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  2. These are essays written by Fr. James Behrens, a fellow monk here and a good friend. and has a number of books published. He has given me permission to share his writings. Mantras There are certain little mantras that I think to myself when a day’s load seems too heavy to carry. Of course I have always managed to get through all my days, mantra or no mantra, but that thought does not easily come to mind when a day arrives that seems to hold more than I can handle. One of my favorite mantras involves the male Emperor Penguin. He sits on a slowly maturing egg for two months while the mother returns to the sea to feed. He stays on the egg through all the bitter cold and snow and wind that is an Antarctic winter. When the mother returns, she takes over the nesting of the egg, which hatches shortly after her arrival. The father then heads out to sea to feed – he has, all in all, fasted for one-hundred and twenty days since courtship days and is understandably a bit hungry. So, that is my mantra for endurance, for getting through a day. I recently heard another one that I will use when tedium sets in. A friend of mine raises chickens. Recently he was telling me all about them. How he ordered them and how they arrived as chicks in a little carton. How he built a coop for them in his back yard. He showed me a picture of the coop and it looks like a Chicken Hilton – a nice little two story structure. He has studied a lot about the world of chickens – what they eat, what they like, what they do not like. And he has also developed an interest in the many different kinds of chickens that peck and strut in different parts of the globe. He told me about the Austrolorp. His eyes widened as he told me about this particular chicken and my eyes widened too when he told me that it is most famous among all its brother and sister chickens for laying the most amount of eggs in a single year. A new record was set when an Austrolorp hen laid 364 eggs in 365 days. They are also known to be good nest sitters and mothers. Well, I would hope so, given that number of eggs. I hope that they are not, for the most part, hatch-able eggs. 365 chicks in one year would surely ruffle the feathers of the mother. Indeed, she would fly the coop. In any case, chicks or no chicks, the Austrolorp gives me pause to ponder. If my thinking is correct,that record setting hen had but one day off. Not much time for a breather if you ask me. I presume someone picked up the new egg every day. It would have been calamitous to leave the hen sitting on a mountain of eggs. The hen teaches me plenty about learning to deal with routine,the everyday, the inescapable pressures inflicted by being a chicken or a human (or a penguin). I tend to moan and complain when some things come my way. I have learned to avoid some of them but there are others with which I must deal. But a little meditation or mantra on the Austrolorp chicken brings home to me the sobering truth there are those among us who have no way of getting around what comes their way – or in the chicken’s case, comes right out of it. And come it does, every day save one. And I hope on that day she catches up on a few things, like maybe reading some Chick Lit or, to see how her distant relatives are doing, perhaps a good Penguin Classic. God made the Austrolorp and the Emperor Penguin and blessed them with patience and endurance galore. And God made us humans and sends us mantras to learn from the creatures in our midst whose ways may bind them to a nest or a sheet of ice. Out of these places new life is born. My little mantras can and do ease my life. They lighten my load – offering a kind of new and fresh life. -- James Stephen Behrens, O.C.S.O. Monastery of the Holy Spirit
  3.,there is no need of vacuum in it.even I am assuming that it will also work in a gas chamber.
  4. Thanks for the reply. It was sort of a rhetorical question. I know many who want / need to finish a degree for a lot of reasons. Most of those folks, especially the older ones are willing to work dang hard to make it happen if given the opportunity. But opportunity does not always come. This is a major problem as I see it. It is a waste of lives and a very serious detriment for the United States. Being a technical person, I worry about the increasing gap between us and the rest of the world. But it is more than that, being exposed to ideas can make better citizens and better people. Education does not remove income disparities, but it helps. Sometimes it is a lifeline to a way out of a hopeless life. Sometimes as our friends would tell us, it is only a place to breed snowflakes and frat beer parties. Private Universities have become like drug companies, the price on what you need keeps going up. Some of the items seem ridiculous; $300 dollar text books, come on. Public universities are being starved. Here the howls may go up, but I believe Bernie's free tuition would have done more for the defense of the country, the safety and prosperity of our nation than adding another $80 billion to an already enormous defense budget. Free doesn't mean you don't have to work for it. Free only means money is not the chief obstacle.
  5. ChaosRose

    Image result for st patrick driving the snakes

  6. Dear Sir, I have done some simple but solid experiment to know the friction and got friction is not an issue even the ball is getting back its initial position even more even there is lot of friction,air resistance and wobbling.
  7. He's getting too close to comfort because he's following the money.
  8. 11. Trying to describe a woman positively? Say she's “talented,” “clever,” or “funny.” Not “gorgeous,” “sweet,” or “cute.” Surely that would be construed as patronizing. I know I'd take it as a patronizing pat on the head if someone said "ooh, aren't you clever?". And “funny”? You know what response you'd get there. "Are you saying women aren't usually funny then, and when one is it's so unusual that it's worthy of comment? Pig!" Or "You think women only exist for your amusement then do you? Pig!"
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  10. I’m not sure if you can imbed a Twitter video so I’ll just post the link to the news story. I know this isn’t new behavior for gorillas and it’s not cryptid related per say, I just thought the video was interesting.
  11. If Bigfoot exists they're either human or a very intelligent ape and deserve our respect. On the other hand they've done a lot better job taking care of themselves than we ever could. It's probably best that we never officially categorize and regulate their existence. The laws on the books right now are probably good enough ("we can't say it's real but if it is don't mess with it!")
  12. Your calculations don't take into account drag factor, friction, heat loss and the fact the springs over time loose engery. Also please explain how friction is not applicable to your device. Are you assuming you are conducting experiments in a true vacuum? Regardless, just build the thing and we will see.
  13. susieice

    Happy St Patrick's Day!

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      Remember today is also the feast day of St Gertrude...the patron saint of cats <3

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  14. Trump’s Lawyer: It’s Time to End the Mueller Probe
  15. Could we enter quiz shows on the tv? (But only the ones with cash prizes, obviously).
  16. More likely because he's a witness in the Comey obstruction case.
  17. I live on the cusp of a pinky colour and a purple one what happens there unless I stick with my original miss lott
  18. The thing is, I actually care. I care if a lot of people die, and they just might. I think people have been snowed by a bunch of disinfo, and they've been divided against their own. It makes us all sitting ducks when that happens. On this side of the pond, or on yours.
  19. Food, it's time for curry
  20. Want me to quote you each time? Some people get ticked over that. I just type how I'm thinkiing. If I think of something after I post, I just post again. Now who's derailing?
  21. A bloke I used to know used to have a Bald Eagle that he used to fly free he would fly her up and down a lake it kept the Cormorants off then as she reached maturity she would just saw up and away,she'd go miles away then he'd have to get the telemetry out track her down and bring her back in the end she was to much to handle as a free flyer so she was used in a breeding program ..... she made my Buzzard look small
  22. Purchased the newest xbox so i can game in 4k on my also new television, The amount of content Halo 5 and Sea of Thieves has to offer is amazing.Also playing The Witcher 3 enhanced is a beautiful experience.Turned off all hud elements to truly admire it!
  23. ChaosRose

    If there was ever a day to have your first shot of Jameson's.

  24. Whilst I am sure that you enjoy watching your "Post Count" increase by only committing one sentence at a time to your posts it is actually quite aggravating. As to your re-running arguments that have been covered many, many, times here already then I cannot be bothered to reply to this redundant line of questioning that you seem intent on propagating.
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