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  2. I don't drink very often and it's usually one one glass of wine or one beer or one margarita...
  3. Xenofish Xenofish a majority of what a Poltergeist demonstrated includes wall writing, 99% of the ingredients (used to write on walls) comes from within the home. Don't confuse science fiction with the word paranormal. I think you're misinterpreting whats being reported here. Words like "these spirits are supposed to be all-powerful, yet they do write on walls, knock stuff......" is you making an assumption. Who said they were all powerful? Who told you that? Define the word powerful where Geist is concerned. The word paranormal simply means science hasn't found a way to describe something yet. No one can explain why something happens a certain way. That's all it means. I'll say it again, and hopefully, you'll google search on your own and see for yourself. Wall-writings is one characteristic of what poltergeist do. Poltergeist write with crayon, with oil, with paint, with pencil, with lead, with sage stick, with sharpee, they don't write with an unknown substance. They use those substances in extraordinary ways. This is not Star Trek. Stop thinking the item or substance has to be some unknown element. That's Hollywood talking. if you really want to break away from that paradigm, devote 3 months to the study of Poltergeist. I gave everyone here a headstart by posting the books that I read. Those books helped me understand the phenomena we were experiencing. Like Yoda said in ESP "unlearn, what you have learned..." What do u have to lose? 3 months. Read the books. Google [Poltergeist-Wall Writings] Google historic cases. This is not sc/fi. Everything malevolent uses to terrorize people resides inside the home. I can't make it any clearer than that.
  4. Atamarie Friend .. .Welcome to the UM.. Thankyou for Sharing, your Experiences.. Truly fascinating .. And yes, I can feel how under hypnosis, they would experience the Fear again .. Truly Something Sinister .. Its wonderful to have you here, sharing what you know.. .. Very informative stuff ..!!! Thankyou.. Peace to you and yours.xx Mo..xx
  5. Wow. pure misunderstanding mixed with vitriol. And capital letters.
  6. At this point in my life I could get "blind" with a shot of cooking sherry! I haven't had anything for years.
  7. Normally can handle it, had 2 because I only wanted 2 glasses of wine
  8. You are, starting to sound like this idiot.
  9. I’ve often wondered why Tina has never come to your defense. I all of these years (other than being on the episode of Ghost Adventures) not a peep from her. I mean if my boyfriend was constantly being bashed by people I’d be defending him. Wonder why that is?
  10. You two deserve not only a facepalm, but a headshake as well.
  11. I had 2 glasses of white moscato last night and felt tipsy
  12. whew the very worst I ever got wine soaked was on plum wine, so watch out LOL. It tastes so innocent.....
  13. LOL A different approach. Dawkins described his idea of spirituality ad a 'swelling if the breast' as you breath is taken away in awe of somthing skin to a celestial object like a supanova or star cluster. Anyone can gaze upon the heavens and be impressed, just some of us think somthing resides there, and some don't. Either way, one does not have to have a belief to see that we are infinitesimally small specks yet part of somthing magnificent and overwhelmingly huge and wonder and be impressed by that realisation.
  14. I'm a lightweight, not even one glass of cherry wine with 7UP and I'm already buzzing....
  15. Not in my reality :). John what do you think about the alleged extra room off Tut's tomb? I find it intriguing and possible but, dubious. If they thought it was there they would be all over it already.
  16. I have no plans to lose my hubby so it's back to hard work and exercise.
  17. Redefining Success I laid out my criteria last week for answering questions. An innuendo is not a question, an accusation is not a question. If you ask me a sincere question, I will give you a sincere answer. I would not be subjecting myself to a degree of ridicule if I oblivious and allergic to questions. Someone of the people here are purposely not listening (not naming names), some are here just to prevent good back in forth dialogue. You asked a legit, sincere question about Bone Black. Your answer can be found here. that's my answer. I wish I could put the answer in your brain via Vulcan mind meld but unfortunately, I can't. I regret to tell you, your answer is going to require a little bit of reading. Short Answer: I'm not calling anything Bone Black. Other people are (all independent of each other) came to that conclusion based on the XRF analysis. Are they 100% sure? of course not. We're 90+ percent sure. Until new data comes in too debunk that, I'm cool with that outcome. I guess you missed the part where I said the door with the wall writings sits in a storage unit in Bothell, WA. Anyone can test that door. Do you want to test it? Come to Seattle and be my guest. I welcome it. The link here and the video (that got this post started) both contain enough info to answer your question. Whether that meets your criteria as accurate, or legit is beyond my control. I'm not here to twist arms. I'm here to share information as it becomes available. if you don't like or trust the other organizations that vouched for my claims - there's really nothing else I can do for you. Wouldn't you agree?
  18. Is there any other type of mode?
  19. Lol ofcourse you would you're male.
  20. @Not A Rockstar I think it's almost a sexual thing with our OP. Like disaster movies are his porn. I'm not kidding. It's a sociopath MO.
  21. I guess nobody wants these kids alive that bad. Too bad... If you can save someone's life on a 1% chance, would you? Would you even try? Out of my hands "civilized people". Tic tok...
  22. I vote for Commando mode. Hi everyone
  23. An old lady friend of mine last year said she lost 160 lbs. She recently got separated.
  24. Nice try. You obviously have some problems in reading, at least my statements. You "forgot" that I also blamed the shooter and, if caregivers means guardians where you are from, then yes, caregivers, AND you "forgot" society, which includes YOU and technically me (with a tiny "m" and a tiny "e"). So again, give yourself a big applause. Everyone, obviously this person and anyone else with this sort of character should be ignored because this Likely Guy is like some of these prosecutors and is either mistakenly or willfully leaving out crucial information, as it will affect their position/case. I would prefer to call you stupid because I do not want to call you malice. DID YOU GET THAT FOR CONTEXT?
  25. Hey I washed underwear that was so full of holes sewing it barely helped
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