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  2. Now available on Sky TV but it's Paperview (Pay Per View?) I'd best get mine too
  3. Romans 3:23King James Version (KJV) 23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; is the phrase to which I referring, and the part I was disputing was his assessment of Christians as arrogant, sanctimonious, prejudicial elitists.
  4. Agreed. Wired The system has been tested twice a day, every day yet I can't find any history of false alarms. Like, at all. There is one Russian incident that occurred in the '80s, and one other in Connecticut in 2005 but that's it. It seems to me like they have the alarm system down to a Science - and rightly so. I believe this was a Government test. I believe they chose a small, isolated population to test public reaction. I believe it's no coincidence this apparent false alarm happened when we are most at risk of a missile strike from NK. Who knows what the Government knows but I don't think this slip up is as innocent as they make it seem. I also find it hard to believe it took 30 minutes to turn it off. Seems more like 30 minutes of "let's see what happens".
  6. Lumping all Christians in with the few that preen themselves on their exceptionalism and eschew contact with any but themselves. It's as false a premise as calling all atheists Communists and Bolsheviks because of their one common assumption.
  7. Do you have to subscribe to this service? Are these alerts sent to everyone? How do they know everyone's phone number to send it to? What if you didn't subscribe, and you were the only one who didn't know?
  8. I have to admit that did cross my mind. It would be like teaching religions of the world. It would be difficult to find someone who could do it objectively.
  9. What Stars Will Hatch From The Tarantula Nebula? NASA’s Flying Observatory Seeks to Find Out
  10. Banned for letting the bananas escape!
  11. Now we are getting to the meat and potatoes of driverless cars: the economy. You are absolutely right in that employment will take a huge hit from this in the very near future. This is all part of the automation discussion. Politicians aren't talking about it, the media is barely covering it yet it's a giant issue that's just around the corner and it will effect all of us in some way. What's the answer? Universal basic income? This is a yuuuge topic to cover. Just try and keep things in perspective. Computers are not perfect but they only have to be more perfect than human drivers. We currently have what - 40,000 vehicle related deaths every more? Maybe more? If computer controlled cars can bring that down to 10,000 deaths a year than driverless cars are still safer all around. I would be surprised if there even 5000 vehicle deaths/year after every one is in a driverless car but for the sake of the argument, let's say it only reduces the total by 30,000. That's a helluva lot of lives, man. Now, I don't know what your commute looks like but every day, I see a potential killer behind the wheel while I drive to and from work. Every. Day. Whether it's someone blowing a red light, someone texting on the highway or just an elderly lady barely cognizant of where she is, the truth of the matter is we just can't trust human drivers like we can the computers. I hate to say it, but the numbers don't lie. Besides, when it comes to having my babies ride in the car, I would feel much better safer if all these "killers" on the road were texting away next to an empty driver's seat. As safe as I would feel in an airplane controlled by computers.
  12. All I'll say is my grandnephew got a alert on his phone. Sent it to my sister, who sent it to me and it scared the **** outta all of us.....
  13. I haven't felt anything... I should say i havent felt anything worth remembering. I'm always focused on trying to make out what im seeing. There is movement though. It has to be through someones eyes. That is the one thing im very clear on. I have seen a place i have never been to.
  14. Where and how are they going to get the correct serial numbers?
  15. Vlad the Mighty

    It occasionally belches emissions of noxious gases 

    1. Eldorado


      The hedgehog?

  16. Yea for companies there probably is no way around it. People can stop private vehicles from switching over though. If the vast majority refuse to comply, then it just won’t happen. They are gonna put millions out of work though. I don’t see how that’s even close to a good thing. Regardless of whether or not it’s more safe. The economy is going to take a huge hit, and there is no where near enough jobs to make up for the loss. I also think the jury is still way out on the overall safety of this. Computers are not infallible. There will most certainly be issues. Maybe major issues that end up effecting every vehicle on the road at one time
  17. I am not sure if this article has been posted on here but if it hasn't it is pretty interesting if you haven't seen this: https://www.*** blocked ***/news/science/728897/LIFE-AFTER-DEATH-consciousness-continue-SOUL According to some well-respected scientists, quantum mechanics allows consciousness to live on following the body’s eventual demise. While scientists are still unsure about what exactly consciousness is, the University of Arizona’s Stuart Hameroff believes that it is merely information stored at a quantum level. British physicist Sir Roger Penrose agrees and believes he and his team have found evidence that protein-based microtubules – a structural component of human cells – carry quantum information – information stored at a sub-atomic level Sir Roger states if a person temporarily dies, this quantum information is released from the microtubules and into the universe. However, if they are resuscitated the quantum information is channeled back into the microtubules and that is what sparks a near death experience. P.S. Well that is odd for some reason the link to the article is blocked. That is very interesting,
  18. Hello, yes hon I will get to your reading a little later today. No worries. A healing will come through for you.
  19. Thank you for the invitation for sharing -- I mention what we experienced briefly at the end of a thread I posted, so I'll copy the post in here: "the Catholic martyr who used to walk across the hallway (yes, the rector identified him during the first blessing…we even know his name), the voices of the men at the bottom of the stairs at night, the Victorian who walked across my mother's bedroom, the man in a trench coat who stood at the end of my sister's bed, the servant who used to appear in my brother's bedroom at night, the ghost who came up behind me while I was making dinner like he wanted to see what I was cooking" There was a lot more to it than all that, including an ongoing thing related to mine and my brothers dream which I discuss in the rest of the thread I posted (which is here if you want to read it:, but to be honest, I wrote that last night about our experiences, and it was like being straight back there. It sounds really silly, but 20 years in that house with that amount of haunting was genuinely traumatic, and I don't even want to think about it any more by explaining in more detail what we experienced. Maybe one day when it's not all so recent in my memory.
  20. At the time 1972 British application to the EEC, Secret British Govt papers stated it would take 40 years for the British Public to realise the implications, intent and destination of the European Project. Here we are 46 years later and the British people have cottoned on to the fact - where our EU membership is taking us. - when it comes to the remainers I guess it takes longer for some more than others.
  21. Banned because I get what you mean.
  22. I bet the dad is a found to be a Psychopathic control freak within that household. It is just so hard to image this happens in this modern world of technology, yet his children are treated like something out of a 14th century dungeon.
  23. Politics! "Erdogan said Turkey had completed preparations for an operation in Kurdish-held territory in northern Syria." He didn't seem concerned on preparations when ISIS was attacking this region.
  24. P.s. And the only reason other member countries haven't left is because their governments (and Brussels) haven't let their people have a vote on it.
  25. If only it'd bobbed left not right (with your back to the Atlantic) it might have been me who found it. Dead opposite Ilfracombe.
  26. Well that is great you were able to get rid of it. I guess if you get a phone call from the people that bought it you will know you weren't the only ones. Did you see any ghosts? Are was it just strange noises and things moving? I mean if you would like to share what happened.
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