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  2. Mutation helps Bajau people stay underwater

    Would this be considered evidence for evolution? As they have adapted to their extreme environment for free deep sea diving.
  3. Dream about flying things

    Dreams are your brains way of dumping stuff. Sometimes meaningful, most times not.. But I'll say one thing, if you smell something in a dream, you are in a very small percentage of the populace - most people never smell anything in dreams. Although sometimes while sleeping you may actually smell something and then that may get incorporated in your dream... Err, do your dogs sleep on your bed?
  4. I'll just point out that in that small excerpt, there is a rather gapingly huge logical disconnect... Roc obviously doesn't see the problem with it, and I'll just say that the concepts of hypocrisy and irony will need to be thoroughly understood before that situation changes. And I don't have that much breath to hold, so I'm out...
  5. Donald Trump set to visit UK this summer

    "Like a mob boss?".. whatever.. get over it... He is your King... Now bow!!
  6. Um. Probably something derogatory with no basis in fact that equated to an Ad Hominem. See now you are either making things up or deliberately confusicating the FACTS! Reinhardt completely agreed with the CO2 increase, he also completely agreed with the amount of warming over the time period. He also said unequivocally that the amount of warming could not be attributable to that CO2 increase! He said that CO2 increase amounts to ~ 0.12 K of the 1 K increase in warming over the time period. Please try to understand the discussion we are attempting to have here Doug. Again, you are completely off your rocker Friend! Let me note again that just a simple 2% annual fluctuation in Earth's albedo equates to 7 w/m2 which completely dwarfs any impact that CO2 can possibly have and that amount of heating or cooling is what effects Water Vapor which also dwarfs any effect CO2 has in terms of heating the lower Atmosphere or surface temperatures!
  7. Atheism and faith

    Which is nothing short of outright ridiculous. Its not faith you lack but knowledge. Knowledge erodes religious claims. And you never addressed if the cosmos is random, or an eventuality. I don't know that, how can you? And how can you speak for all atheists on that issue when clearly no atheist agrees with you?
  8. I already have been citing Reinhardt who is a physical chemist. Why are you adimate about confuscating the discussion here? Is that all you've got? No. This is exactly where you and I completely disagree. Here you are basically leaving ZERO room in Temperature deviation over the last 150 years to natural variations in Climate! You are adhering to a concept of CO2 being the MAJOR driver of all Climate and that the Climates sensitivity to CO2 concentrations is extraordinarily high causing major positive feedback loops. I simply disagree with you on those points. I think based on the science I've read that CO2 is a weak Greenhouse gas in the Earth's Atmosphere. I think based on what I've read that the Water vapor feedback to warmer temperatures in the Earth's Atmosphere are neutral if not slightly net negative. I think based on what I've read that fluctuations in Earth's albedo which are extremely hard to measure and can be as high as 2% on an annual basis can result in ~7 w/m2 which completely DWARFS anything that you could possibly contribute to CO2! This is the most ridiculous of statements Doug! This proves you have no real understanding of the Planetary dynamics of the Earth or basic thermal dynamics! There is no need for CO2 to cause "excess" heat on the Earth for the Earth's heat to move in the way that it does. The Earth's Heat originates with the Shortwave Radiation from the Sun, this heat warms the surface most dramatically in the Tropics where the Earth receives basically direct sunlight all year round. This occurs because the Earth is basically spherical and Shortwave radiation from the Sun directly warms the Earth's surface both land and water. As you move towards higher latitudes toward the poles, the sunlight and it surface heating Shortwave radiation strike the surface of the Earth at increasingly larger angles until this equates to only a very slight glancing blow at both of the Earth's poles. This simple fact of Planetary geometry is what causes Heat to move from the Tropics towards the cooler higher latitudes Doug. This is not the only thing at play here. In the Tropics the troposphere is much higher and it's height decreases with higher latitudes being shalowest at the Poles. So the solar heating in the Tropics causes daytime convection which transports large amounts of Tropical air warm air to rise to very high altitudes, in order for the Atmosphere to maintain an equilibrium cool air from higher latitudes must fall. This happens naturally of course but warm ascending air from the Tropics does not always exactly equal cool descending air from the higher latitudes. Clouds, snow cover, land use changes, the water cycle, AMO, ENSO, PDO, Jet streams, VOC's, Polar ice cover, Ice sheet and Glacial changes, Snow accumulation and Snow melt, changes in Ocean salinity, other albedo changes, and obviously temperature deviations between the Tropics and the Poles all play a role in natural variability. I've probably left out at least half a dozen other factors in the list above, but Doug attributes none of these things but rather considers CO2 concentrations in the Atmosphere is the MAJOR driving force of Earth's Temperature change in the last 150 years because this is his Pet hypothesis and he doesn't practice Science but rather he practices Bias Confirmation. By all accounts pre-industrial levels of CO2 ~ 180 ppmv equate to an Atmospheric warming of ~2.5 C and at 280 ppmv at the time of the Industrial revolution ~ 3 C, Reinhardt concludes that from 280 ppmv to 400 ppmv CO2 has contributed ~ 0.12 K of warming and that if this was doubled to 800 ppmv it would only contribute another ~ 0.12 K to equal ~0.24 K in Atmospheric temperature rise. He also acknowledges that in the last 150 years the Earth's average annual temperature has risen by ~ 1 K where he concludes that CO2 can not be a major driver in the Earth's climate system and that some other process must be driving the current change we are seeing.
  9. Atheism and faith

