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  2. The only way to think of God as loving and caring is to separate him (responsibility) from the bad things that permeate this existence in the following ways: Shift blame to humans. Make it a test. (For the greater good etc.) Make the truth 'spiritual'.(i.e. unreal and non-existent in a material sense, and thus pointless for objective debate). These points can be used individually or together, and can make any believer sleep at night; Trust me I've used them all. What got me in the end is a simple question: Where did I get any of these explanations? My answer is: I have no religious concept that was not given me without (or purely from) human interference. If God cannot reveal himself to me without human interference then God becomes man-made and doesn't objectively exist. As simple as that. And if I choose to worship him, I will be indirectly worshiping whichever human had a role in my perception. Yes, I just said that! If a religious person reads this and feels offended, just ask yourself what forms your understanding of God?....a book?....a preacher? you were raised?....your society?......a feeling?.....the convictions of my parents?.....the milieu in my country? Unlike the Matrix it seems we can, and need to be told what God is in order to form a concept of him/her/it/them. Its the only way we can know him/her/it/them. (the whole thread is full of believers telling us who and how God is and unbelievers disputing it)
  3. Sad but it it could happen for a lot of species and the specialized one are the most fragile to change in their environment.
  4. I agree, but I'm not a lawyer (not sure about the legal aspects of doing that kind of thing). This is all just so confusing and conflicting...I hope something happens soon to clarify what's going on.
  5. The truth is out there. Once you've been out in the field and encountered the shifters face to face, one cannot make light of the video evidence, even if some of it is misconstrued [deliberately].
  6. Nothing to disagree with here. Belief and faith come in many forms They aren't essential at all but the y are a powerful healing and coping mechanism for many. There are other psychological coping strategies which can be taught explicitly, or learned implicitly via life's experiences, but faith and belief are so simple and effective that they are almost universal among humans, with less than 10% of modern humans saying they have NO form of spiritual faith or belief
  7. While we can be gods, I am not sure if, by definition, we can be aliens, on earth. We could, of course, be aliens when we visited someone else's planet.
  8. Damn, this is a tough one...56 is way too young to be making the journey to the undiscovered country. God Speed Colt Storm.
  9. No, you are able to construct the emotional response you want, to anything, once you learn what emotions are, and how and why we construct them. if i see art i don't have to see it through the eyes of its creator i can see it through my own experiences I can construct a variety of diffeernt responses to a single piece of music or art. To assume your environment controls your responses, rather than you constructing them, can be very limiting and even dangerous You can allow a "spontaneous ' reaction in a non threatening environment, although, personally, i am not certain there really anything truly spontaneous. If you are fully aware and self conscious, then you will know and understand why and how you are responding and it will be a conscious act. The human mind can process so much data, so quickly, that it can make a conscious and intelligent decision, just as quickly as it can respond to an emotional stimuli Flight or fight responses are more primitive animal responses, and inferior to an intelligent and logical response which strategises the most constructive outcomes, and provides actions to achieve them. Our mind gives us a huge survival edge over all other animals, who can only fight or flee
  10. Republicans are willing to pass a non controversial bill right now, with the votes to do it. Its Dems that are directly sabotaging that effort. Bottom-line Dems believe illegals are more important then you. There is no other way to swing this. They are the ones stopping this bill for reasons that have nothing to do with the budget. If you think that grammar is bad, you should have seen me when I first got here 11 years ago. I hadn't had to write anything in years before that. Took a while to knock off the rust.
  11. A bridge would be so unambitious, why not dyke the Channel and part of North Sea to revive Doggerland. Edit:
  12. I just saw this. Colt was a good guy. Sorry ZZ...
  13. This is not inevitable. First you can chose not to be hurt by the actions of another. Second you can manipulate your intellectual/emotional responses to, for example, decide that the person who hurt you is hurting and needs your help. There is no compulsion to react to an external stimuli in just one way. Indeed, as humans, we learn the conditioned responses to stimuli from those around us when we are children.
