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  2. Well... We shouldn't take the good things in life for granted.
  3. Quick note on this: .org does not imply credibility the org bit is short for organisations in this case nonprofit Even the anti vaxxers can apply for a .org Have you had a look at Google Scholar which I suggested previously. What are you going to ask her? Its not like we don't know the answers she will provide regarding the confusion. She associates with Symington and that quack Kitei to collaborate! Is there a single source outside of UFOlogy that corroborates the thousands claim? If your happy to revise thousands down to hundreds I could find that a more realistic claim for sure. The claim of thousands cannot be correct, so using it as corroboration removes objectivity from the get go. A rumour doesn't support a claim. It would be worse if anything again I ask Why would they spend their budget hiring somsone to respond to curious people, especially all these years after the fact? Think about it from an employers perspective. I don't believe we you offer anything with regards to why differing stories are more valuable than corroborating stories. Please show me why the link on measuring objects at distance is at fault Its math dude. Math is not influenced by opinion. And it's hardly secret knowledge. Rich Country is a Pilot. He knows what a plane in the sky looks like. Symington claimed to have professional knowledge too but was shown to lying. Mitch Stanley was an amateur astronomer who often watched planes coming into the airport. He was aware of what to look fir and had the best equipment to get the best look at it. Again the claim of hundreds of witnesses, none claim optical enhancement, reports conflict and not one photo or video showing what was claimed. So why would reports of something physically unlikely be correct over people who actually do look at the night sky on a regular basis? Particularly when the mundane reports offer a sound resolvable solution? Why would exotic explanations trump everyday happenings? I don't think that a fair evaluation. Tim Printy is ex navy, an astronomer and assesses UFO claims, he is the closest thing you have to the one stop shop you are looking for. He used to post in ATS and Bad Astronomy as well so people could directly approach him over his evaluations but to be honest I'm not sure if he still does. Your turn, if Tim is not sufficient as a source where claims have been gathered what exactly are you saying will suffice? Check any astronomy record, Hale Bopp also has a Wikipedia page. Please feel free to check the dates and Google news stories about it to do find the press made people aware of it, and the promises of a spectacular light show. Its the most likely conclusion If you see a flaw in the logic and resulting conclusions could you please outline them for me. Symington, Barwood and Kitie too. I'm not seeing you question the wild claims that supposedly people in the thousands called, you just took that as gospel We already did it. It's not like the threads are hidden and I haven't seen you ask a question that has not already been asked As mentioned, Quillius is good at this. We have already been here. That's not a brush off its a fact. I'm on a phone nowadays and it restricts me much more so than I was back then. It's just easier on all of us if you see what is already posted and if you still have questions then approach them one at a time. What hard yards have you done? UFO sites are dime a dozen and all you have done is repeat their wild theories haven't you? Because of your insurance if incorrect claim like thousands of phone calls setting the entire discussion in a backwards direction. Thousands of people and not one piece of evidence? Come on man, how is that even possible. Have you seen how many photos go up if a blood moon or meteor (remember Russia?) event happens? Thousands literally. It's all over the net the next day, we got nothing but wild claims that can be resolved with ordinary events. Failed rockets, even Chinese layers cause a fuss and genrate many photos which is his they are resolved. How do you reconcile a claim of thousands of witnesses but no evidence? But there is a local airport there simply must be air traffic No good references there either, nobody on the ground reported anything but lights no planes reported a 1000 meter craft in their way, nobody crashed into it its inconceivable that such a large craft could be obstructing so much airspace and cause zero problems Just read the was obviously example 3 And I have no idea what you mean when you refer to special conditions it was dark and people were viewing lights from a distance, as far as I can tell conditions are met To be honest it seems pretty straightforward to me. Corroborating claims resolve as planes on the night sky others who do not Corroborate claim a giant spaceship or black ops. It seems more than obvious which party is reaching here.
  4. How so?
  5. Awwwwwwww!!! You are Awesomeness Unveiled.. Let's All Shine On..!!!!! I Am Well, thankyou.... So Cool.....very very Cool.. You always have the Coolest Songs... I Love That..!!! Keep Shining Miss Light Angel..xx Arohanuikiakoe.. Mo..xx
  6. Yes.... in some cases.
  7. I don't have time anymore for this type of discussion. Its very obvious over the past 2 pages. If you cannot see it.., then that's fine. I will not retract my statement, but I won't bring it up again either. Just sick of wasting time. I have repeated my myself with Stereo.., and Psyche101. I'm not doing it again with you. Unless people want to discuss facts about UFOs.., I am not interested in replying. Feel free to accuse me of lying, strawman arguments, being an ET nut, not providing sources, not "knowing anything" or whatever personal attacks you want.., I don't care and won't respond anymore. I have sufficiently explained every accusation made against me.., and its like talking to a brick wall. Just gets ignored.., and the same accusation posted (with no quote / proof or even an attempt at a rebuttal). This is why I won't bother anymore.., because its just ignored.., and the same accusation happens 2 posts later. So no reason for me to respond anymore. I will read posts and respond to factual information.., and claims where my information is incorrect. Once.., and once only. If people cannot provide a rational counter-argument, instead relying on blanket statements.., then I have no choice but to ignore them. Sorry if this seems rude, or like I am wriggling out a discussion.., but I have done all I can.., and don't need to explain it again to you. If you are seriously that interested in seeing me proven wrong.., or whatever importance this has for you.., just re-read the past few pages. But don't bother talking to me about it. I know I did nothing wrong.., so I'm comfortable with not caring anymore. People who read this thread will see it clearly I'm sure.., so I won't waste time stuck in this loop. Not being rude or dismissive. Just literally do not have the time.., nor see the relevance to solving this UFO case. Good day.
  8. Aquila King

