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  2. No I do not. There is no proof frankly that it ever will be either. Consider driverless cars. As I am driving along...I am taking into consideration not just the road and the cars in front of me...but the cars behind me, beside me, and cars that are not even on the road yet. AI cannot even begin to match the information that I am processing....see that car coming up behind me at 90 mph? See that car beside, she is texting and clueless about the car coming at 90mph...probably about to change lanes.... No freaking way. Curious why you would ask.
  3. I felt sympathy for Adam when he testified- that he even had to testify in the first place, but Jonah's testimony was absolutely heartwrenching to hear and watch him have to go through. And ended on cross with a sustained objection... Seriously, I found Greer's approach to be- I'm not even sure of the right word- slimy(?). Anyway, I certainly found the testimony to be very enlightening. Re: that the rope was kept in the garage, I'd figured that that's where it likely came from and so for me, that was confirmed (not that I needed it to be confirmed, just nice to hear it stated), but I've come across info in a search warrant that I hadn't before paid attention to that's very interesting when correlated with Nina's info. from the radio show. Nina had said that when she'd walked over to the house that night, the car was in the driveway, but in the warrant, it's stated that the car was in the garage. Now, Nina couldn't be sure of the color of the car Zahau had been driving- she'd described it as brownish, champagne-ish while the officer described it as a white, but surely it's the same car, which shows not only that the car was moved sometime after 10:00pm, but also that Zahau had been in the garage sometime after Nina had come by.
  4. There are people supposedly hunting BF and intend to shoot. I don't buy this scenario for a second. There are hundreds more links about shooting BF
  5. Heading to work this morning, then I get 3 days off. Have a good day!!
  6. It is the law though. But, as we can see, it's been the law for years and nothing too bad has come of it. Still stupid law though.
  7. Since nothing has been found ever, and I repeat it ever, anyplace in the world it seems that nothing exists. My suggestion is that there is something in the way human brains work that suggests a possible innate response of large hairy ape like creature when we see something we can't properly interpret.
  8. And do you accept as fact that artificial intelligence is equal to human intelligence when no proof of this as a fact exists? Just curious joc.
  9. No I didn't. I related my personal experiences with the population of southern Oregon/ far northern California. There were some good people for sure but the prevalence of tweakers, xenophobes and drug runners is definitely worth mentioning.
  10. I admittedly know very little about Native American spiritual healers. I was painting all faith healers with the same brush, which is probably wrong in some ways. How ever there was a case in Germany I remember where a spiritual healer was arrested for mutilating women as part of a right of passage ceremony. I'll try and dig up more details. There was also a woman call Cowther that was debunked in Germany too as far as I can recall
  11. tcgram

    Well slap me silly and call me Darlin', it's Friday!     Yee Haw!!    :)

    1. ouija ouija

      ouija ouija

      Hi tc, I hope your hubby is feeling comfortable at the moment. :)

      Don't you think Fridays come around more quickly than they used to?:lol:

  12. The issue was that the believer side chose to misrepresent the position by claiming BF was proved nonexistent in other areas. I know because it was my posts that were lied about. I was the one that posted that BF is more often seen in crowded areas. I was the one that suggested it highlighted the way in which people think. But believers openly lied about my posts with some jackass commentary such as, so you think that proves BF doesn't exist in the wilds of Canada because of mistaken witnesses in an Ohio park. The problem of course is that it is impossible for a BF to remain hidden in a crowded park. Notice that the park sightings went silent after it caused such a stir? The reason is that the sightings were all mistakes or just plain hoaxes with people wanting to jump on the bandwagon. Even the loonies that want to see BF everywhere including crowded parks eventually realize it is not happening. It seems that head in the sand believers are just plain asses and can't stand to think that BF sightings appear to be all mistakes or outright hoaxes. The BS stories such as people hitting them with cars never ever turn up evidence such as hairs on the car. The dead BFs are lies too. They never turn out to be real. It's like the dumb ass lie of the BF in the freezer. They are not just stories. They are fiction. Plain and simple they are tall tales, aka lies. The issue with the range of tales by Native Americans is simple. If there were the friendly BF as reported, then where are they? If there were malevolent BF as reported, then where are they? The range of stories is just more evidence that they do not match up with the BF stories of today. Believers want to pretend that BF is connected to the myths of traditions of back then, but that is simply not true. Any BF murders being investigated? Any BFs dropping in on a picnic? What decades of research shows is that BF does not exist in the areas where they are claimed to be. It's as simple as that. No amount of pretending changes the fact that decades and decades have passed with zero evidence to support BF.
  13. And so there you have accept as fact things that have no proof and are highly unlikely. I don't.
  14. Unfolding now:
  15. seriously you do not even see how you just equated all rural residents that you call hilbilly to a meth cooks? (sure some prbly are as much as liberals). that would classify as bigotry. but if you insist, meth labs over riots, hatred, racism, bigotry, snowflakes, political correct idiocy, attacking anyone who has different ideas, ..........yea, i'd take labs. alot less harm there
  16. he had a point? where was it? where he said idiotic things about asking china and russia to change regime in usa? lol lol, fractured ego? sounds like liberals here, but i do not take either you or him seriously enough to even get upset.
  17. I did think Kelp, I seen lots of it scouring the beaches in Scotland and from a distance it can look like an eel or snake like, especially when the sun glints off the surface skin like texture... and when you see some just under the surface moving around in a light current, it is almost serpent like and many times made me look twice.
  18. All righty oh mighty that sounds fantastic, and stuff
  19. Did you really miss his point or did your fractured ego force you to resort to such a lame retort?
  20. *Snatches the note & hides it* Lets just say this, John now has credit in the Dragon. A pint is it? Two packets of nuts? And how about some bangers and mash to soak up the ale lad?
  21. do you have a safe place? go there. lol seriously? you'll ask russia and china...... go ahead ask them, you really think they care about you? like i said you are tiny nation that does not matter. but if you insist, they just might start a proxy war with usa on your soil. just ask Ukraine,
  22. Little mishaps, yeh right...So when the filth caught him at 2 am in the morning trying to set the cobble stones alight (wearing only a pair of socks and a towel) he was only having one of his borderline wobble moments?
  23. Psssssst I didn't vote for Hillary. @ExpandMyMind LOL you were saying earlier?
  24. Ya you betcha!
  25. acute

    The Word of the Day is... Phishing.

    1. ouija ouija

      ouija ouija

      That is a made up word so I won't be using it in conversation today. :angry:

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