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  2. Atamarie Friend.. Thankyou for your thoughts.. Something to Ponder ..hmm.. Your Awesome.. Mo..xx
  3. I'm in South Australia so far from there. Lol could also explain why most Aussies are nice
  4. So why type in a public forum knowing what the reaction will be? A perfectly logical question & important question which can tell others what the person is like via their responses. i want to get to the bottom of this enigma, but to me you sound like you want the fantasy of it all to never end! fueling it in this way ain't helping IMHO= all due respect. Would you not agree that those in question should probably talk privately or at least start a thread that clearly states something like: only believers & experiencers need reply.. or words to that effect. Or maybe a sub-forum should be created? I don't know, what do you think?.... Then the likes of my good self will have no right to reply. Because in the real world I live in I've no idea if those in question are not just making up stories for a laugh.. & don't forget== neither do you!
  5. Last month there was a thread that a good chunk of your north coast came from Canada, millennia ago. You're welcome!
  6. I'm too drained to think of jokes. Who fed a vampire my energy damn it
  7. Me too. Are there others? We should ask TC.
  8. Howsit, I Dont think science is EVIL . I know SCIENCE has its Place.. Its here ain't it .. So it has its place. And its Given us Many Lifesaving Technologies, and Comfortable Convenient Lifestyles.. Right ... Yep. I just dont like how representatives of Science, like yourself, deny the Existence of Spirit, because it can not be Measured, and then Insult anyone who does Know it Exists.. Thats what I Dont Like .. Mo..xx
  9. What's hi(gh) in the middle and round on both ends? That's the only Ohio joke I now.
  10. I believe dreams are from a broad range of areas in our Mind an Brain...Could dreams that come from our Mind/thiughts be different from our Brain /thoughts...Meaning The brain has a purpose of function to orchestrate the everyday operations of our body....The mind however is free to explore an be curious in our everyday life....Could there be a difference in the dream patterns if the structure is indeed this Vivid dreaming like real life dreaming is that based on experiences or fantasy..
  11. We don't get it either, but it got bad. Best not to discuss it.
  12. Not that far north lol still in Australia north
  13. Tiger Creek Elementary is the first school in Catoosa County, and in the entire region, to test out a high-tech security system called Sielox. It starts with a color-coded map of the school that teachers can change from their computer, cell phone, or iPad. "If it's an imminent danger, a medical emergency, or they're just outside at the playground, we will know based on the color of the screen," said Principal David Beard. "It tells us if there's a problem in a particular classroom." Certain colors send a message directly to law enforcement, giving the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office a real-time look at what's going on inside the school. The system even tracks movement, so in an active shooter situation, officers could monitor people walking down the halls. cont...
  14. It's Ohio. They now have walk-in shower stalls.
  15. It's an obvious failing in the system that can and should be fixed. I have been debating the gun issue for a long time too. I still remember waking up to the news of Dunblaine. There are differences in our countries but research has shown if you remove the varients and focus only on guns as an issue, less guns actually does mean less gun violence. Now that does not mean you, as a responsible gun owner who keeps his weapon locked up and has prooven to be a well behaved mentally sound citizen needs to give up his guns. What it does mean is, if you make it harder for guns to get into the hands of criminals, irrisponsible people, and people who show an aptitude for violence. There should be less guns in areas that could be dangerous. Also yes, the government agencies need to talk to one another. That's what I mean by simplfying the system and the laws. That information should only ever be in the hands of people with prooven abilities of care an confidentiality. And all of these agencies are places where that is a requirement. Privacy laws should not be an issue. A mental health proffesiinal has a duty of care to add a potential violent offender to the data base, so do schools and so do law enforcement. But if it's as easy as just lying on the form and not having to produce your social security number. These shootings will continue. Also if Hollywood could stop with all the shoot em up stuff, that would be great.
  16. @seeder What the hell? We banged heads multiple times and always came back friendly a while later. ***HEAD BUMP***
  17. Hear Hear ..... I Agree .. So much can be learned if we respect each others Views and Ways .. We don't have to Agree, but Respect and Tolerance is a Solid Foundation to build upon .. Mo..xx
  18. What, it's raining in Ohio?
  19. i'm sure they work wonderfully in NZ, but usa is nothing like NZ. i've looked into that long time ago, on gun laws, economy, immigration, gang activity, crime stats, neighboring countries, politics.culture..........i'm debating these things for a while here. gun owner for even longer. oh, you noticed, uh, isn't it exactly what i've been saying over and over again? data does not get into the system, thus existing laws don't get any chance to work, no law would, it's within the gvmnt, we do not need anymore unti gun laws, we need whole shtload of other laws to change, patient confidentiality laws, the way minor's info used, have numerous gvmnt agencies talk to each other........
  20. Nice one MO lets stop all this waste of good energy an learn some great knowledge...Come on people lets just get along ...We all have different understandings of these things lets just, Play nice ..
  21. .... Your funny dude .. Mo..xx
  22. Dreams are what some people have, that there's no evidence that God exists.
  23. It always came down to: 1) How much money do you want to spend. 2) How long can you be without your car. I will neither confirm nor deny the existence of an in-car video of someone driving at 160 MPH. Back to the thread now that IMO has run it's course.
  24. It's fine for the genuine protesters, from the high school, to get some kind of catharsis. They more than deserve it. Let them say and write anything that helps hem heal. I'm good with that. The rest of the protesters won't change anything, though. They'll just rant and rave, lie on the floor, walk out of school, and some will get their Soros check. Evil people still will buy guns to commit crimes, no matter what feel-good measures are passed. That much is certain.
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