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  2. My ex grew up in North Carolina and loved boiled peanuts. When I was in Georgia back in the 80s you could see little stands beside the road selling bags of them for a dollar and she always made me stop and get her a bag. Being from the northwest and never having anything close to that growing up they took a bit to get used to for me.
  3. Yeah, you get that pleasant taste then your mouths on fire.
  4. Vlad the Mighty

    Are you a pilot José?

  5. That's a good description. I ran out of "likes" so I'm quoting people. I like you all too much!
  6. You know, I think I have heard that. Yeah, that's what I wonder with myself and when it comes to family matters. Though, I hadn't really had any within my family, but I feel I would be in the same place as you would be.
  7. Was it like drinking a salty sweet fire.
  8. So this happened between 2:36 - 2:39 am, I was getting up for a quick toilet break and as soon as I enter my bathroom there's this light blasting into the window that all of a sudden stops when I enter the room, I wonder what the **** just happened then I go back to bed, at 2:39 am I see a big flash behind my curtains, At this point I knew something was up, Got my friend to go look outside and it seemed as if he was shocked or so? he was staring at someone and even got outside more to understand what he's seeing is my guess, he comes back in and says he saw nothing though as soon as I hop back into bed I see him at the front porch again staring at something and when I go back out to him he's coming back in the house? What the ****.
  9. You know, I often wonder, when we forgive or not, is it because we expect something from the other? Is there some dependence or entitlement one who has been hurt, expect from the ones that hurt? I reflect on this, well on a trip home just from an appointment, because of my feelings of desiring independence and doing things for my own and feeling at peace with that. My trip was to a new specialist, because the previous one retired, and I had to go to a new place where I had no clue where it was. With my way of using Google street map and such days ahead of my visit, and then getting there no problems, allowed for a good visit. On the trip home, with it being a calm day, (ok, it was wet and drizzling, but I like that) and driving through some farm country, with Colin Hay on my cd player, I felt at peace and contented. A feeling of accomplishment. No feelings of expecting anyone to do anything for me. Which then went into my thoughts about this thread, ( it was a bit of a long trip to think. ) and that even though I don't usual feel resentment from things done to me, because I handle the ramifications and the corrections on my own. ( if it's serious, it's good to see a professional (( my nod to Sheri)), But, to forgive just like that, towards someone, doesn't seem to fit well to me. In fact, still feeling I don't forgive them, I'm still feeling complete, because to me, it's honest. I think one can heal, feel peace, without forgiving, because you're still taking care of yourself, not depending on the other. So, I wonder, if that's the difference, forgiving without thinking expect something from the other. *shrugs*
  10. I think its because our warranty has run out.
  11. I've tried it with the spicy peanuts as well. Not as much of a fan.
  12. Making chex mix in the oven, something I haven't done in a long time.
  13. I think it has to do with the salty-sweet taste it creates. I've done it with cajun style peanuts, it's......interesting.
  14. Hi Stubbly, Yes it is because they are family and even if I cannot have a productive relationship with them I still have some fond memories and lessons with them. You know they saying about loving someone from a distance if you can't stand loving them close. jmccr8
  15. How old are you? it is funny how as we grow older God seems to do less and less...
  16. Jacksonville took a shafting. It seems the NFL doesn't care that everyone knows, but Brady will never have anything that isn't tainted. Joe Montana he will never be. Foles played a solid air game last night. The Eagles will need to play 3X as hard to beat the Shady, and I hope they can do it. If not, no shame on my team. Some people just have no pride. Farve, Roma and a couple more have started backing the Eagles. They know as well as we do, Brady is a baby.
  17. Color can be subjective based on culture. I read somewhere that white is the color of mourning in China instead of black.
  18. Ah yes! Thank you for your response, Hammie! I think this was wonderfully put. And I hope it's understood, (especially within myself) that there is that clear logical thinking, you can't hold inanimate objects responsible. Kind of like getting angry at the various hurricanes and freak October snow storms for the massive power outages, and various lengths of time, it's not like they did it on purpose! I thank you for understanding. As I have replied to Hammie's post, I feel the same. I wonder though, could you be encouraging forgiveness for yourself, because it's family? I ask, because I wonder if I do that. *shrugs*
  19. It seems that this memo is a list of allegations by republicans - which the democrats will attempt to shoot down. Apparently the FBI have not seen the allegations so haven't had the chance to refute or otherwise. Seems a bit little for all the ho ha it seems to be causing. It would be better to have the memo released to the FBI to answer the allegations in it, and based on that determine its value.
  20. Well if someone threatened Walker with a knife he would hold a freshly sharpened #2 pencil to his attacker's eye and describe how he would push it through the eye into the brain and explain how this would affect the individual. Of course he would be a gentleman about it as he would be in control of his emotions and it would be an act of love not anger. I should add that there would be no self interest involved. jmccr8
  21. I had to make it as PG-13 as possible for the forums sake.
  22. @Socks Junior
  23. Vlad the Mighty


  24. He probably doesn't. But some people have explored that possibility. Courtillot et al., 2007.
  25. It is not usually a good idea to base your whole reality off of one book. You can only see a very limited version of reality and possibilities from one book. Though a single book may have some truths to it and lessons but it doesn't mean the whole book is correct and could lead you off a cliff.
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