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  2. David Sling intercepted. begins at point 14 . I would suggest listening to the entire video from the beginning being that it is filled with important world news as well U.S policy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIVGwX3HRWs
  3. I believe that we are divine beings, with a divine spark, a piece of God within if you like. But these realisations, and therefore the power to heal the sick etc, take time to manifest. The power of the mind has been explored for millennium, through meditation and yoga for example, and only a fool would dismiss their own, personal "Power Tool Par Excellence".
  4. I wish I could get paid for 35 years of failure...wait...i'm currently on year 38....nevermind.
  5. LightAngel




    What is stupidity really?!

    Is my version of stupidity better than yours?! :D

    Animals act "stupid" all the time, but I still love them!

    Humans are also animals.... so why do I get angry at them when they act "stupid" - when I don't get angry at the other animals when I think they act "stupid"?!

    Humans and animals are more or less the same kinds of creatures - so I shouldn't get angry at any of them because they all do the best they can! Heart Smiley



  6. Spot on, Trump stood up to these halfwits, our Prime Minister needs to also.
  7. Buzz_Light_Year

    Open Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Starts 11/13

    Out of all the depositions taken to date the only time bribery was mentioned was in regards to Joe Biden. Quid Pro Quo didn't work Extortion didn't work So it's off to the races with bribery ahead by a nose. I'm sure that when bribery no longer fits the bill they'll come up with another catch phrase.
  8. Its true, the human body is extremely resilient - depending upon the strength of the individuals determination to survive, and that was the important point I have been trying to make. Mind over matter. And the fact that this ability can be taught to anyone willing to make a sustained effort, as proved by Wim many times over, is also very important to note.
  9. ExpandMyMind

    Trump / Ukraine Public Impeachment Hearings

    Yesterday's closing statement:
  10. The research organization is today celebrating 35 years of searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/332226/seti-institute-celebrates-35-years-of-hunting-et
  11. ExpandMyMind

    US softens position on Israeli settlements

    Why would it be? They were both the same people, regardless of religion. The same ethnicity, same culture and same history going back hundreds of years. I'm not excluding the indigenous Jews when I say 'Palestinians'. They made up 10% of Palestinians. No, it's not. We're debating indigenous v European invasion, not Arab v Jew. That you can't see the distinction actually explains your warped opinion somewhat. This simply isn't true. Again, I have quoted actual statistics and you have nothing more than empty, baseless propaganda. I'll do so again and maybe you'll actually read it this time? p. 14 p. 15 'The system was basically one of shared ownership, with shares being issued between the people, fellaheen or otherwise. And do you notice that between 4 and 5 million dunams were held through the musha land system and in the plains and valley regions? That's the majority of arable land in all of Palestine. Conversely, Zionists in 1948 didn't even have 2 million dunams of land. And did you also notice that '75% of musha lands' were owned by individuals? You're trying to claim that fellaheen were the supposed main landowners and that "they were all just liars!". Your claims regarding this whole topic are completely removed from reality. And that's putting it nicely.' The above was my comment when I first provided this evidence for you and it applies even more-so today. The author of the book quoted and linked to above is the single most authoritative voice on the subject. He was given access to the Israeli archives and went through something like 20,000 documents. If you want, I can send you a copy of the book? If you're actually interested in the facts of the subject of land-ownership in Palestine, that is. -------------------------------------- In 1933 there was around 5 million dunams of land collectively owned by Palestinians (the system referred to as musha). 5 million dunams it pretty much the entirety of arable land in all of Israel. At that time, at least. Israel, after stealing Palestine in 1948, and after wealthy Zionists had spent decades and millions of pounds buying up land from peasant Palestinians, still only had 2 million dunams, almost all of it previously owned by Palestinians. Arab Palestinians, since I know that part matters so much to you. You can keep trying with the same old fabrications, but the documented record - from the British and Ottoman empires to Israel's own records - completely obliterates any of these wild claims you make. Like I said previously, if you want me to send you a copy of that book, let me know. I'll quote you part of the preface: When I said that his book was the most authoritative on the subject of land ownership in Palestine, that wasn't hyperbole. He went through over 20,000 official documents.
  12. You know that's not what happened right? This is all made up stuff to pretend that UFOs can do that.
  13. Setton

