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  2. "They Live" is an excellent "documentary" about the power of propaganda.
  3. So what are the repercussions for parents if their child gets hold of their guns? Are there any repercussions? At minimum, I would suggest the parent(s) lose their gun license. The penalties for allowing a kid access to your weapons should be severe and long lasting. Maybe even jail time? Really make a statement that this is NOT allowed to happen. Too many school shooters grabbed guns that were already at home. Part of "restricting access" to guns begins at home before any new laws are even proposed. Edit to add-- They're, their, there.
  4. We'll finish that conversation in due time. In the meantime... 1. Billy’s sadistic brother-in-law with the help of Alan B, at the Woodland Reservoir (they hang out at Todd’s crib in the Airport District when he comes into town for drugs) 2. Billy’s sadistic brother-in-law with the help of Alan B when it becomes obvious that the cops are all over Scott Peterson for the murder. It doesn’t require extraordinary powers of deduction for Todd and his pals to conclude that if the bodies of Laci and Connor or any forensic evidence ever turns up anywhere but San Francisco Bay then the entire case against Scott Peterson comes crashing down. And guess where the cops start looking for answers if that happens. You guessed it... 516 Covena Ave. So they dump the bodies right where everyone is expecting them to be found.
  5. Hi Ella War? Are different interpretations of art a war? I am not so sure of that. jmccr8
  6. This week was a fairly quiet elections week- a few states had their registration and ballot deadlines, and Wisconsin had the first primaries, for judges. Next week has a bit more serious stuff along with a bunch of ballot and filing deadlines. A handful of House and Senate elections are happening too. On the 27th Arizona is holding it's special election for the 8th district House seat, Alabama's Senate 26th seat is having a Primary Democratic run-off, House 4th seat is having a Republican run-off, Connecticut House 120 general elections, Kentucky House 89 general elections, New Hampshire House belknap 3 special general elections, Rhode Island Senate 8 primary, and South Carolina House 69 primary.
  7. I've answered your questions, Jerry. 1. I don't know who tied the twine around Connor's neck, but I believe it could only have been done by human hands. Looking at the knots, and reading the testimony from the state's witnesses, it's absurd to even consider it was done by "tidal action". 2. I don't know that Laci was dumped in the bay at all. Even if I assume she was, I don't know who did it. Now perhaps you'll answer my questions. Specifically, numbers 2, 3, and 5 from my previous post to you. I even numbered them for ease of response.
  8. hi. I have to find & reread your post in regards to the highlighted part. I don't disagree that there are books & programs that misinform biblical interpretation for money. So, you're asking me when does it end and you're calling it interpretations but they're two sides that are at war from the beginning.
  9. I just do not get this mentality, Cruz could have been stopped, there were enough warning signs, but instead of doing something about it, people want to wait to see if his threats were serious and would rather a shoot out with the teachers and shooter than prevent him from getting anywhere near the school loaded up. As for guards...what is so wrong with having professional armed guards that you would rather the teachers gunned up? Well....i suppose i should eat my own words there as there was an officer on site in Florida and he seemed to go AWOL for a while. Who employed him? The school?
  10. Well propaganda is generally a form of hypnotic magic. Hollywood and the music industry have more influence in this respect on general public than newspapers or news channels do.
  11. The chemical analysis pointed to 'bone black'. This is just further information on the case and not intended to be strong evidence in itself that the drawings had a paranormal origin. However, the bone black may be interesting when an analysis of the whole case is done. (coming this spring)
  12. A 12 year old near here brought a rifle to school this week and took it into a bathroom and shot himself. If it was an attempt at suicide he was unsuccessful, he's in the hospital but it was scary. How did he get a rifle on and off the bus and all the way into a boys rest room?
  13. When has drugs been metal. You really think a scanner would not pick up an AK-15? Yep, i can see the problems your schools have now. ARM THE TEACHERS. Jezze!!! Why not arm the dinner lady too, how about the janitor? Arm them all. This shows how much faith you have in your officers and security guards - NONE.
  14. I tend to agree on this one. I understand some scepticism these days, with the "hate crime" label being attached to just about any crime involving race, whether the crime was actually racially motivated or not. In this case though, it reeks of the same kind of remarks Henry Bolton's girlfriend supposedly made. Although we haven't seen the evidence yet, my guess would be genuine racism that has no place at all in this country.
  15. There are plenty of holsters that can be used so the children never see a gun. My friend has a bra holster. There is a sheriff near Cincinnati who decided to offer free conceal carry classes to any teacher who applied. He thought he'd get around 20 or so....he immediately got over 500. So now they are considering how to set up classes around the country. I heard a guy on my talk radio station give an idea. He said instead of waiting for these endless debaters to come up with any kind of action, why not supply schools/teachers with rubber bullet shooting shotguns and lessons. They'll stop anyone in their tracks in a non lethal way, it won't take endless negotiations or law changes to implement this kind of program and students will be protected while the issue is being hashed out.
  16. Yeah, that's what I would call it. I am the only one without a negative impression of the claimant still standing in the thread (once again on this forum). Why would I from a distance even try to claim 'proof'.
  17. Fried Chinchilla Kebab
  18. Vlad the Mighty

    Ladies and gentlemen,may we have your attention please. Please move a bit to the left. Thank you. 

  19. @rashore The whole "dogman" phenomenon started out in areas inhabited by Algonquians. Originally Algonquian Kiimochniis (Night Walkers) would have their alveolar ridge smashed out of their lower faces and several of their bottom teeth pulled out to attach a wolf snout making it look like part of their faces and even open and close when their mouths moved. I think several settlers saw this contraption and the legends grew from there.
  20. Kent Hovind is not only a complete moron he's also a "sovereign citizen" tax fraud.
  21. acute

    Well..... I've stocked up with supplies, ready for the Siberian weather that's on the way to the UK.

    Maybe I should take a can of cider out of the fridge, and put a sandwich in there.

    1. Vlad the Mighty

      Vlad the Mighty

      It's Russian Meddling again that's what it is 

  22. You can see an 'ocean' of garden gnomes, all of them working hard putting their garden back into shape. However, one is still asleep and not ready to get back to work. Can you spot him?
  23. My county isn't even on that map. That's the pre-1974 map.
  24. I have a great idea! No more armed security guards or metal detectors at the Oscars, or at our Court Houses, or at our Airports. Nope, instead we'll just ban all guns and naturally everyone (especially the psychotic people and criminals) will just turn in all their guns. Hey, we don't have any solid security or well armed guards at our schools...but that can't be the reason mentally ill homicidal killers choose schools as their targets, right? If you gather that I'm being sarcastic then please think about what needs to be done to actually achieve greater safety for our schools. Hey, I'm all for changing the laws about assault weapons for only those age 21 or in the military. I'm all for making strict background checks to look for mental illness or criminal activity. I'm all for the FBI actually doing their damn job! This problem has to be across the board and it has to be something that can be achieved in objective reality. Attempting removal of all guns will only force guns into the black market ...this will simply make things easier for the criminals and psychotic killers as no one else will have any means of self defense against them.
  25. I thought we were going to die either turning right (I had to say every time "all the way across! All the way across!") Or in a multiple lane roundabout when my husband was driving during our trip to Ireland! Big tip: On a multiple lane highway, over there, the far right lane is the FAST lane, not the slow lane like we thought...for about 2 miles, the natives let us know we were wrong rather
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