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  2. It's your claim, your burden to prove. Also, I'm not trying to. Equal is good enough for my point to stand.
  3. Doing God's will.

    You are choosing to believe that he is, which is not the same as “he”actually is. You are making your will known which is for you it is illogical as a human to not believe that god is not ever spending time with you. You are giving us a snap shot into your beliefs and what being human means to you.
  4. Worldwide Walls

    Yeah, I've finally had it with the American right's alternative facts (lies) and their complete refusal to consider anything else. 1. OP means original post. #9 is not the OP. 2. None of those examples demonstrate the claim 'walls are good for stopping illegal migrants'.
  5. The imperative to lean one way or another politically. You can't prove that my political values are less hardwired into me than my Heterosexuality.
  6. 43% of Manchester crimes not investigated

    i'm pretty sure such offences are not investigated here either, cops make reports, people file insurance claims, and that is all there is to it. no one is looking for those preps. i know of dozens of cases of stolen cars and cars broken into to, i had that happen to me as well, i never bothered to call cops, they would be useless anyway, nor i needed a report. not once cops called any of those people, and said we found a guy who did it, 1 time a car was found abandoned, burned down, only cuz they came across it, not because anyone was looking for it,
  7. Worldwide Walls

    Is there a bug up your butt today? Look at post #9
  8. US threatens to veto UN resolution on rape

    What a joke. Guy in war zone says to other guy in war zone "Hey, don't rape that person, there is a UN resolution against it"
  9. Imperative for what? Stronger than what?
  10. They should build a moon base first. That way everything for the mars mission can be thoroughly tested. All within a safe distance to earth.
  11. Worldwide Walls

    Can you provide a quote? Because they're not in the article I get from the OP link.
  12. US threatens to veto UN resolution on rape

    Good, but I notice some of the provisions had to be removed to prevent the US veto. Blackmailing the UN to prevent care being given to rape survivors just so they can pander to an already fanatical base. I stand by what I said.
  13. No, that the biological imperative is stronger. You can't.
  14. Worldwide Walls

    Are you including the many, many examples in the OP?
  15. I agree. We need to find a place between capability and advancement. Not rushing, but not postponing either.
  16. I wonder if she's doing the Texas Two Step with Satan himself? It's a thought.
  17. That sexuality is something you're born with? I don't need to prove it, you have eyes and access to Google scholar. Plenty of other people have already done the work.
  18. News on Sakari

    I see the confusion, probably a mistake on his part but it is definitely current, he got his new rescue Wolf just before Christmas last year, he sent me the photos and I have had a few updates on his treatment since.
  19. Things Are Stacking up for NASA's Mars 2020 Spacecraft
  20. Gender neutral boats for Scotland

    The problem is when people give into these asinine issues. If it offends you've got to change it.
  21. Climate Change is a Hoax

    I saw the Nat Geo doc about this and they found half a dozen ancient anchors in one dive. There was clearly an ancient port off that coast of Spain.
  22. We know these traders did not poach them, but yes, reckon they would if these animals were around, then they would not sell things in halves Mostly?
  23. Worldwide Walls

    I guess you can think of a wall as racist. It protects the sovereignty and uniqueness of the culture and that makes a wall very moral. We are a melting pot, not a salad bowl. We are "One Out of Many", not many that stay many. That ‘salad bowl’ plays into the divide and conquer identity politics of the Progressives.
  24. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Thinking about impeding an investigation of collusion, which said investigation failed to find evidence for, will never result in a successful impeachment. The Democrats lowered the bar to allow Bill Clinton to skate free and it's stuck down there, now. Nancy Pelosi knows this and knows what political suicide looks like. As long as she's Speaker, it ain't going to happen. It's like a vote of confidence in parliamentary democracies--if you already know you don't have the numbers, it's just wasted effort. The Democrats shot their wad running on "Get Trump" in the mid terms. It's going to ring rather hollow the second time around, in the wake of the Mueller disaster.
  25. Whilst I totally agree with you that rushing will cost unnecessary lives, if we wait until it is totally safe we will never go. It has to be a balance, an acceptable risk. The race to the moon directly cost the lives of three American astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut, but most people would now agree that it was worth the risk. The loss of two shuttle crews has left NASA, and it would seem the American people, overly risk averse when it comes to space travel, That is as harmful to the future of human spaceflight as being gung-ho. Of course everything most be done to minimise risk to life but at the same time people need to accept that loss of life is probable. If we took the same attitude to other things as seems to be commonplace in the space industry at the moment then motor racing would be banned, mountaineering, horse riding, and on and on. Acceptable rIsk is part of life. Gus Grissom died in the Apollo 1 fire, 27th January 1967, his words better sum things up than I can: (My emphasis).
  26. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/hillary-clinton-anyone-other-than-trump-would-have-been-indicted-for-obstruction Of course Granma Clinton needs to get in some words. That's RICH coming from her, based on what Comey said about her own investigation.
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