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  2. It turned, looked at us and snorted...

    Yeah he caught it and had it for years in a huge aviary,it hated men and would attempt to kill you.He was a bikie so he thought it was cool.
  3. Nearly Everything The Mainstream Media Told

    I do actually believe that he is.... and that he is less of a warmonger than the Bushes, Clintons and Obama.. The Globalists are accelerating their agenda and doubling down because of the Trump Presidency. Brexit and the Populist movements in Europe... You may see that as setting the stage... but that means that anyway you look at it the Globalist Agenda is going to take over.... whether it is opposed or supported.... and that may be so and Trump isn't going to be around as president forever... He is trashed and attacked in the MSM day in and day out for a reason... if he was 'one of them' they would be putting a positive spin on everything he does and says...but the people who own and control the MSM are doing everything they can to destroy him and his chances to win a second term... that's the way I see it....
  4. US Shoots down Iranian Drone

    So the US is boasting to have shot down an Iranian drone over international waters.. The very 'act of war' they have lamented a few weeks back (while it is highly doubtful it even was over int waters)? Swell!
  5. Beliefs

    One of these people was my uncle who is a very serious person so its fact in my eyes.I cant see what this blood thing has to do with people describing things they couldn't possibly see from above when dead or near dead which you are avoiding as you have no way of explaining,yet its true.Your the one believing a paper written by someone you don't know,Who wrote this,dosen't sound real or ethical to me.
  6. Climate Change is a Hoax

    In this context... does Humidity depend on an "Open water" source 150 miles away? I was assuming NO. Doug is saying YES! Maybe someone other than Doug and I must judge. Any way I'm not willing to concede that 150+ miles equates to coastal conditions.
  7. Nearly Everything The Mainstream Media Told

    Yeah.. erm.. No. Come on. If anything, Trump is setting the stage to solidify the globalisation. Sometimes, Bee, one needs to take a step back to be able to take three steps forward. If you actually believe this man is fighting against the internationalists and for The (American) People, I suspect youre setting yourself up for a big disappointment. Change! (how many bloody times do people need to be f*'ed over before theyre going to realize the game is rigged, especially in the USA?!)
  8. Remembering your past lives.

    ok this is my experience, believe it or not. Rather than living specific past lives I visit and explore lives from the past, and present, and even on other planets. I do this while linked to the cosmic consciousness I use it for recreational purposes and for historical research and to look at the lives of past family members The cosmic consciousness stores and links all consciousnesses, both past and present, and anyone can use it, like a library. They are stored in virtual reality format so you can become someone from the past and see through their eyes or you can observe and interact using your own consciousness. Ive watched the pyramids being built and walked with doctors through my local hospital in the 1930s From these experiences as child, combined with reading, i learned how to make gunpowder, how to make and use long bows cross bows ballistas etc. Because much of a learned expedience is the practice of it building skills in your mind i could learn skills like horse riding by riding in an historical period, then hone them up in real life Ive walked and ridden a motor bike with my father while he was courting my mother in the forties and visited numerous life forms in different jobs across the universe Ive fought with sailors soldiers and airmen in most of the wars across history and been part of communities from amazonian Indians and kalahari bushmen to generational space ships. You cant speak the language unless you actually know it but you can observe and piggy back on another's mind and learn a great deal from observation :)
  9. Nearly Everything The Mainstream Media Told

    let's not forget the actual MSM (etc) Mind Control - emotionally manipulating susceptible people against Trump 24/7 locking them into a world of hate, negative spin and lies... and don't forget..... it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for....
  10. Climate Change is a Hoax

    That doesn't matter as warming is not strictly confined to the "Arctic Circle" just as the "Polar Vortex" is not confined to that definition of geologic space.
  11. Nearly Everything The Mainstream Media Told

    If your Southern Border opens and America is literally invaded... and at the same time Race Wars are fomented by the MSM controllers (which seems to be happening)..... no one in the US will be immune to the consequences...
  12. Beliefs

    Good post. I tend to agree with it but it is belief not fact eg Artificial intelligence, which will reach and exceed human intelligence in the next 20 -40 years or so, has no "life". It is operated by electricity Humans could become virtually immortal in a number of ways, especially if you consider a human being to be our mind and consciousness, not our physical body. Our consciousness requires a host, but a number of alternative hosts for our mind are possible.
  13. US Shoots down Iranian Drone

    Yeah, theirs could have been the $100k or less bargain model. Still, the mullahs and their spokesmen have to start out from a high negotiating position and move from there, and maybe hope to get something. At some point, they may be willing to trade their "very advanced" nuclear program and withdrawal of "advisers" for removal of sanctions Were I the Iranians, I would try to dance out of the way of a direct confrontation, offer to give a little and hope to get a little. But then, I am not a mullah.
  14. Nearly Everything The Mainstream Media Told

