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  2. Found Ruby a new avatar
  3. Wow, it is hard to believe. Lol Well in the end you found your home.
  4. Gods! The "scorned woman" ghost stories I hear from big sister. She learned a load of them in Kyoto.
  5. I question that.
  6. I Don't call them that Word.. That Word has been used for Millennia and has an Energy of Power to it...Mostly Fear..This Word actually gives The "YUCKS" Power.. Thats My Word.. We Create Something. We Own it, like A Word, and I infuse My Power into It.. And.. To your question...YES!!! Not only Spirits, but Humans too. Humans can be Used, through their Energetic Field.. Thats Why it is Important to Be Aware, of Your Emotions.. Ever felt, angry or sad, depressed, for No Reason? Or You feel not Quite like YOURSELF... this is Manipulation of Your Energy Field.. And it Exists... The Yucks, Love fear, they thrive off it... Love, they do not like.. Its too powerful, to refined, and they can not Exist within a Love Energy.. And I Serve them Justice of Wrath, Protection, Love and Power.. They Do Not Mess With Me..!!! I am Fierce when it Comes to My Loved Ones.. Mo..xx
  7. Any guess of what the red color was? Paint? Blood? Handprints are fairly commonly reported inhauntong stories. You say you may have other less obvious events which matter in a consideration. Well, for now just wait and see and keep us updated.
  8. Sorry had to jump up and do a dance with my son. I beat him to "Heart of Glass" LOL
  9. Apparently.
  10. OMG If you do Xeno I will love you forever.
  11. Took a sec to see it’s slapping itself
  12. Halftime. SKOL
  13. That's more cute than shocking, but nothing beats your self-buttering toast.
  14. I wonder that myself! It was an irrational hatred. One time I saw a van that had Jesus stickers on the bumper, and I wanted to pick up rocks and smash out the windows.
  15. By the way, everyone...I'm here!
  16. Heck, I'd even use this as an avatar. Just for the shock factor.
  17. So nice to see people full of love. I'm melting... awwww
  18. I wasn't familiar with it till Xeno started bringing it up, but I noticed it was on the Toons network. I watched several episodes. There was one that made me chuckle but overall I didn't find it that funny.
  19. People will find anything to be annoyed at
  20. Yeah, I like animated avatars, but I've yet to find one I actually really like. Had one as a loading circle but that annoyed the crap outta some people real quick.
  21. Bill, why would you hate your friends for sharing the joy of their journey, wanting you to be part of it? Just curious.
  22. I actually didn't like it that much. Didn't fit my mood. The only reason I kept the Toast is because most of you wanted it and it's fun to see an animated avatar on the forum.
  23. I had the old lady drinking coffee straight from the pot, Betty Boop and various pics of myself.
  24. Yeah, I basically only remember Rick Sanchez and a couple after that. Although Murdock sounds like a good fit.
  25. I've had mostly Ruby as mine.
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