    After 3am and still can't sleep...

    Insomnia's a b****...

  9. Hey I don' know if this is real or not, I'm googling it because I just had realistic dream. So real it was if I was in another person's body. I remember every detail. The whole room and how everything and everyone looked to me. Whats crazy is no face nor scenery was familiar to me. These were people I never seen nor a place I never been. And whoever it was were rich. Idk and don' even believe in this crap but I'm up 2am googling info cause this experience kind of freaking me out.
  10. I'm curious as to your thoughts on something... Do you think that perhaps the negative things that happen in life are in some sort of twisted way possibly a good thing? In that perhaps the lack of that which is good causes us to value the good even more? I remember someone bringing up here the concept that if we were to experience true 'heaven', and have everything that we could ever possibly desire at our fingertips for all eternity, would this suddenly devalue that which is good due to it's infinite abundance and thereby make it at least in some sense 'bad'? Could the lack of good in the world be good in the long run? I honestly don't know. But it certainly got me thinking. That's why I'm curious to hear your thoughts...
  11. Yes, my dear friend I'm very well..... and so are you I can see We need a song:
  12. I understand.
  13. Probably, most people, of course there are exceptions, but, regardless, of religious affiliation or a belief in god most tend towards finding value in experiences, using affect emotion to define a situation and then become transformed for the better due to life’s tougher moments which happen to us all at one time or another. The lady I just took care of who died in August didn’t use a god construct to face her death, she just faced it and welcomed it, it was a wonderful experience for all of us that knew her, thanks to her approach, same with my grandfather ( Athiest) he was happy to be moving on, he felt he had lived a good life. There is a code we follow in Hospice—that how the person embraces or doesn’t embrace their death is their right, it is their show and we let them play out how they see fit. My first live in job the lady was terrified to die, and resistant to any other approach to the idea of dieing, in retrospect, I think it was the first time in her life of 88 years that she acknowledged her emotions, she had been an alcoholic for most of her adult life, she numbed herself, except the last 8 months of her life she felt things, mainly fear, which is understandable because her dementia left her with no choice she had to feel, she couldn’t mask anymore. Her death, her show.
  14. Yes..!!!! We Most Certainly Are..!! Hi, Miss Light Angel.. Hope you are well...xx Mo..xx
  15. Ah but layered by whom and when and how and what equipment did they use and how long did it take them to layer it and did they come to Earth after to teach us about layering?
  16. Exactly! Because we are the only Gods ......
  17. LightAngel

    I just love this song...



    Be yourself no matter what they say :P


    And one more time.... lol ;)


    JuSt ........ be yourself no matter what they say :D

  18. I am not seeing Elvis there, has he gone walkabouts?
  19. Today
  20. We should never forget great music!
  21. You don't hear much about Grant Shapps these days do you. I bet he's up to something. You can't trust him. :
  22. and god forbid we should ever be on any terms other than glowering at each other over a wall, preferably topped with machine guns, with the Frogs.
  23. Hi Paul, I love " some could start their own religions" Dean the massage therapist sure could and I would not have a problem calling him a faith healer. Lol
  24. Leaving aside the fact that its proponent is an idiot, there wouldn't seem to be any practical reason why it shouldn't be possible; obviously it wouldn't be a single span bridge (I'd like to see who could construct a single span capable of spanning 20 miles), but by building a viaduct with supports on sandbanks like the Goodwin Sands and with spans wide enough to accommodate shipping it would probably be feasible. Obviously it'd need to be pretty damn high to allowe ships to pass underneath, and there might be questions about the maximum strength of winds it'd be sensible to allow it to be used in, but even if the Supreme Tory Twerp's idea, it doesn't seem to be absolutely absurd or impossible.
  25. Vlad the Mighty

    21 Million Bitcoins!!

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