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  2. I don't know... So far it has been more entertainment then many movies that have cost about the same... So I'd not call the money wasted.
  3. Seriously Farmer? You are going to toss everyone into a "Basket of Deplorables"? I do hope you are just being colorful in your statement here.
  4. Ha! That is like saying your local police have got 20 arrests for burglary, so there is an uptick in gang activity. The one doesn't necessarily mean the other is true.
  5. Impotent rage...this is absolutely horrifying.
  6. No. We actually got third place without even trying. We had no idea we where entered, we just genuinely like to look after the people who come into our community. Honestly we would be nothing without the people who spend thier money with us, if they need our service we are here to help. Hospitality is often run by people who genuinly care.
  7. Or possibly just repeat over and over that they can't remember a single thing. (-> Granny Clinton)
  8. I think we can see a clear connection with diversity and happiness. Sad, in a way, but understandable.
  9. Hello and welcome
  10. Ah, so saying pushing a former CIA director is possibly deadly is to be considered. But, saying the same about a Clinton is a Conspiracy Theory?
  11. 13 Russians indicted for interfering with our elections is nothing to you? Its only nothing if you believe the premise of the investigation was to "get Trump". If you believe that a foreign nation meddling in our election is worth looking into I think the answers it has provided thus far have been quite imperative to securing our elections in the future. You kind of took a hop, skip and leap to connect those dots. Sorry man I'm not a Hillary fan but I'm just not sold on the story. Well maybe but my opinion aside the fact that 12 other nations thought he was worth paying that much and more to speak probably does point to the hope of a pay to play situation. However I think that fact could also kind of negates your argument in that what Russia did wasn't necessarily even seen as special by the Clintons No I think you labeling the first senator to publicly support candidate Trump as "deep state" is seriously weak and is a serious red flag. Do you honestly believe if Sessions thought he had a case he wouldn't be pouncing on the Clintons? Which BTW is my position. Its not that I believe that the Clintons are necessarily innocent its that I don't believe the evidence is there to prove they're not.
  12. They campaign for this award?
  14. Here is another video I think people should watch. I feel for those who didn't realise they where being divided. I want very much for the people of America, who have been divided by those who would use you to make money for themselves by using algorythims to drag you down the rabbit hole, to undestand that you are dragged down the rabbit hole for someone elses profit. This video is satiracle but it holds sime very real, true, and good advice.
  15. What does that even mean? Truth does not equal what one believes. My truth, your truth...thats just all so much BS. Truth is just what is...supportable by facts. The truth of experience is a chemical reaction in the brain...nothing more...nothing less.
  16. There have been multiple mappings. The story has been so-called analyzed. It has NOT been proven to be geographically correct. There is no proof. It is just a collection of guesses. Each guessed set of places is no more likely than the next set of guessed places. The claim of Jason's tale of being based on historical facts is now being challenged. I can't wait to see what you post there. There have been lots and lots of guesses going all over the place and you are pretending that one of these guesses is better than another. It is all guesses.
  17. Do you speak Hebrew or any Native language? This is "mass comparison" and there is no relationship between Hebrew and any Native language. More Mormon propaganda.
  18. That is a funny bit... Deaf to the Right....
  19. The only conspiracy is by people who cant stand the fact that Russia stopped us from completely destroying Syria. Trump colluding with Russia is right up there with Saddam having nukes. And for the same EXACT damn reason. To demonize a country who is getting in the way of their empire. And to get rid of a president who is destroying their plans in other areas. You have literally NOTHING. Not one shred of evidence in a year and a half. LOL New things to investigate? He hasn't found anything in the things he had been investigating. The fact he keeps broadening the investigation means he is hoping to find a crime. A crime that has nothing to do with the reason the investigation was started to begin with. There is no reason to believe he will find anything. The congressional over site cleared Trump of collusion, and worse has uncovered many crimes from those who started this witch hunt. He has more then enough reason to end this right now. Yes we really do, cut and dry, as obvious as it gets. The women paid money to have Russians make up a fake dossier. That is WAY more then they have on Trump. You guys freaking out over Trump Jr meeting a Russian lady for 5 minutes that produced nothing, and completely ignore Hillary actually paying Russians for dirt makes you an astoundingly blind hypocrite. We are right now STILL giving Russia 20% of our damn uranium, directly because of Hillary Clinton, who was personally paid over a hundred million dollars. If that had been Trump you guys would have died from an aneurism if he was still getting away with it. Do you really think Russia see's a Bill Clinton speech being worth a half million? lol Do you really think Russia suddenly saw the Hillary foundation worthy of hundreds of millions, at the EXACT time uranium one happened? And you think because the deep state didn't charge her for any of it, that means it was ok? Holy **** man Ok I've already reached by allotted political time for talking about this for the sake of my sanity.
  20. Mark One

    There have been multiple sightings of an Elephant on the forum.  It seems drawn towards anyone with peanuts.  If you come across it please remain calm and wait for it to move on.  Oh, and make sure all doors and windows are locked.

    1. acute


      I'll be safe cos I've got a mouse.

    2. Mark One

      Mark One

      Try taking it to the Dragon for a drink then.  Some flipping blighter keeps half-inching all of the nibbles.

  21. You've already posted this.
  22. The story as presented in exodus is denied by the archaeological evidence. You are pretending that it did happen despite the evidence. You'd like some alternative unrelated story to be a replacement for exodus. What does that have to do with exodus? Nothing.
  23. Don Juan was completely made up.
  24. Or real. It seems everyone is so set on fitting tradition that they don't account for how little we can be sure of. When you zoom in a great deal it looks real to me. And it definitely is obvious that the authorities are aware of that by how pressed they are to get the body. If they just wanted to call it a lie they would proclaim it as such with the absence. But they didn't do that they proclaimed that it was a rotting shark. When it is clearly not decomposed or a shark.
  25. Yeah there’s no grey matter left in them. Will they come out bright white?
  26. Hello and welcome to UM. We ask members not to post the same topic in more than one forum - Threads Merged.
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