    I don't get the "Ruler of the World" attitude off him as much as back in the Reagan era. Personally, that stands out as far worse in my memory as the news did we received here in Oz was essentially fear mongering tactics that Reagan was threatening to press the button (I gather it was the nuclear one?) blah blah blah. That obviously caused a lot of anger to be built up against the USA. This is what causes hatred from other countries I guess. I grew up with parents that absolutely hated Americans. There's a lot of people my grandparents and parent's ages that still have hatred towards Americans. Perhaps it was just an era thing, I do not know unfortunately. I do know in hindsight, I would probably take the news differently re Reagan today, as an adult. But I know that I definitely don't fear Trump in any manner. I know sometimes when he gets on a roll, I think to myself, "Woah settle down there fellow or you'll make some other countries get their backs up by the things he says". But at the end of the day, he's achieved open lines of communication with North Korea for example and I used to think Bill Clinton was amazing back in the day. He can't hold a candle to Trump in the peace department imho.
  15. Today
  16. Beliefs

    lol The y are both assumptions No one knows how the universe works or indeed just what constitutes the universe. We measure what we can observe, and make assumptions based on those observations.
  17. ISIS fanatics to die by firing squad

    ISIS fanatics who beheaded Scandinavian hikers to die by firing squad in Morocco The three extremists who beheaded two women in the Atlas Mountains have been sentenced to death by firing squad in Morocco. Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, were found dead on December 17 last year near a popular trekking trail in the Atlas Mountains. According to The Sun, their sentence comes after Louisa’s mum, Helle Petersen, called for the death penalty for her daughter’s killers. https://www.news.com.au/world/africa/isis-fanatics-who-beheaded-scandinavian-hikers-to-die-by-firing-squad-in-morocco/news-story/4f789ea801328a229ab73c274453a67e
  18. Maggots, the future of food

    If so, we'll have finally found a cure for obesity
  19. Nearly Everything The Mainstream Media Told

    Not true for all andthen. I don't see much running against him at this point, so I expect another four years. In all honesty , I believe we need to have him in charge for another four years to see if his policies are really brilliant, in which case I will dine on crow but be financially happy. If they fizzle, I will be prepared. I suppose I would be a lot more concerned if I were not male, white, had ancestors that were born here early enough to grow up and fight in the Revolutionary war,owned property, paid my last kid through college and am sufficiently endowed to handle medical needs that arise. Having enough money makes everything easier no matter who is president.. For some folks, it might be a rough go.
  20. Beliefs

    One response I have read is that there are many inhabited planets and species all under the governance of heaven Humans have been interdicted since our fall, and isolated to protect both us and other races. After the new earth is restored as a paradise for future humanity, humans can and will be able to travel across many planets, learning and teaching. In christian theology we would have a special place, both as lost sheep, and an example of what goes wrong after separation from god, but also as a good news story of our restoration, as in the prodigal son
  21. Maggots, the future of food: high in protein with a small carbon footprint, the only issue is the cringe factor It may be hard to understand the appeal of plunging your hand into a pile of writhing maggots. But the sensation is uniquely tactile, not at all unpleasant, as thousands of soft, plump grubs, each the size of a grain of rice, wriggle against your skin, tiny mouth­parts gently poking your flesh. https://www.scmp.com/magazines/post-magazine/long-reads/article/3018276/maggots-future-food-high-protein-small-carbon
  22. US Shoots down Iranian Drone

    Way to go! Keep that hate alive, brutha.
  23. Nearly Everything The Mainstream Media Told

    I think you're getting him mixed up with the NWO Globalists - who are actively planning to do just that... but Trump is standing in their way... for now
  24. OK Polar, I'm game, although one should never start anew when the former has not yet been completed. But you seem not to understand the picture Plato drew, yourself. Here is Jowett (italics) on the Critias, and the width and depth of the main canal cut from the sea to inland, and of the many cross-crossing canals. Also take note of the references for the vessel sizes, in relation to the width allowances, to the specified areas. And beginning from the sea they bored a canal of three hundred feet in width and one hundred feet in depth and fifty stadia in length, which they carried through to the outermost zone, making a passage from the sea up to this, which became a harbour, and leaving an opening sufficient to enable the largest vessels to find ingress. Moreover, they divided at the bridges the zones of land which parted the zones of sea, leaving room for a single trireme to pass out of one zone into another, and they covered over the channels so as to leave a way underneath for the ships; for the banks were raised considerably above the water........ Further inland, likewise, straight canals of a hundred feet in width were cut from it through the plain, and again let off into the ditch leading to the sea: these canals were at intervals of a hundred stadia, and by them they brought down the wood from the mountains to the city, and conveyed the fruits of the earth in ships, cutting transverse passages from one canal into another, and to the city....... There is no mention of any canal being a stadia wide (185 meters), as the main and widest canal is 300 feet, with a depth of 100 feet. And the many others are said to be 100 feet wide, but their depths are not mentioned. Although further descriptions tell us that they had to be deep enough to allow vessels to sail in them for commerce, since the waterways were used for transport of goods. The one stadia width is for the circular/winding ditch, which is really indicating an existent river, and where some man-made manipulations were performed. The other body of water that is said to be a stadia in width, is the smaller of the two circular strips. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Greek_units_of_measurement
  25. US Shoots down Iranian Drone

    It's worth hoping for. Considering Iran's little president/puppet is offering to chat AFTER all sanctions are dropped, I won't hold my breath for it though. ETA: Our's cost about 120 mil. Half their surface fleet didn't cost that much
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