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  2. Just turn the fan up on high and listen to the voices.
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  4. I'm so freaking bored right now.
  5. Piri Reis wrote the source of the map was Columbus. Where did this info come from? There were more accurate maps from the time of this map actually.
  6. I never alleged a conspiracy. Please don't put words in my mouth. What Judge Girolami was doing was trying to clarify the testimony. You seem to think that his allowing of the proceedings to continue represent tacit acceptance/belief of the testimony. That's not the case. Again, his line of questioning reveals his own understandable skepticism about what Dr. Peterson was claiming. I doubt Girolami was an expert on skull plates or deformed heads any more than I am. It doesn't take an expert to realize that this is rather fantastical to believe. The odds of the twine magically drifting over Connor's head alone are nothing less than astronomical. Far too improbable to believe. But wait, it gets even better. We're also to believe that Connor's head deformed/liquefied at just the right interval to allow this miracle to happen and then reformed itself to it's original/expected size before he was found. Sorry Jerry, I'd rather deal with reality. Again, you seem to think that tying twine on the baby destroys the frame. It doesn't. You assume that the prosecution's theory was clear to the killers before they dumped the body. They knew the area Scott had been that day based on media reports, so that's where they dumped the body. It's no more complicated than that. As to the decomposition and feeding, 1)We don't know when Connor was dumped. 2)Speculation of course, but it's quite possible(and reasonable to believe) that Connor was placed in a plastic bag, which was tied around his body with the twine, and dumped. That would explain both the disparity in decomposition and the twine. Sorry again, Jerry, but you accept the prosecution's case in its entirety, so it's your case. Don't try to weasel out now. You came here to defend it. You own it. I don't have a theory, nor do I need one. As I've said all along, I don't know what happened to Laci. I've offered you reasonable alternatives to some of the evidence presented in this case, not a case theory. But what you wish to do now is shift the burden of proof onto me, and the reason for this is obvious. That's not how it works. You're accusing Scott of murder, so you have to cite the evidence. You have to answer the questions that exist. You can't do it.
  7. One may believe what one wishes; just remember, belief isn't the same as knowledge. If it was, there would be no need for Faith.
  8. actually thats a big statement that would require a great deal of cartographic evidence to prove. from what i have read, the Piri Reis map, though not entirely actuate is accurate enough to chart a course by. map making was not a precise science at the time and scholars have stated that Admiral Piri Reis makes the same fundamental map making mistakes as those that copy from older sources. (see the link i have provided).
  9. Hypothetically speaking: so what if they were? I'm not gonna waste my time debating over who or what organized these protests, etc. I'm just asking a simple question: what exactly are you suggesting here? What is so nefarious about political groups organizing these kids protests to combat the NRA? Even if it were true. So what? I don't see what the big deal is.
  10. It's true that Zawyet Al-Aran was within a military site, and for the longest time, as part of a military site it was off-limits to tourists. But it's been available now for a while. I'm not aware of accurate information that it was used as a dump, however.
  11. Fixing a late supper; cheesesteak sandwiches. Got the peppers and onions going already, the house smells great!
  12. I hardly eat it any more. But it was the only think I could eat after my diagnosis that didn't make me feel sick. I've constantly refined my diet to what I'm eating now. Which works. I seem to have found my balance. You've got me. I guess it's this crap.
  13. well you might be right and you might be wrong. wrong in the sense that the Ottoman admiral clearly admits that he used 20 ancient Greek maps, some from the time of Alexander the great to reproduce the map in question. so i guess it all rests on whether admiral Piri Reis was a liar. another important fact is that the content of Antartica is shown (some say ice free). I'm sure that Columbus never knew of Antarctica and he certainly never sailed there. so how do you explain that?
  14. My posts speak for themselves. I don't post something unless I'm confident the information is accurate. I don't make stuff up. If I'm presenting a personal opinion, I will clearly state that; otherwise, my posts are based on my own studies and research (i,e., academic facts). But, please, don't take my word for it. If you doubt my sincerity, feel free to do your own research and fact-check me. Also fact-check all the stuff the OP has been posting. See which one of us is more on the mark.
  15. Just do a simple banishment. Something from your belief system, or the LBRP (you can find it on youtube).
  16. Why we're here can't be an accident. A random fluke that created life. Whether it's due to some grand Divine plan, or we're cast into a prison-planet enslaved by Cosmic Ranchers, that's the debate and I'll leave it up to you. Those who know me, know where I stand (among Christ's followers). But you stand where you best have sight into higher truths, that liberate you and only you.
  17. This is why it's all about mobilizing the troops, rather than convincing the masses. A significant portion of the population is purely brainwashed by pro-gun propaganda, and there's no amount of statistical proof you could ever present to them to convince them otherwise. That's why I support these kids doing what they're doing. If enough rational and sane people gather together, we can enact the change we so desperately need. Politics has just become so partisan now days, that it's not about convincing people to come to your side. That just isn't gonna happen. It's about mobilizing those who are already on your side to move for legislation en-masse.
  18. okay you're angry. i don't live in the UK so i received no pamphlet nor did i have a vote. Im just curious and interested in the European project., thats all can i ask you if the brexit you voted for resembles whats being offered by the EU to the UK? cause it looks to me like PM May has folded on all the red lines and promises that brexit was supposed to deliver. Sure there has been no economic downturn. you have a point. maybe there will be one after the UK ceases being a member of the EU. It looks like the EU will make Britain pay for any separation agreement. do you feel it better for the UK to just flip the EU the middle finger and just leave? i guess its just a matter of perspective as to what you think is the best thing to do. you might very well be right and i wrong but until crunch day comes we'll never know.
  19. The only reason Cruz was able to purchase a weapon was that the system failed. There are lots of reasons that it did and pointing them out will just seem political in this atmosphere but the truth is that he should have been denied this purchase, based on existing laws. The Texas church shooter from the Airforce also should have been stopped by a background check. Those systems are only as good as the data that is relayed through them. The fact that so many different people failed to recognize or act on the knowledge they had about Cruz is the real tragedy here.
  20. My brothers (2) and several of my similar thinking friends. We often talk about the high levels of religious dogma that crosses our paths on a regular basis - TV news, TV programs, churches on every other block, politicos seeking votes, etc. Then again, I have a couple very close friends where their religion is extremely important to them - and I never, ever, bring the topic up. All I can say is, the effectiveness of the brainwashing is quite stunning.....but that's what happens when it begins at a very young age. I'm otta here- I have some very important March madness tournament BB to catch up on.
  21. Calm your capital letters and relax. I said it is the best theory in my opinion. It's just a better theory than what you're going to find in the bible. Again, in my own opinion.
  22. Or just a construct of peoples desires they project onto the "Christ One" and reflected back onto to his subjects.
  23. @Alien Origins Quote: Astronomy attracts crackpots like a jam jar attracts wasp.....Don't recall who said it. do you mean: 'Astrology'?
  24. It certainly does. Huxley's "Brave New World" is somewhat less bitter and sharp in a sense of some of the well articulated mechanisms of manipulation but still on the same point with its description of postmodernist era.
  25. We only find Clovis stuff in areas not hit by flooding and nowhere near major rivers so that tells you something. They avoided rivers in that time period. Proto-Algonquian was first spoken on the Columbia Plateau which is probably where half the Algic People fled when Lake Missoula blew out it's ice dam. The other half of the Algic group is small. Just the Yurok and Wiyot in California.
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