    UK General Election -

    Which makes the stunt even more idiotic.
  14. Robotic Jew

    Man Pleads Guilty To Threatening To Kill Omar

    They don't dog whistle in Tennessee...there it's just called whistling.
  15. 'Walt' E. Kurtz

    'Walt' E. Kurtz

    One of my favourite tracks with New Order. I have always wondered what it's about. From what I've heard it should be about Ian Curtis but I'm not sure. What do you think?

    1. acute


      I assumed you were youngish, Scarc.

      If so, I wonder how you got into Joy Division and New Order.

    2. acute


      Looking at the lyrics of Your Silent Face, I was thinking similar to this:


      In a contemporary review for Rolling Stone magazine, Steve Pond felt that the band had finally separated themselves from their past Joy Division associations


    3. LightAngel


      Good stuff! :tu:

  16. Looking for a home in the country with room for Bigfoot? Century 21 Goldfire Reality agent Shauna Bailey’s listing in Ravenna is getting some attention after Sasquatch made a cameo in her property photographs. Bailey bought the costume around Halloween and intended to use it to get some attention for a vacant land listing. However, when she mentioned it to the sellers on Hattrick Road they were all for including the mythical upright-walking, ape-like creature in their photos. https://www.cleveland19.com/2019/11/15/bigfoot-sighting-ravenna-home-listing-includes-cameos-mythical-missing-link/
  17. 'Walt' E. Kurtz

    'Walt' E. Kurtz

    One of my favourite tracks with New Order epic

  18. Mark One

    The George And The Dragon is now open.

    Here we have Miss 1973 aka Sally Tusk receiving a well deserved smooch from her husband, Gregor (runs that chippy on Coxes Lane) They both nipped in last night. But due to their popularity.we had to snuggle them into the gents first for a congratulation style photograph. Well done Sal! Let's hope 1974 brings you the same luck.
  19. Davros of Skaro

    The nails of crucifixion of Jesus found?

    I have some bricks from The Three Little Pigs.
  20. LightAngel

    Instant anonymous contact causing anger?

    Sorry to quote myself here, but I had to correct a mistake. I'm not online all the time, so sometimes it takes days for me to notice that I made a mistake! Anyway. I don't have so much more to say here. Except for the fact that love is all that will matter on our last day. and.... ........ please........... don't ever forget that.
  21. Remember to look at the source of the statement "following these objects for two weeks". Isn't that from Kevin Day who Fravor says spews fiction? Also understand that a military is training with the devices it intends to use. They can't put people into situations where they do not understand the tools they are using in a stressful situation such as dealing with an enemy. The mission here was to learn the new devices. After the training missions reports of unknowns went to zero. Looks to me as if the people using them learned how to understand what the devices were telling them.
  22. Davros of Skaro

    An experience that changed my views

    Welcome to the realm of make believe.
  23. joc

    A Universe Not Made For Us

    I kind of disagree with something here. I think we do indeed consciously choose what it is that we will. It is in the choosing consciously that gives rise to the appearance of thoughts from our subconscious memory. These are the thoughts that seemingly come from out of the blue. Because the subconscious is constantly cataloging and extracting data. The subconscious isn't a judge of anything....it simply extracts data to support the current conscious thought process.
  24. Mark One

    The George And The Dragon is now open.

    Super Lorraine likes that electric rocking horse! And so do her 12 kiddies. Tone is slumped up against the bar with his stout & a second hand dog end. If anyone's got some white emulsion on offer - go and see Tone.
  25. Still Waters

    Acronym it! (Part 2)

    Once Freed The Elephant Nuzzled CHAIN
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