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  2. Piney

    I can hear people’s thoughts. Help!

    Yes mum...
  3. Iilaa'mpuul'xem

    Mermaid Sightings

    I only liked the upper part and did not like the tail...
  4. Violett06


    I had an event to go to the following day and decided it would be a fantastic day to clean and vacuum my car out. I got the supplies I needed and headed out the side door to my car. On my way through the door I had a vision of myself feeling my heart get heavy and stop beating as I fell to the ground. This vision happened fast and I decided to not pay it any mind. As I was cleaning, I could hear the next door neighbors outside laughing and just thought to myself that if there were any truth to my vision then I know I would be found by my neighbors. I carried on and nothing happened so I soon forgot about it and went to bed. The following day I carried on with tasks at had, preparing for the event. I made a quick run to the store and came back to see my other neighbors outside gathered. I knew something had happened. The neighbor I had heard laughing outside the previous day had collapsed in his driveway from heart related issues. He had died. The other neighbors had found him.
  5. Kismit

    New Zealanders hand over guns in Christchurch

    Certainly no desire for the Kiwi Government to take away all the guns. Pest management here is a job we already struggle to stay on top of. And the economic and environmental impact a loss of guns would create would be highly disadvantaging to the country.
  6. OverSword

    I can hear people’s thoughts. Help!

    Dang. I think we just got modded. edit:And there she is Sorry boss.
  7. rashore

    I can hear people’s thoughts. Help!

    Let's leave off with joshing and such. This is clearly a younger member considering they are of a school age. And a new member. Since I am the Politeness Police, and I know full well how many of us older members here are.. Please, again.. let's all of us leave off with our oft commentary and be kind to a new and young member.
  8. Impedancer

    UK NHS blunders costing an arm and a leg

    Oh i dont want anything to happen to me in the uk or i might wake up with mr johnsson as a nose.
  9. Robotic Jew

    Mermaid Sightings

  10. Did you actually read it? He pretty much said he was making it up.
  11. Desertrat56

    I can hear people’s thoughts. Help!

    Welcome to the forum @Evangeline_
  12. Piney

    I can hear people’s thoughts. Help!

    Am I? Or am I joshing with Xeno? So who appointed you Politeness Police?
  13. No, as he says as much but then believers purposely ignore that in favor of what they want to be true. cormac
  14. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/felicity-huffmans-prison-offers-french-202023118.html
  15. Desertrat56

    Cat's Ghost Successfully Photographed

    You are nicer than I am. I do not dispute paranormal phenomena, but things like photos are not something I consider proof of anything as I learned how to make double exposures, etc. on film. I know digitally things have to be done differently. I have a lot of photos of my grandsons (one in particular) surrounded by orbs. I am sure they are not an artifact of lighting or dirty lens but I will not share them or argue with anyone about them as I am still not sure what the significance is.
  16. And that is why you and others pretend to know he must have used the 'reality' of Atlantis as an allegory, despite otherwise what he is saying? Jolly club :-)
  17. papageorge1

    Cat's Ghost Successfully Photographed

    That becomes the key point doesn’t it. I always question that in every claim. On this one I’m about 75% Honest....25% Liar. And I feel I might be too harsh actually.
  18. papageorge1

    Cat's Ghost Successfully Photographed

    Speaking from honesty or obstinacy there? And about the unformed head area?
  19. There were of old, great and marvellous actions of the Athenian city, which have passed into oblivion through lapse of time and the destruction of mankind, and one in particular, greater than all the rest.
  20. darkmoonlady

    Rare dotted zebra spotted at Maasai Mara

    That was a weird article. They kept calling it a foul, it's a foal. Zebras throw odd coat patterns now and again same as horses do, mutations that naturally occur, it's just evolution at work. If it lives and breeds it passes down possibly the coat pattern to another generation. It's how Zebras evolved their stripes in the first place. Its markings look more like a quagga, but it cannot be a cross their genetics are too dissimilar. It's not a horse zebra cross as they come out marked and colored differently. Just a cute zebra mutation.
  21. the13bats

    Mermaid Sightings

    really ?! um...they do not breathe underwater they come up to the surface for air, then hold their breath.
  22. the extra toes, Polydactyly in cats is likely a sign of inbreeding, the grumpy might have been too,
  23. Stiff


    My grief counsellor died just the other day.

    He was that good though, I didn't care. :)

  24. Iilaa'mpuul'xem

    Man refuses reward for €2,000 cash find

    If someone found my wallet, they would probably start a "Go Fund Me" page on my behalf.
  25. the13bats

    Cat's Ghost Successfully Photographed

    I have lots of motion blur cat pics on my phone, no point in editing the size down and posting just to be told its not 100% the same as the op pic, i learned that when a person posted a laser pointer and insited it could only be paranormal i posted the same and was shot down that ghosts the paranormal might take the form or a laser pointer so at some point i say "whew" and let the blind faith believers have it.
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