  14. Yea that is true Z. There will be people hurt by this. Im just glad the polls are showing the people understand what is happening here, and who is to blame.
  15. Currently the whole phenomenon seems to be reliant on eye-witness reports. Written or verbal reports are a form of evidence.., but very weak. Witnesses may be able to get some images.., which at best will contain a picture or something distant, or blurry. Even if it shows a strange craft / object.., it cannot be identified. At best.., a UFO image will show a picture of an inconclusive object. At best!! That's the best we can ever hope for. Kinda pathetic right? Aren't we all sick of hearing UFO stories? All we have are witnesses claims. All we can resort to is character profiling, the witnesses and attempt to find alternative solutions based from their claims. We would all like to see a UFO for ourselves.., so what if there was a way this could be achieved? I have been working on an idea to solve this very problem, and relies on mobile devices such as phones or tablets, which are very common these days. UFO TRACKING APP If someone sees a UFO.., they can notify other members nearby who can step outside and corroborate the sighting. This way we can easily debunk UFO claims before they reach "myth" status. There would be a reputation system similar to Reddit, GitHub and eBay. Phone GPS shows the users current location when sending UFO report. Piggyback off FREE Instant Messaging apps like Skype, Viber, Hangouts, KIK, Messenger, Twitter to spread messages to the public. One UFO sighting can now be corroborated by others. Members can contribute by responding to alerts and filming the sky in their area. MOBILE PHONE APP-See UFO-Unlock phone-Open App-Select option (Send GPS, Send ZIP code, Send no current location if "zone" already selected upon registration)-Program sends email to UFO centre PC PROGRAM-Checks UFO centre's emails (filters non-members + spam)-IF member sent location... Copy email body (current GPS location or ZIP code)-IF user did NOT send location.., look-up members "preset zone" (email/username = preset location)-Search for nearby users on notification list. (E.g. within X distance of 33° 51' 54.5148'' S and 151° 12' 35.6400'' E, or if ZIP code matches.-Send alert to all nearby members.Working on allowing members to choose how they are notified. I would prefer a Viber message or Messenger because I rarely check emails.., and don't want to set up email notifications because I get heaps everyday, and would not be able to distinguish a UFO alert from others. The program would also have a feature similar to CURTIN universities "Fireball in the Sky" app.., which can calculate the objects trajectory, and alert other members along the expected path. The UFO Tracking app would be completely free.., and open source with no owner. It will run on Android and iOS devices. UFO: (objects that are still unidentified)
  16. Projectile points probably, but I'd have to inspect the edges to be sure they aren't knives. The only true arrowheads are little triangles..... Outta "likes" so I have to get back to this one.
  17. Today
  18. I’ll have to try and get back to you on it, by next week
  19. Got it...will look elsewhere for real info.
  20. If it's oak or leather your hands will create dark spots from a reaction to the tannic acid. The color will be anything from a reddish brown to dark blue depending on your body's chemistry.
  21. Damn, I thought NASA had learned not to do this after the whole deal with the "c" rock on the moon.
  22. I remember the really cold winters in the Pines in the 70s and 80s when the pine trees would explode. Scary when you don't expect it.
  23. Awww, You ....Are the Coolest Angel..!!! I Absolutely Agree....!!! Thankyou Miss Angel of Light.. I Love The M A G I C... .. And the Words Are So True.. LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT!! Let's Make it A Great One..xx With Our Heads Held High, and A Bright Shining Smile..xx A Smile is Free.. Let's share Our Smiles.. And you can Guarantee, You'll get A Smile Back... Thankyou My Beautiful Friend.. You Rock Girl..!!! Mo..xx
  24. The word "schist" makes me titter. "Granite" of course, is not funny.
  25. Maybe a girlfriend uses self tanner or that's a sweat stain......... If you look at the position of the hands, should I say more........ I mean look at the hand positions and those odd spherical shapes right below them.
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