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  2. Trump has an PR problem, an image problem caused by himself not the media, sure the media can be accused in some cases of blowing things out of proportion, but it is Trump who starts it most of the time, or is Trump tweets, Trumps press interviews (not sure how to call it, you know when a politician talks to a crowd of reporters), Trumps uncut interviews media inventions? Those who keep calling regular people who dislike Trump "sheeple" are themselves sheeple of a different kind, you just think you have more info then the rest or that you can see something that others for some reason cant or refuse to aknowledge, eveyone in some way or another ends up being a part of a sheeple tribe. I dont hate Trump, but he is a piece of "Trampa" (portuguese word for crap) most of the time, and even his staff fails to help him see that speaking in a more decent manner will help greatly with public perception of his image, because you can still say what you think in a very clear way without being offensive, and no I am not referring to that political correctness crap.
  3. This highlights a problem with democracy - as did Brexit. You have a political Unit which operates on a democratic basis - If all subsets within the unit like the results of a democratic exercise then the democracy is good and the political unit is stable If some subsets do not like the political result - then some will deem that the democracy is suspect and / or the political unit is unstable - we then get advocators for change and simultaneously champions of the status quo. On a very real issue - at the moment where I live the current political unit, is deemed acceptable because the democratic result meets the wishes of the majority. Naturally the majority hail the current democracy and political unit. But there may come a time, which may be hastened by current political exercises, when the political result may not please the current majority - in other words they become a minority. When that happens those that historically held the political majority will no longer like the political result - they will start advocating change - either in the form of democracy or the designation of the political unit. In other words democracy within an existing political unit is only deemed as good - when it gives subsets the results they want.
  4. "New California" means a "thug" run state, whereby they can more effectively spread drugs, crime and gangs within California and around the rest of the US.
  5. acute

    The Word of the Day is... Philtrum.

  6. This is the same in my home state of New York. Damn near the entire state votes conservative accept the city, and a few smaller cities.
  7. Because their income is cash?
  8. I dunno. Looks like the system played him. Can you imagine all those years wondering when the ban hammer was going to come down, and then Hair Twitler gets elected? Sheer panic. Hank
  9. @Weitter Duckss can you please post your hypothesis in short and layman’s terms?
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  11. Contrary to "Exactly what Einstein finally said about quantum mechanics, it was simply crazy to accept." there is evidence. „If the official science claims, „The universe is spreading“, then there should be a small universe (with a small diameter) 300-400 thousand years after the so-called Big Bang, and a big universe, in which „...the most distant objects in the universe are the galaxies GN-z11 13,39 bn ly .. The relation is obvious: the greatest speed is related to the oldest and most distant objects. .. How can universe be spreading with the increasing speed, if that applies only for the oldest and most distant galaxies?” Evidence exactly say: Does not have Big Bang and that's the end of the debate about the Big Bang. Really is crazy to accept the crazy stories, beside proofs. The article provides evidence that confirms: “After a certain distance it is impossible to register a blue shift, although it has been confirmed beyond all doubts that moving towards, bypassing and colliding of galaxies must definitely result with a negative speed, i.e., a blue spectral shift (approaching of some galaxies to other ones). Therefore, a blue spectral shift is a common law of nature, significantly present in the universe because of the rotation of the whole volume. The objects closer to the centre rotate relatively slowly and the objects in the outer area of the universe rotate at the fastest speed. “ P.S asks: whether the GN-z11 galaxy, or is this another universe? Do you remember the discussions: nebulae or other galaxies? 30 bn ly is a sufficient distance of 13-18 bn ly.
  12. Vlad the Mighty

    Millions of People are Stuck on Motorways Because of Snow!! 

  13. It’s great to see such quick feed back, and this is just one part of what I really want to get to the bottom off.. I’ve been wondering if magnetic levitation is at all possible. If two like poles are facing each other in a concealed environment leaving no room for the magnets to repel what happens then..? I know the magnets can flip and become neutral. What if the magnets are locked into place and have no where else to go ? Pushing on both sides of the concealed object depending on the altitude they are started at would they simply remain the same altitude.
  14. How do these, uh, migrants, handle their income taxes without legal status?
  15. Vlad the Mighty

    This just in: Kim and Kanye have just popped out another baby! :wub:  Or rather, someone popped it out on their behalf. 

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    1. Vlad the Mighty

      Vlad the Mighty

      * Kardashian that is, not Jong-Un.  :unsure2: 

    2. acute


      Who are these people?

  16. So you are equating California leaving the union with a disgruntled rural population that feels disenfranchised wanting to create it's own state within the union. Besides from the fact that both involve California there is nothing comparable between the two, one involves a state illegally leaving the union and the other involves a group following the constitution to try to create their own state within the union. Even then using California leaving the union still doesn't explain how you connected New California to Russian trolls and dividing the nation. Essentially to use a more logic/math format you did an A + B = C so therefore C = D without ever explaining how you got the second part. Pointing to evidence of Russian trolls for one thing doesn't prove Russian trolls for another.
  17. Yep. Again...predicted. But it doesn't matter. No one who could do anything about it gives a crap.
  18. Well, billionaire progressive ideological speculator and Bond villain come to life George Soros seems a little pessimistic about the future of the EU ... The progressive billionaire speculator George Soros has said he will ‘fight back’ against the “dominant ideology” of nationalism, whilst admitting that favoured globalist project the European Union is “on the verge of a breakdown”. The open borders financier blames Russian hackers for attacks against him in 2016, For once, I think he may well be right, considering that he's openly called for the overthrow of Russia's Tyrant Putin by armed force.
  19. Did I say that? Nope. What I said is that this is the man's own doing. A grown man should take responsibility for his own actions (or inaction). You are the master of your own destiny. Habitually blaming others for your own ineptitude, mistakes and bad behavior/choices will get you nowhere in life.
  20. That's concerning.
  21. Vlad the Mighty

    Big Planes Take off in Heavy Winds

    1. Vlad the Mighty

      Vlad the Mighty

      Today's thought for the day 

  22. They're well-known for trolling on both sides. If there's such a "movement," it's no small wonder I'm looking their way.
  23. It does have to do with Russian trolls trying to divide the nation.
  24. Are you claiming he didn't say he'd keep the families together? I'm sure I can muster a clip.
  25. So.... here's a wild idea for you, Alert.... Instead of dancing about, giving us hints that you know the truth and you have seen clues... how's about you cease the handwaving and simply post your evidence? The first post was when you should have done that... why didn't you? Simply post whichever Youtube video shows the best example/s, and also has the best provenance. Similarly, post your best additional non-video evidence for what you perceive as "The Truth". In other words, be brave and *commit*! If your best proves to be unconvincing, you need to wear that and learn from it. And may I ask... what is your expertise in video editing? The reason may become clear shortly.. but back to you for that 'best evidence', first.
  26. I lived in the woods for many years until I became medically unable to, Believe me I loved it and if I ever can will go back. It's absolutely wonderful.
  27. No worries and most welcome ... ~
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