    Yes, much less faith required to believe that it was all done for the benefit of a species on a small planet, of which most of both the planet and the universe surrounding it are actively caustic. I more you replied to none of the other presented objections, just a pat response offered by the author.
  10. Jordan Peterson is a beast, a Savage, a "controlled" monster. ..... Listen to his lectures to learn what I mean by that. He's smart and wise.... Wise. Men need this dialogue or they become the Toronto WHITE van sidewalk killer. God bless Jordan Peterson. And may God bless you. I hope you see your place in this chaotic world. Be the best you can be and make a difference. You have it in you. Just do it. Believe in yourself. Welcome setbacks. Try harrrrrder. Praise those who achieve your goals. Be the best you can be. Live YOUR life.
  11. Atheism and faith

    It claims that Christianity requires no more faith than atheism, in fact less. Because many of us Theists, don’t have enough faith to believe that the universe is some kind of gigantic car-crash, a colossal accident that just happened to come about by random chance. I don’t have enough faith to believe that there was a Big Bang followed by an ordered world, out of nothing. It’s a step beyond reason, a leap in the dark that we are not willing to take. Clearly, I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.
  12. Today
  13. What do you want from the afterlife?

    I'm wondering what form of "you" enters the Afterlife? Do you keep your personality, memories, knowledge? Do you keep your personal conscious awareness, or do you meld with some universal conscious awareness? I wouldn't think we just get what we want here when we're alive, a sort of Heaven tailored to our own personal psychological desires. I mean, Whatever constructed the Afterlife could have designed our Earthly life to fit those parameters. So I think an Afterlife would be something unexpected. Maybe something different that what we can imagine it to be here in life.
  14. Why would the observations using the Near-Infrared Integral Field Spectrometer instrument on the Gemini North telescope be flawed?
  15. I feel so bad for the families if the deceased and the survivors. I just can't fathom how anyone could come up with an idea like this, no matter what has happened in your life.
  16. No it does not. There is no way scientists could know
  17. How old is the Sphinx ?

    Aha! Bigfoot built it then!
  18. North and South Korea to Officially End War?

    It's a pretty standard tactic of North Korea. Saber rattle, get attention, back down. If they stay true to form they'll make demands the South would never agree to and go back to normal, only to again saber rattle when they want something or to test the waters again.
  19. What do you want from the afterlife?

    That's the rub isn't it. One's person's heaven is another's hell. It can't be a one size fits all solution. It's a personal ideal, not a universal one. If there was one, I just want to see God explain himself to a Christian, a Muslim and a Jewish person all in the same room at the same time. And I might have a few questions myself.......
  20. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Goodnight see you tomorrow
  21. How old is the Sphinx ?

    Damn it, you found me. Tapping into some of what ever it is that Papageorge has eh?
  22. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Oh sure, I pop back in just for you to duck out.
  23. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Things and stuff. Also not had much downtime at work.
  24. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Well, I knew I was too late tonight. Everyone else is probably in bed. I'm lucky to have Ruby, though I wish she had more company here. In any case I'm pretty tired so I'll be calling it a night. Hopefully I'll be around earlier tomorrow. Everyone take care and goodnight!
  25. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    With kidney disease I'm often struggling with anemia, so I get feeling tired and dragged out. Somedays I'm peppy and rarin' to go, other days I'm about as lively as a zombie. But I'm kinda low on blood, so I suppose I'm more like a vampire.
  26. North and South Korea to Officially End War?

    I know that you don’t like Trump, ChaosRose, and I don’t like him much either but Trump has been very effective into making NK back down at least for now. Generally I also agree that once Trump has left office it will be business as usual for NK.
  27. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    1:25pm here, low iron tired. I popped out and got couple bits I needed thank goodness for store loyalty dollars
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