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  2. Ethics also play a factor in this. Perhaps the "intelligent thing for humans to do is to kill off 99% of the human population to allow the Earth health itself a bit.
  3. An hoax is an hoax. The author is irrelevant. Now, if we want to dig deeper to try to discover some sort of agenda, well, not in my lunch break.
  4. The Wistman

    The Wistman

    Good morning.


  5. Helen of Annoy

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    dancing butterflies on water mirror spilled by flutter of their wings
  6. aztek

    Kanye West is running for President

    lmao, no they are not, they are however a reason cities burn, crime skyrockets, and history is being erased. what do you know about 1965?
  7. stereologist

    Trumps New Message "Learn to live with it"

    Let's get back to the facts. I try to get down to the facts with the Trump supporters and all I get is a bobblehead 'ha-ha' from them. Why is that? I suppose the facts scare them and they can't address the facts. They would rather pretend it is someone's fault other than the president's fault. So what initially went wrong in late January when travel with China was restricted?
  8. stereologist

    Trumps New Message "Learn to live with it"

    Really? Here is the latest from Trump. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/07/us/politics/trump-schools-coronavirus.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage&utm_term=OZY&utm_source=Campaigner&utm_campaign=PDB&utm_content=Wednesday_7.8.2020&cmp=1&utm_medium=email He doesn't care about people. He doesn't care if this virus kills 1% to 2% of the population. That's 3 to 6 million dead for Trump supporters. I'll kindly do the math they might find difficult to do themselves. That's Trump trying to pretend he's not the incompetent ass he is. It's as dumb as the woo believers. It's all about the lame excuses and everyone is to blame but Trump.
  9. aztek

    Axl Rose blasts Trump administration

    another has been unrecognized by today's young generation is looking for attention.
  10. Jon the frog

    Airborne transmission cannot be ruled out

    Yep, s**t happen ! Look a bit at other virus discovery... Hepatitis C was not discovered until 1989 but searcher implied that something was there from 1963 when they started to discover part of the protein of hepatitis b. https://www.niddk.nih.gov/news/archive/2016/story-discovery-hepatitis-c-from-non-a-non-b-hepatitis-cure They didn'T find and photographed the virus until 2016... https://presse.inserm.fr/en/hepatitis-c-virus-observed-under-a-microscope-for-the-first-time/25440/ There's a long way to go and learn about Covid-19... it's not even been one year !
  11. aztek

    BLM destroys statue of Elk

    damn that racist elk, he asked for it,
  12. The funniest part that our dating system is probably way off with all the alteration and the time needed to implement it... and it's based on a ''date'' that we don't truly know, lol http://www.webexhibits.org/calendars/year-history.html
  13. yea seriously, the band is like 60 years old, kids who are 30 and less have no clue who they are nor they care about bunch of old white guys playing disco, unless it is a black rapper, no young folks today bother to listen, with few exceptions, i have not heard them on the radio in like 25 years. so to answer your question, yes they do need pr, especially today
  14. you mean stoned rolls? no never heard of them either
  15. If we were ''inteligent'' destroying ourself would be a paradox... We are technologically advanced life, but intelligent ?
  16. JVG


    Naturally Trump is giving himself high marks for his handling of the pandemic even as the US hits 3 million cases... I hope he doesn’t break his elbow patting himself on the back...

    1. Montmorency the Dog

      Montmorency the Dog

      "Skyrocketing cases" just means that it's becoming common among the population. It doesn't even have to mean that a person is unwell, just that they have the antibodies to it, meaning that they've come into contact with it at some point. In fact it's good news as as it become established among the population, more and more will have immunity to it, and the number dying from causes attributed to it (which by no means means that they necessarily died from it) diminishes, meaning that it becomes even less harmful proportional to the number of so-called "cases". Whenever I try to explain this I'm always attacked as a covid denier and trump lover, so I don't know why I'm even bothering, as that's just what'll happen again, it's bound to 

    2. JVG


      @Montmorency the DogMaybe it because you are a COVID denier and a trump lover!!!

