the issue.
  13. Let's talk about the Devil

    That's easy. You create religion and have people worship you. Even the UB is a tool for deception. The devils work. You mean the devil's will. The devil, the great deceiver. What easier way to do that than to become an idea that people worship. Less work too. Especially if you let people do the work for you. Not like there is zero blood on religions hands all in the name of their god/s.
  14. Odd shadow

    Here's a crop from the second selfie - note no sign of the anomaly: ..continued, see below:
  15. Abortion exceptions

    People just cannot use common sense.... 1) you don't wan't a kid = you work hard to not make it happen in the first place... you know contraceptive solutions exists.... 2) If it happen, 6 weeks is enough most of the time to use the pill solution. Maybe giving better course to young people so they can see the signs faster could help... if not, it's probably an incest case... 3) If the baby have a chance to survive, i don't see how you can have the right to abort beside a case of unsurvivable deformity. If the baby have a chance, at least take it out with cesarean section after 22 weeks, don't cut him in piece to get him out, it's just awful. Less than 22 weeks is close to zero chance of survival. 22 weeks is around 10% 24 weeks is around 60% 27 weeks is around 89% 31 weeks is around 95% 34 weeks is equivalent to a baby born at full term
  16. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Yes, yes, yes.......l shouldn't say this, but this has strong parallels with the Hitler Young groups. Or brainswash the children to death and they will become warriors of snake oil and Lies, after all a crying kid, is worth his or her weight in gold, (literally). A nutter only needs to grab a crying kid, and say, see! And l say yep, you and your dimwitted teachers have really screwed this child up, well done, take another End is Nigh button out of petty cash! I am feeling it, lol! Yes, probably for the best! But she can move to New Zealand, where she will be right at home with the sheep!
  17. Let's talk about the Devil

    Satan doesn't have power over anyone. Never has. Unless it's given him. The devil wants to be God because he's a coward. Afraid of doing the work of slowly progressing as a person and being wholeheartedly dedicated to the doing of the Father's will.
  18. Depending on how much water and feed you had by the time you spotted the thing in combination with your horses stress level after a panic attack. But yeah if none of that was a factor and you were armed, which I’m sure they were, then I would have followed that thing as long as I could. Of course a human chasing an intelligent animal through the underbrush of the redwood forest is probably a low probability proposition.
  19. Odd shadow

    OK, finally got around to it... Again, my thanks to the OP and the photographer who were very forthcoming with extra shots taken around that time, and answered all my questions in good faith. This is a thread that should be a model for UM participation! Here's a cropped, full-res, brightened version of the anomaly in the image (Gamma adjusted to about 1.3, straightened, no other processing) A few initial notes: With regard to the shadow, there are two things to bear in mind (actually more .. but two main ones!). 1. Shadows may have 'transparency', especially where there is more than one light source.. So yes, the shadow at the top of the calendar has that appearance.. BUT 2. Motion blur *also* renders things somewhat transparent! Unlike out-of-focus blur, motion blur usually has a directional 'streaky' appearance - eg look at the shadow area just to the left of the top left arrow... That suggests motion to me, although it's not a 100% call.. So, a motion-blurred dark object can look very, very similar to a shadow. If a person was back there and mostly out of the light, wearing dark clothes? and waving their hair or an arm about, then it could look like what we see. In regard to how high the 'thing' is, that apparent height will depend on the height of the camera, the upward angle, *and* how far back, relatively, the thing is.. In this case, the range of heights and angles and distances varies way too much to guess at how high stuff should be. You'll note that in the two selfies (see next post for the second one) she had the camera in quite different positions and angles. I tried to work out what range there was, in order to try to eliminate the 'clenched hand?' as possibly being part of the flower arrangement, but there really aren't enough clues. It *seems* too high to be part of the flowers... but again, that's more a feeling than a measurement.. So, it remains an unknown, but see below for next image and a few additional notes:
  20. This whole thing sounds like somebody trying to mess with us - it's too outrageous to even waste time on. There's no such thing as demons - they were put in the scriptures to scare people into the straight and narrow - nothing else. Sounds like somebody has been reading a little too much H.P. Lovecraft. On top of that, even thinking that ouija boards are responsible for summoning demons shows that, if you actually believe it, you should start seeing a psychologist for help. Fluoxetine is a benzodiazpene drug and very hard to get off of (ask me how I know this) and please, please, never stop taking it cold turkey (ask me how I know this!). I've taken it (prescribed) for PTSD in the past and it took me the entire year of 2014 to get off of it. It could be that it's not the right drug for you. If you're on the level about this, you need to see both a psychologist to help you get rid of all this blood and demon foolishness that's bouncing around in your head AND a psychiatrist to prescribe the proper medication to tone down your wild thoughts. I know of what I speak about this as I have suffered from PTSD/nightmares/anxiety and a host of other mental problems since 1969 when I got back from Vietnam. If you want to learn about demons, talk to some Vietnam and Gulf War vets. The demons only exist in your imagination. I wish you well.
  21. I don't believe you

    Marcus assumed too much when he states "every" man. There are men/women who not only love others more than themselves, but actually hate themselves. And although true in many cases, setting less value on the opinion of our self is to be humble. A good stoic like our emperor should not be wondering why many are humble. The passage cited must be spurious, and not a genuine thought of his.
  22. It's tiring and questionable why you continue to try and defend the idiot. It seems like he's your Sacred Cow. I don't think you're supposed to have one of those.
  23. The Chinese have killer anti-sat weapons now. They have put a station into orbit - the Heavenly Palace. I think they called it. We've had a "secret" space plane like a miniature shuttle that stays on station in orbit for months. I think Cruz is just acknowledging that nations have or could soon have the ability to put threats into orbit that could blind us at the outset of a war. It may seem a little silly to us but I think we really are on that threshold now. In fact, I think there is tech in the works now that would scare the HELL out of the common folk if we were told about it.
  24. Kid raised on a world with less gravity would probably be not build strong enough to survive well on earth... and without any genetic change.
  25. I don't believe you

    Another one. Always blaming others.
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