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  2. Creme Egg 'addict' has tattoo on her back

    The only candy that I like are Reese's pieces/cup. I'm just not big on sweets. I might try another cadbury egg just to see if my taste buds have changed.
  3. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Hand to God I am not trying to be a dick, but I've wanted to comment on a couple posts and don't want to take a whole page doing so one at a time. 1. I agree with you that the dossier was not the original or sole impetus for the investigation. Will you stipulate that this Mueller thing likely never happens without the dossier though? 2. Where I may ruffle feathers...I know you were mostly being clever and witty, but isn't this post a small bit toward the specious side? Clinton was 21 when she was Republican, a college girl following the primary influence in her life up to that point, her father (with the mountain climber she was named after finishing a distant second). And Trump was then as he is now, being sensational based on what gave him the most exposure. Not many Republicans throwing swanky parties in NYC in those days, certainly none on the talk show circuit. I like what the guy is doing for the country as a whole, but we can't use his penchant for whoring for attention as a basis to conclude he was ever a Democrat then or Republican now. Wow, maybe I dislike the guy as much as some of you?!!
  4. AG Barr confirms spying on Trump campaign

    No, no it wasnt
  5. Hi Swede Yes, I read several articles about him but was interested in some of the other artifacts like the axe head and am at present wading through links to find out more about them. The article from jstor that I linked made mention of them and I thought that the author had made an effective rebuttal for Holand's claim. I did come across this link about artifacts but it is mostly just a list with no links for more information so it will take some time to look through and I am skeptical of the source but will link it because Kenemet asked about other artifact hoaxes. LENAPE LEARNING: LIST of NORSE ARTIFACTS in NORTH AMERICA jmccr8
  6. Yesterday
  7. Creme Egg 'addict' has tattoo on her back

    I stayed at Chirk marina for 7 months. Some days the smell of chocolate would pass by. My husbands grandnmother worked there and the staff were always getting loads of chocolate. She was retired but would still go to visit friends and always walked out will boxes. (Given to her, not stolen) .
  8. Concrete pyramids?

    I so need one of these for up at the mine! I keep waiting for it to turn into Optimus Prime or something.
  9. Watch....Robot dogs pull a truck

    My question is this, what can they actually do other than look strange? What benefit do they have at this point? Sure they might look intimidating or cool but other than that I cannot think of a useful application as they are right now.
  10. Holand was an amateur historian who purchased the runestone from Ohman and concocted quite a tale associated with the Knutson expedition. He actually carved his initials into the stone and worked at marketing it for a number of years. He was eventually successful in the marketing. The runestone is a good example of a fraudulent artifact that has, through time, generated a life of its own based upon early misconceptions and promotions which continue to the present. .
  11. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Well exactly. If you want to destabilise an Enemy you watch their news, read their newspapers, listen to their podcasts and then do exactly what you need to do, based on what you’ve discovered to destabilise the government. You don’t actually need to have anyone in the US in your pocket.
  12. It's probably the sweetness. I went to the cadbury factory once (on a school trip), two women were standing at the end of a convayor belt. They were supposed to take away the mis-shapes. Instead of that, they ate them. Years later, I find myself hoping that they're still alive. Diabetus is a terrible thing.
  13. What is so close to your house? You have mentioned knocking on the outside of your bedroom wall. Thats not just so close, that is at your house. Can i please ask that the videos are not edited and no music. What do you have videios off, if the footprints, why video's', you only need one pic. ? I see now they were hoof prints, as in horses?
  14. Doppelganger

    A share... once I thought it was a friend, at a light and walking across and I didn't exactly jump or stand on their hood but was zipping across it and tap tap taping the hood and came to land by their driver side saying where have you been ? lets hit it or something to that effect * kind of silence *... looked just like my friend, but wasn't- hahahahaaa! all big eyes I was like oh ! --excuse me, explained he looked just like someone I grew up with but in a second or two everyone was laughing so no big thing I guess.
  15. I don't believe you

    How about mass incarceration in your own country, completely out of proportion to population size, compared to other major countries. I suspect a great many citizens would think they all deserve to be in there, serving long jail sentences, just like in yesteryear, slaves would have been considered by many, to be in their rightful place. Something seriously wrong when the prison population increases 700% while the population goes up by 50%. Admittedly, it appears to have plateaued, and is receding, but how many lives have been blighted by it. Who's to blame ?
  16. Thief gets taste of karma

