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  2. Yes , duality plays its part. And is, was, an invited guest on this world. Lucifer is a special son, but he is not Satan. Satan is more an opposite to light and goodness, as soon as one sees evil and chooses good, there's always someone to take his place. And be called Satan.
  3. Only the easily beguiled. Yet--they are a charming subterfuge, none-the-less.
  4. Vlad the Mighty

    Who do you trust to manage your Google cloud platform migration? 

  5. Noor was booked on a third-degree murder charge for perpetrating an eminently dangerous act while showing a "depraved mind." The second-degree manslaughter charge alleges he acted with "culpable negligence creating unreasonable risk." i do not think either one will stick, he will walk away,
  6. Inasmuch as a public prayer is nothing more than someone running his mouth, it little matters how the atheistist does it. My own choice would be for a minute of silence. If one prays in his heart, then he need not speak aloud. If he doesn't pray in his heart, then he SHOULDN'T speak aloud. Doug
  7. Stop the anger. Calm down. There is no reason to be so furious. Get your together. Your irate comments are not needed. Collect yourself. You know nothing about the Phoenix Lights. You continue to state Tim Ley's position time after time. Calm down. There is no need to repeat his statement. Your fumbling statements about witness variations needs to be sorted out. You wrote " Going off reports from witnesses.., the craft was very large. " That's rubbish. Show the witness statements. I know you can't because you've never looked into the Phoenix Lights. Fila time for you to provide what the witnesses stated. Use witness statements to: Tell us how many lights were seen that night. Choices range from 4 to 11. Tell us the shape seen that night. Choices include boomerang, half circle, vee, straight line, no shape. Tell us if the lights were high or low. Tell us if the lights moved fast or slow. Tell us the color of the lights. Choices include red, green, blue, white. orange. Tell us how many craft there were that night. Choices range from 1 to 12. Tell us the size of the supposed craft. Choices include small to a football field to nearly a mile across. Tell us if the lights consistently moved in the same direction or not. I suspect this is going to be really hard to figure out since you've never really looked into the issue. Tell us if stars could be seen between the lights or not. Again, this might be really hard to figure out for you since it is very clear you've never looked into the issue. Tell us if the lights passing overhead ever were audible. This is not as hard as the previous two statements but I expect you to fail miserably. Tell us if witnesses ever reported the number of lights changing. Take a deep breath. Suppress that hate. Exhale slowly. Time to answer.
  8. All the more reason it would have been better if we could have seen another photo of that area during the day.
  9. Eldorado

    Laws were most numerous when the commonwealth was most corrupt. -- Tacitus

  10. I suppose it could be said the dreamer is dreaming reality and I am aware within it.
  11. This is interesting how people see different things. When i zoom in on that area i see a monkey wearing yellowish glasses.
  12. A classic B-movie from Troma! Melvin the mop boy approves Troma also produced other gems such as Class of Nuke 'Em High and Tromeo and Juliet... so bad they were gooood!!
  13. The few times I had a lucid dream I was scared. I ran around in the dream saying, "wake up, wake up!". lol I was afraid I'd never wake up and would be trapped in the dream. But lucid dreaming is interesting. Some kind of recursion. What is the separation between the dream and the lucid dreamer? Who is dreaming the dream if I'm aware in it?
  14. I'm not truly interested. Its a nihilist thing. You wouldn't understand.
  15. Your understanding of spirit is understandable, or lack there of. One spirit per body. I take it you have not found any human clones yet, and is why you keep bringing other methods of birth in to this.
  16. You keep bringing him up..., I remember. I just don't care. Its one person.., and not knowing about Tim doesn't affect the case imo.., nor move it forward in any way. This is my legitimate response as to why all witness reports of any event vary. I just don't place importance on this as you do. If you can explain how and why this affects the case.., and how this is better than my suggestion of moving the case forward.., then I might realise where you are coming from. If you disagree with any claim I made.., please let me know. But please don't disregard my response as "handwaving". I really want to stop going around in circles. Meaningless? If you cannot understand this simple sentence.., then I have no choice but to cease communications with you on this topic. I feel like I am wasting my time and I cannot keep going around in circles. Sorry bud. I'll still read your posts and will respond to relevant material.., but if I ignore certain parts of your posts just understand this is why.
  17. When Obama was using it his team was considered the most brilliant plitical operatives in a generation but as soon as teh republicans tap into teh same resource KABOOM. The funny thing is the far left Facebook is now going to be a target of the regulators which is the last thing they want applied to them.
  18. You mean when Scott got home? All of your logic comes with a presumption of guilt. Just because the dog was in the backyard with his leash attached when Scott got home does not mean that Graybill is mistaken. Laci very well could have taken McKenzie for a walk (thus the MANY people who saw her) and then put McK back in the yard before walking across the street to tell the loitering people in the van across the street to move along.
  19. The other factor here though is The Lucid Dream. Yes the spectrum of consciousness varies so much. So much of our brains are wired almost identically and then on the other hand - no two brains are the same in any fashion :)))
  20. Mario Beauregard is a cognitive neuroscientist doing real lab research on the connection between the brain and spirituality. Not mere speculation. He dismantles piece by piece the (mostly false) materialistic assumptions about mind and consciousness. That'd be something I'd want to learn more about, if I were truly interested.
  21. The police officer who fatally shot Justine Damond, an Australian woman, in Minneapolis turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest and has been charged with murder.
  22. There's no telling, only wild guesses and theories. Remember how the media had the DC Sniper painted as two white guys in a white van?
  23. Having had a closer look at the Draft Implementation period a couple of things do rankle with me: 1. The Common Fisheries Policy will remain in force during transition and the UK will only be "consulted" on new quotas. I would rather see the UK being given a veto in this area during transition (we are talking about UK Natural Resources NOT EU). I would also suggest that the value to the EU27 of these fishing rights (2Bn Euros each year) be deducted from the final Bill) 2. Continuing the open doors policy to the EU WITH their citizens gaining equal rights with those that came here up to the actual date of Brexit. That said, if these 2 concessions are reciprocated in the Trade Deal whereby Financial Services WILL form a part then I would be prepared to accept them, but you have to get something concrete in return
  24. Rock Sugar - Breakin' The Love
  25. I guess the file got lost? I hear the sound, but it sounds more like a chair squeaking against the floor than a voice. It's a creaking sound.
  26. Holy moly, it's Billy Idol!
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