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  2. sci-nerd

    Many worlds hypothesis disproven

    I know. The disproving of the MWI is a biproduct. And I am a bit proud to have found it
  3. Sir Wearer of Hats

    Alien Interview

    You should try rebutting my argument. Because, even in the 40s, they understood the nature of communicable diseases and biohazard control and how to conduct an autopsy in order to get detailed understanding of biology.
  4. RabidMongoose

    Many worlds hypothesis disproven

    In your opinion. But so we dont mislead sci-fi please point out there are a range of opinions that physicists have as to what is happening. Some take the stance that each reality is in a state of co-existence with each other before wavefunction collapse. Some believe in extra dimensions, some in wave packets, some in the multiverse, etc. And at the present moment in history none can be falsified or proven to be the correct theory.
  5. Wow only 54 people in that entire town.
  6. Anti-gravity boosters, how else? cormac
  7. RabidMongoose

    Many worlds hypothesis disproven

    What I read (and I went to the article) is just a demonstration that time symmetry can be broken. I dont see any invalidation of MWI in it. I am not a physicist but I do have an engineering degree and we use various aspects of QM in it. I can certainly follow what the article is about and saying.
  8. Keyword_Koda

    The house I recently moved into is haunted

    Well usually around here no one stops by late at night so he didnt know how to handle it o guess? He freaked out and ran. His mom works late nights and wasn't home. His grandpa is grumpy and was like go to bed no one is out there and his sister wouldnt wake up.
  9. Sir Wearer of Hats

    LoneStar Tick Arises?

    Mother Nature ain’t havin’ it no more I see.
  10. hetrodoxly

    Mistakes in Quran?

    They're a completely different type of book, the Quran is the breath of god it was written in heaven and existed before the earth was created, the Bible was written by men, the only real comparison that can be made is one between the founders of the religions.
  11. I'm starting to think you're trolling.. I'm pretty sure. Pretty sure.
  12. sci-nerd

    Many worlds hypothesis disproven

    You are wrong about my motive. I am excited about the evidence. I am excited about removing an option from the table. I am excited about getting closer to the truth about our universe. I am not excited about a failed hypothesis.
  13. Que the Illuminati song:
  14. danydandan

    Many worlds hypothesis disproven

    I agree, the MWI is a great way to explain probabilities in 'real' terms so people can understand in my opinion. But it's purely mathematical in nature. If you want to simplify it, it's like you trying to decide what's for dinner. You have Curry, Steak and Soup in the fridge. In your mind you have eight possible outcomes. No dinner, one of each option, two of each option and then all three. During this decision process you don't magically discombobulate into do eight realities. At the end of the day if I pick Curry. There isn't seven other me's eating all the other options. In different universe's. Like I said it's simply a mathematical way of explaining the interpretation. In my opinion.
  15. "A footman who allegedly killed himself at Highclere Castle – the home of Downton Abbey – once haunted its corridors, its owner has claimed. "Lady Fiona Carnarvon, who currently lives at the Castle, recalled a time she spotted a man wearing a neck tie or cravat and dark clothes while a photographer took pictures for one of her books in the basement with her then three-year-old son Edward who was driving a toy car. "“I turned and saw a man coming towards us out of the gloom,” she told RadioTimes.com. “He seemed slightly undefined." Full revelation at the UK Radio Times: https://www.radiotimes.com/news/film/2019-09-18/downton-abbey-highclere-castle-ghost/ And Gloucestershire Live: https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/downton-abbey-haunted-ghost-footman-3312066
  16. Scholar4Truth

    Dead bodies move while decomposing

  17. hetrodoxly

    Mistakes in Quran?

    But if your a really good Muslim you can watch the people in hell being tortured and according to Mohammed hell is full of women.
  18. RabidMongoose

    Many worlds hypothesis disproven

    You are wrong. And trying to distort to support what you want to believe. Your personal dislike of MWI needs to be kept separate so you can be objective about the state of the science.
  19. sci-nerd

    Many worlds hypothesis disproven

    No, it's an almost - if not fully - disproven hypothesis. Theories have multiple strong evidences to support them. The MWI had only duality. Now it barely has that.
  20. Still Waters

    Word Association from the Last Letter

    home -> eviction
  21. LoL....ok, bad example? I was trying to make the point that belief needn't necessarily be linked to emotion . (as you inferred earlier?). Let's see....how about... "I believe wood screws generally hold better than nails." There....a completely emotionless belief. ?? Not an exceptionally important point I suppose , I just find ideas interesting.
  22. RabidMongoose

    Carl Jung Shadow Integration + Reality Glitch

    I`m interested in that, I have had something even odder than that happen lol. Like I sucked into the present a bit of the future.
  23. Scholar4Truth

    Giant panda dies suddenly at Thai zoo

    Pandas tend to live between 14-20 years. Given he was 19 he probably died of old age and natural causes.
  24. Still Waters

    Preceding 1st + Last letters come in New Word

    Macpherson -> amniotic
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