  17. stereologist

    New medical data about COVID-19

    In this discussion of can wearable devices detect COVID-19 I learned something interesting. https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/930775?nlid=136244_785&src=WNL_mdplsfeat_200707_mscpedit_nurs&uac=389284HY&spon=24&impID=2450694&faf=1 I thought it was higher than that.
  18. Today
  19. incompetence, and corruption within WHO can not be ruled out either.
  20. Cookie Monster

    Trumps New Message "Learn to live with it"

    And the 3rd option is we agree with him.
  21. Your ignorance is staggering! Even if Shostak is one of those pesky MIBs we see in the movies, what makes you think that one guy in the US can put the lid on such an extraordinary event, should it ever occur? As of 2018 there are 72 space agencies world wide engaged in activities related to outer space and space exploration. Not even to mention the thousands of amature astronomers all over the planet. There is a zero chance of keeping an ET signal a secret. "If we're looking at an interesting signal--one that's passing the tests that can separate the local interference from an extraterrestrial transmission--then a lot of people know, even before we call up someone in another state or another country to verify its reality. The excitement begins to build long before the detection is confirmed. What happens there after departs from the protocol, because the media start calling. When, in June of 1997, we had a suspicious signal on our computer screens, a NewYork Times science reporter was on the phone with me within hours." https://www.space.com/2750-contact-signal.html
  22. 'Walt' E. Kurtz

    'Walt' E. Kurtz

    No offence heard this sardonic joke from a stand up comedian "Greenpeace boat Rainbow Warrior sound more like some sort of homosexual wrestler." 



    1. Orphalesion


      I think it sounds more like a Gay Superhero.

      He has a sword and rainbow powers. And rides on a unicorn.

    2. third_eye


      The unicorn kills with a wink and a smile 


    3. Orphalesion


      His catchphrase is "Let's bring the PAINbow!"

  23. Or they tolerate him because they find the alternative unexceptable
  24. It was used to make up a "Kʼatun" - 20 Tuns. They used them to measure longer periods of time than were allowed with their Round Calendar, which was 52 years long. I think this is where you get the "365 days" calendar thing from - they had a unit of time that was 20 days times 18 "months" (plus 5 unnamed "dangerous days"), which equals 365 - but this wasn't a base unit of time for them, it was used to make up the Round Calendar of 52 "Haab" years which was supposed to represent the life cycle of a human.
  25. Liquid Gardens

    Spiritual Void

    Yes, according to the bible it included excessive beatings, otherwise there'd be no reason to mention what degree of beatings are permissible; funny how this 'beatings' part remained unacknowledged in your response... Regardless, recall your original statement about how in this 'ultraliberal' world not openly condemning something makes you an accomplice. That's not the situation with the Bible, it isn't silent on slavery, it gives instructions on how to treat and mistreat people as property 'correctly'. And since the Bible has no shortage of condemning all kinds of silly things yet can't bring itself to condemn slavery, it's reasonable to infer that then that the Bible 'condones' slavery, as in the dictionary definition that it 'accepts and allows (behavior that is considered morally wrong) to continue'. What actor or comic practiced blackface 59 years ago and now can't work solely because of it? Some Americans have been condemning blackface for a century, the only thing that has 'changed' is that more people have either become aware of why it's offensive and racist and are not willing to just totally ignore it. Ha, where did you get 'it's for the good of all'? Nice strawman. Racist depictions are not 'good' for the object of those depictions, and condemning blackface is not good for the people who have indulged in it. Only one side gets mentioned by you though, so I think you need to rethink what is really "good for all". There are more pastors today in 'Christianity' who are in same-sex marriages than there have ever been. That has all been pretty recent and is a radical change that has been slowly increasing. The increased intolerance of blackface now is also pretty recent, but not that radical a change and has been also slowly increasing for a long time also. 'Christianity', again, doesn't 'pick' things; for every thing that is 'picked' there is usually several million other Christians who refuse to 'pick' it. Just because one is unaware of some things and certain history, just like everyone else, doesn't make the eventual notice of some subject a '5 minute fad'. Let's alter your analogy a little: who do you trust to work on your new car, the mechanic who's been in business for 40 years or a new young mechanic shop? It may be tempting to pick the 40 year veteran but there a lot of these long term mechanics who cut their teeth working on cars from 40 years ago which had no software or computerization, and thus do not have the skills to work as effectively on today's cars compared to a younger mechanic. Things change, and using the same analogy I'm wary about accepting the moral teachings of ignorant, pre-scientific Bronze Age people whose morality was based on an entirely different world and experience.
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