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  2. how do i know this is the truth? this is nothing more than one person telling a story... or have i read it wrong?
  3. * Puts on tinfoil fedora * If MI6 weren't several months ahead of Steele, I'd be very much surprised. In regards to legality -- I believe there's a longstanding special arrangement between the two countries. Subsequent to what?
  4. The cracks are there for all to see, its just a shame one has to go beyond the British media to see it reported, and when i say beyond the British Media i mean simply listening to Parliamentary debates & speeches. including those in EU member countries. the Nordic countries especially who're more like-minded (with the UK) and want to pursue a trade agreement. Its clear throughout the EU's approach is to portray itself as strong stable and in charge. usually in life if one as to constantly portray ones self as such it usually means the opposite is true. When Brexit is broken down and the stated aims of the UK are explained its all rather simple. Yet the negotiations are designed to make it look all far, far too complicated. - a long dragged out the process, all the while employing Soft-power. Ask Ukraine what happens when the EU get involved in another countries internal politics. But it can be summed up perfectly The United Kingdom through the democratic process as decided to leave a treaty, a Political Union, and all the UK is seeking on its departure after 43 years as a NET contributor is a mutually beneficial Free/trade agreement and that's it in a nut shell, For the British part we've even wished them well in their future endeavour to create the Federal Europe they desire. When it comes to the EU, they fear competition. they currently don't have any FTA's agreed or implemented with any of the worlds top ten economies. Yet it finds it easy, to offer South Korea, Chile, Mexico or South Africa FTS's without being part of the political Union. I say easy it took 7 years to offer and conclude a FTA with South Korea and 11 years with Chile. Next month is 12 months before we leave the United Kingdom Govt needs to put in place all that is needed for Brexit. Those who need to implement any changes are a very small minority less than 4% of the 11% of British Business who trade with the EU and any company worth their salt will have planned in advance. Its what companies do annually. - the Fact the UK already has currency and VAT border with the likes of R.O.Ireland and for that matter the rest of the EU shows how much of a non-issue the border with Europe is, When it comes to the Irish border, im afraid 0.1% of N.Irish trade with the R.O.I as a percentage of UK GDP is not going to allow for a tail wagging the dog scenario at the end of the Day if the EU want to impose a Hard border then so beit, - We will not be held to ransom with threats of a return to terrorism, the fact MI5/6 had infiltrated the IRA, and the new's Gerry Adams was a MI5/6 Informer tells you how deep the penetration went. it will then be a choice for Ulster and the rR.O.I to decided what their future policy should be. So day to day life will continue without any noticeable effect. Okay, the first week or two after Brexit we're going to see clogged up sea-ports and roads as the EU tries to make a point, and we expect no less from them, just look at the news stating the EU wont recognise the UK driving licence, yet at the same time will recognise American or Australia driving licences, shows how pathetic the EU is. the UK driving licences are the world’s most powerful, according to research. Our licences, along with French carry the most weight globally, making it easier for travellers to get behind the wheel abroad. yet the EU once again wants to put itself at odd;s with the rest of the word. but anyway if the EU decideds to make a political point on Brexit Day plus one and cause backlogs it will be no more of a inconvenience or longer than say when the French go on one of their many annual strikes and once it starts to hit their economies in the pocket they'll soon find solutions. its marvellous how a fall in revenue can concentrate the mind.
  5. *Growls* Well thats 10 points to Acute then! Yer shunt be drive-in an slurpin big jessie! In future try using Bakewall Tarts Taxi/horse & a cart service.
  6. Totally... Thats a good point, if time isnt real, in the way science describes it, then how much of an affect would this have on everything that is already "understood" and on everything else that is being questioned right now? I really dont know about E=MC2, but was this what Einstein meant, that time doesn't actually exsist!
  7. A snail racing competition has been postponed because the snails are too slow and sleepy. The Dartmoor Union pub in Holbeton, Devon, was due to hold the charity event on Saturday. However, when manager Donna Aziz called the Plymouth pet shop for the snails she was told the cold snap had made them too "sluggish" to go racing .
  8. Ok, I got this far reading the link.. "But how does defensive pessimism actually work and what benefits can you expect to get out of it? Researchers suggest that defensive pessimism is a strategy that people who are anxious use to help them manage their anxiety, which might otherwise make them want to run in the opposite direction of their goal rather than pursue it." Ok, so I see this a being the crux of the issue. We can as individuals react, manage, our anxiety issues, or we can seek to understand them and then fix the issue at the root cause. This idea of defensive pessimism doesn't address how we might understand nor fix things, it's reactionary, not pro-active.. And we can react to the same problems day after day, week after week, year after year and get nowhere.. Managing your anxiety is better than nothing, but the smart thing to do is to understand it and fix it at the root cause.
  9. I'd definitely vote for AfD if I was German.
  10. All my years in web forums, I can't accept why the powers that operate in a web forum, why they have to delete a post or snip it at all. Unless they just love to delete other people's work, or snip it so that it is no longer complete as its author intends it to be. I submit that the more easy and better action for all parties of concern is namely: If the powers that operate don't feel that a post is acceptable to appear in public, just keep it out of sight but with the instruction to the author to rewrite it - because the powers that be see the post as not acceptable to appear in public, according to their best judgment. Dear colleagues here, what is your experience, and your comment on my proposal?
