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  2. IDF Directive to defend border with Gaza

    Are you as lacking in compassion (not to say basic decency) as the Israeli regime?
  3. and then

    To give the lie to the adage about decrepit canines AND to potentially IRK 3rdEye, P80, Odas and Sir Smoke...

    I have begun reading  

    DESTINY DISRUPTED by Tamim Ansary  I'll let y'all know how I get along...

  4. After the media lied about "animal remark"

    It was more the leadership of the democratic party that has put a dishonest spin on Trumps words when he labeled MS13 gang members as animals.
  5. Russia probes kick into high gear

    Fewer and fewer do every day that passes.
  6. IDF Directive to defend border with Gaza

    Ah yes, lets just convieniently claim all these people, snipered to death, were 'Hamas operatives' why not! There's just no semblance of nuance, shame in you is there. "They were all Hamas, men women and children, or if that doesnt sparkle with you.. 'those that were shot were all Hamas, because they were first painstakinlgy identified as such by the IDF, then murdered with a military grade high powered rifle from great distance to defend the Israeli state which has been opressing and surpressing these people for almost a decade'. Yay!" Get a sense of empathy Gardener, instead of relentlessly gardening the Israeli rooftops no matter what they do.. What would you do if you were in the shoes of these Semites, Palestinians? First being forcefully disowned from your native land, homes / property taken from you, only to be rounded up in a human zoo, your freedom robbed, agressively oppressed by a military force for 70 years, losing family members enmasse - including a massive number of children mind you - left and right? Imagine just for a second this happening to Jews, Israeli's.. The world would be too small, there can be no single shred of doubt about that. Terms like 'holocaust', 'genocide', 'anti Semite' and 'Nazi' would fly all over the place, and a river of blood would flow all the way from the source of the perpetrator. Not so when Palestinians are the victim though, no no; they are all 'Hamas', they are all 'animals'. Dehumanization, just like what the Nazi's did to Jews, Jews are now doing to the Palestinians. Fact.
  7. and then

    Bumped into an old friend this morning and thought I'd introduce him to those unfortunate enough to've never heard of him before :) 


  8. Russia probes kick into high gear

    Please link that study because every other one I have read said there was no indication any votes were changed. Having seen the ads I'd have to wonder what kind of mouth breathing fool would change their vote from Hillary to Trump solely because of their ads. Do you actually believe that number?
  9. What is the Astral Realm?

    I caught that too.
  10. 1 - Not sure about the hydrogen, but your ironclad evidence proves the pyramid was a salt-producing gizmo. I suppose there were no convenient salt mines nearby, and it's widely known the Ancient Egyptians loved their salty snacks. Of course, the production process was s-l-o-w, that's why they had to store all those grains nearby in the Step Pyramid...you know, so there'd be plenty on hand when the salt is finally...er...bountiful, ripe and ready to harvest...whenever that eventually was. The Queen's Chamber was the saltiest because she ate in bed. 2 - I happen to really enjoy biofilms. I was so glad that Gary Oldman won his Oscar this year...finally. His portrayal of Winston Churchill was spot on. It's hard for me to grasp how the biofilms worked as lubricant. But at least now it's clear where the contents of the Djoser Memorial Film Library ended up. Such a shame really. Are they recoverable, or all mushed up? I suppose all that salt rendered them into...slime. 3 - A recent attempt to simulate this process but using modern materials has failed: 4 - Just an excuse to keep eating those salty snacks. They are very caloric. The body isn't a system that needs to be oversize. And no I'm not interested...I don't even know you! Sheesh.
  11. Last Post Wins! [Winners Edition]

    Its a winner-winner, chicken dinner for me then.
  12. Scott Peterson was innocent

    The lies Detective Brocchini told were fairly obvious. The ones told by lead detective Craig Grogan were much more sinister. By the time of the trial Grogan felt it was necessary to explain the failure of the Modesto police to investigate the Laci sightings in the neighborhood. These were his explanations: They didn’t follow up on tips that were before 10:08 or after 10:18 (based on an amateur analysis of cell phone tower information and Servas estimated time for finding the dog) They didn’t follow up on tips that claimed Laci was wearing something other than the tan pants found on her body in mid-April. They didn’t follow up on tips that reported Laci walking outside of the park.
  13. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    The good and the bad for the purpose, not just sand seeping through fingers
  14. The George And The Dragon is now open.

    Common mick with the woolly hat just choked on his 5th pint of Mixed after hearing that. See he suffers with sore knees and feet.
  15. Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    Who steals a door? No, really, who steals a freaking door?
  16. Russia probes kick into high gear

    I've seen lots of people claim that it swung the election. I've seen lots of people claim that it didn't. As I said -- "I don't think it's possible to predict the impact of Russian interference with any sort of accuracy" -- so I'm not backing either team on that one.
  17. Scott Peterson was innocent

    From the habeas petition: "On December 27, 2002, Officer M. Callahan and Detective Skultety of the Modesto Police Department interviewed Mr. Graybill." Callahan wrote the report. Skultety did not write a report. There was no followup by MPD on the information contained in the Dec 27 Callahan report. Detective Grogan received a copy of the report and ignored it. The entire investigation was based on the lie that Laci was dead at the time Servas found the dog at 10:18 or earlier.
  18. Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    So if your common Mick has found all of his doors stolen then, does this then mean the fates have given up on him?
  19. how many 'experts of the forest' believe BF exists? Could you put forward a percentage? Have a guess if you want because i'd assume there hasn't been a survey...just out of interest
  20. Lets Count to a Million (Game) Part 2

    5292 Scotia Street, Burlington, ON. Sadly, for anyone interested in owning this property - its now sold.
  21. Egyptian evidence in Australia

    Homer went to Australia ?? So did the Greeks and Anatolians go, as well as the Egyptians?
  22. The article, linked below, gives some interesting details about 2015 BZ 509, including how it maintains its orbit over a long period of time. There has been a good deal of scientific skepticism about the interstellar origin of the object. It seems that we know of about 95 small objects in our solar system with retrograde orbits. These may have had their orbital directions reversed by gravitational interactions with other solar system bodies. No model of just how 'Bee-Zed' would have been captured into a co-orbit with Jupiter, if it came in from interstellar space, has been produced. https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/05/interstellar-asteroid-jupiter-bz509-astronomy-space-science/
  23. Theory of interaction of physical spaces

    Well then I'm outta here. 2+2=7 in my mind every time.
  24. it's times like this that I wish I could swim....
  25. Theory of interaction of physical spaces

    This is for Einstein. He has space-time. But this is mathematics and not physics. Time itself is a dubious concept In this hypothesis, time is a chain of causes and effects, not geometry.
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