    I was expecting him to go into the pool.too. When he stumbles and lies there, i thought that was going to be it and an ambulance was going to be called later as he had knocked himself out. Although he does not hit his head. Not sure about any of this, seems staged. He does not look for a camera and is that a high viz work coat he is wearing? The stumble looks staged and why is he trying to carry it from there, just pull it! Sorry, this looks staged to me.
  17. The actual script reads "8 goter" (Goths). .
  18. oh boy, how would they prove its not the sig of an alien...oh geez what if alien probbing is their form of signing their name to something, this could ge ugly fast.
  19. Climate change protesters Rebel in the UK

    Death camps. Make it illegal to use fuel or electricity. Tax your job until it doesn't exist any longer. Okay, I thought of three things
  20. The forum enigma

    Love the net history and forum talk ^ ^ ^ ^ /\ /\ /\ , so are there other forums that are active and allow people to talk? I've looked for stats and lists of forums but like a lot of things in the media or internet well its not exactly what you are reading if you know what I mean. It seems like a lot of them are kind of slow and no ACTIVITY page. UPDATE: LIKE THIS ONE! very busy at times.
  21. Creme Egg 'addict' has tattoo on her back

    My dad loves cadbury eggs. I can't stand them. The taste is just so weird to me.
  22. R.I.P. Dr. Roger Leir

    are you suggesting skinwalker ranch the real deal?
  23. R.I.P. Dr. Roger Leir

    for some odd reason Tim Hildebrandt ( not one of the famous artist brothers ) pops in my head, this Hildebrandt was/is a factory worker in Wisconsin who due to his hobby relocated to dundee, https://journaltimes.com/news/local/rob-on-the-road-ufo-hunt-leads-to-dundee-mountain/article_bb40f7bf-cedd-52ac-87f5-0ba782ca0d70.html yes, basically 20 years ago and tims web site is defunct, i havent a clue what become of him, a while back i emailed the local haunt for UFO true believers Benson's HideAway with no reply. i first saw tim in an old documentary he had devoted his life to taking pictures of UFOs he thought he had spent close to 30k at that point and all his work was a stack in the center of a empty looking house. when he showed his pictures i wanted to see a smoking gun, he was a down to earth likable fellow, but his pictures didnt show much, no ship, no aliens, no guns smoking, and it seemed tim knew this. truman, be passinate, tenacious, see your UFO and i hope you even see something you cant explain, but dont get tunnel vision, unless its all you want out of life dont miss the show along the way, the side lines, you dont have to be a nature lover to enjoy everything life and the earth has to offer.
  24. The ghost of the grandmother

    As long as the don't try to steal my hoe.
  25. Doppelganger

    Over the years I've apparently been seen/spotted in places or at certain times even though I was never there. In my 20s a friend called out to "me" as I drove a expensive looking car. The driver looked puzzled upon hearing this and drove onwards. A shopkeeper once told me that he had seen me in town walking my dogs. The date in question had me at work. A stranger once stopped me and addressed me with the wrong name. He had just moved into my area and was surprised to see me there too. He went on to describe a man who was a sports teacher. He even described that person's dogs - same as mine. I'd love to meet my doppleganger but my next example gave me the chills. I had finished work and on the way home I decided to call into the supermarket. On my way back out a middle aged lady stopped me and said hello. She then began talking to me with obvious recognition of me. When people's names, family and other details joined her conversation I clearly realised that it was mistaken identity. And yet she went on and on with me finding it harder to stop her. She did though get my name right, my new job and DIY problems at home. She then went on about a sister with the wrong name and even referred to my hometown incorrectly. This wierdness ended soon after she directed my vision towards an elderly lady who was sat in the cafeteria. She called out my name and waved. I waved back and made my exit. To this day I don't know who they are and thre are no relatives in the.town which the lady spoke of.
  26. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Short answer is The Wall Street Journal non-editorial content, probably the best at simply passing along information. Not many folks there making mint off being sensational in either direction. Honestly, local media on radio is often the best place to sift through the typical partisan nonsense from national media. Find some campy but intelligent local personality, if they haven't bashed both sides in a week, move on to the next.
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