  11. The English Tory party have an Irish name. 'Tory' is the Middle Irish word 'tóraidhe', Modern Irish 'tóraí', meaning a fugitive or outlaw.
  12. Warburtons is a great Bolton company (along with Reebok) and I was there on the day Mr Stallone stood on the steps of Bolton town hall for the Warburtons advert he was in.
  13. All i know that is that science and scientific method is based on empiricism and empirical proofs. They use time as a parameter in their equations and ways of describing the universe. Other things such as forces have "particles" so they can be "seen" empirically. Time on the other hand is only a concept. Is it a "human construct" only if it has nothing empirical about it but only consequences of it are a part of physics? In that case science itself works with an illusion and condemns others about dealing with illusions. Very confusing.
  14. Yes I can see why you would say this. But in my view if Mueller completes an unhindered investigation and finds "No collusion" then that is equally as successful as finding "Collusion". In other words he is charged to find the truth, irrespective of whether or not that results in "collusion" charges.
  15. Thanks. Here are the results from the british newspaper archive website. I'm not a member, but the results can still be seen. e.g. %2bqueen %2bmary %2bdies&freesearch=aboard queen mary dies&retrievecountrycounts=false&sortorder=score .
  16. Maybe I should get up now (10.30am in Dublin now) and do something other people think productive.
  17. That you find it ironic simply demonstrates you lack the ability to comprehend the logical fallacy of appeal to authority..
  18. Tough
  19. Well, to be honest, I think science does acknowledge time, probably in differing ways, but thats because we can see change, we experience change for ourselves each and every day, and so this concept of time has become second nature, I personally dont see it this way, yet I still use the term, because it is so deep rooted. Anyway, Spirit is a different matter for science. It isn't so obvious and therefore some folks don't even acknowledge it, let alone actively seek it. Therefore, science doesn't even try to gain any kind of empirical evidence... Perhaps if it tried,...
  20. I'm not parking my Ford Anglia in a ****ing swimming pool!
  21. Yeah, changes are happening under their noses and the lefty/liberal establishment isn't even batting an eyelid. As the guy in the second video said and I agree, the two most populist themes at the moment are the economy (no brainer here) and immigration. When a nation struggles with the economy, people tend to blame the authorities but also the new arrivals/migrants. Both issues go hand in hand. To add insult to injury you have a culture (Islamic) and people that struggle to adapt and integrate into western culture. The left is failing to read the danger signs and they're totally oblivious to the fact the world as they knew it is crumbling under their feet.
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  23. and that............................ says it all........
  24. Time traveler meant: I borrowed some information without asking from many governments. Sorry! Oh, and now we are dealing with North Korea again... It is easy, stop this North Korean guy and their backing. What is the world waiting for? North Korea has less economy than the state of Georgia, USA. Would anyone even give the state of Georgia actual nukes and rockets? HELL NO! Actually, I think their economy is smaller than the biggest city in Georgia... I forget. Tic toc... too bad you guys are about to murder yourselves again. It is always super sad to see and dumb as hell to fix - as it takes time for me and I have to suffer a super lot and sometimes I miss something because I could not find all the information I needed, no thanks to everyone (it's fing hard) North Korea's backing says we can not attack North Korea or it would be all out war, yet, they are feeding them everything they need to destroy us/USA. And North Korea has been threatening us/USA for years. Did we ever say we were going to nuke North Korea? Of course not. We said "Fire and Fury" (I assume that means little cool drone strikes here and there) "the world has never seen before" (because nobody ever HAS seen this particular arrangement of possible drone attacks) but we never said nuke, unlike North Korea. Trump took this thing by the horns and is showing everyone in America that they need to make some tough choices NOW and make all of our voices in this country as one (minus me - because I am on "Venus" watching with amazement). This should be THE ONLY thing we are talking about, because I see tragedy looming very near... again. I stopped Kim's butt last year, but he is settling from his fear of seeing my face in his face (let's not mention his two generals with those fingers that were about to turn those switches - oppss, I just did). He probably thinks he is fighting a demon So now he is doubling down. I would go in there and kill his entire personnel, but I'm sure that would be too excessive. Kim needs to cough up his ruthless personnel and political cheerleaders, or for him and his entire family to go to a psychologist for some therapy - they probably will think it is "evil" brainwashing. I expect 300 million voices as one/on the same side on this North Korean issue. All you need to say are these following words to everyone you know: "North Korea says they want to murder our/your children." Would you rather bow down to what North Korea thinks is justice and freedom of individuality OR that of the USA? Honestly, are they still butt hurt over the North Korean-South Korean war thing back in the day?! These guys are stuck in the past. Some one get in a B2 Bomber and drop nothing but smoke bombs filled with the happiest marijuana smoke you can find. This Kim guy and his family are drowned in their own Georgia-grade riches, like some top Kings and Queens of the world or something. So pathetic, cheesy and I even feel embarrassed for them. And his friends are encouraging him to chuck nukes at us like some kid throwing a temper tantrum. This dimension feels like great things will happen, I can almost taste it and see it collapsing all other dimensions into one nice one. Do not prove me wrong.
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