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  2. Just one final thought:
  3. Given the size and vast expanse of the ocean it would be relatively easy to lose something like this out at sea if it has blown away I would imagine. I can't help but imagine a drunk sailor looking over the side of the ship and seeing it thinking "the world we know is a man we are all living in a giant bath tub!!!!"
  4. Trump urges death penalty for drug dealers US President Donald Trump has called for drug traffickers to face the death penalty as part of his plan to combat the US painkiller-addiction epidemic. He outlined the proposal during a speech in New Hampshire, a state badly affected by the opioid crisis. Mr Trump said his administration was attempting to change the law to execute drug dealers, but it will face stiff political and judicial headwinds. Opioids are a class of drugs including prescription painkillers and heroin.
  5. Probably why you don't get bombings every week. Unlike your shootings. Gee, what's the difference, I wonder..?
  6. I think there will be objects like this whizzing throughout the universe, it is just that we happened to catch sight of this one and were enthralled by it's unusual shape. Fascinating what forces must have been at play to create such a shape, that is if it wasn't part of a much larger more familiar looking interstellar body and this is almost like a "shard" that has broken away....
  7. Of course you can. You'll just have to deal with the consequences. Just like if you choose to quit your job you have to deal with the consequences of having no income. You still have the choice.
  8. Jacket slung over the seat.
  9. No one else sees the screaming, ram-horned demon with the huge muscular neck? My paredolia is on fire tonight!
  10. Why do so many continue to blindly trust the same government agencies that have brazenly and repeatedly lied to them over the past recent years? .
  11. Yeah these predictions seem to be carrying on the tradition of "predictions Baba Vanga never made", and even if she did....someone called Vladimir in Russia? Yeah nice guess haha, now if she had said "Putin", then I would be listening a little more. This has become silly, like the "Bible Code", fitting events to predictions after the fact, attributing very vague links, and making them up as they go along, getting silly and stale now....
  12. That cant be true scientifically as other animals demonstrate the release of exactly the same chemicals , yet demonstrate absolutely no evidence of human type spirituality and belief. Clearly then, these are intellectual constructs, made possible only by humans unique levels of self aware consciousness which includes language, abstract thought, and symbolism.
  13. Absolutely. As always, a balance is what's needed not the constant 'us and them'. My main point was the dishonesty/inaccuracy of the post that contained the link.
  14. Okay here goes! So ever since I was super little, I have been able to cause an unexplainable feeling in my body at will. Sort of like the chills, sort of like a rush of energy going to nerve endings over my entire body on the inside. I can make it happen in short bursts, over and over quite easily, but holding it for long is difficult, and I can't for longer than 5 or so seconds, if I hold for longer, I begin to jitter a little bit. It is SO hard to explain, and I really haven't tried talking about it with anyone I know because it sounds so out there, It is a mildly pleasant feeling, not at all sexual, and it's felt on the inside of my whole body, mostly like a rush of sensation, and not on the skin like goose bumps or tingles. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about or what is could be?? I'm just super curious!
  15. None. I don't have beliefs but if i did the y would be constructed logically and rationally to gain me the best benefits from life that beliefs could give me. So if i lived in a different culture i would alter my "belief" constructs to suit thatt culture and get the benefits form their cultural beliefs but then my emotions are deliberate intellectual constructs not unconscious biological drivers or chemical impulses. They are consciously constructed neural patterns and pathways in my mind The human mind can control and regulate the release of such chemicals and should not be controlled by them
  16. Vlad the Mighty

    Britain's absurd Prime Minister May makes me laugh, with her trademark silk scarf and her delusions that she's Boudicca/Boadicea, Queen Elizabeth I and Margaret Thatcher rolled into one, and her belief that she can stand and rage defiance at the tyrants of the European Union and Russia's Vile Putin. ("Shut up and go away", in the words of "Defence" Secretary Gavin Williamson.) 

  17. Historical attractions seem to take it in turns to have mysterious apparitions appear at their venue. Sorry but any validity of what may or may not be on that film, will be kind of overshadowed by years of stunts to generate higher visitor numbers just like this....
  18. That's nearly 30 minutes of my life I'm not wasting on a video.
  19. Belief is proven to be good for humans and to confer evolutionary advantage One problem with belief is that there are many shapes and forms, and each individual constructs their own personalised belief structure which tends to exclude all others. Plus, what is a constructive and useful belief for one person, may not be so for another especially, but not necessarily, from a different society or cultural back ground.
  20. It really does beggar belief and if we're talking about collusion.... you have to ask who people like Mueller are colluding with.... No wonder such a mega effort has been made by crafty, dishonest politicians, officials and media to shift the public perception that Russia (and Trump) is the enemy..... to take the heat off Islam...?
  21. If El Trumpo kept silent, the narrative would be “what is he hiding”. It appals me Day and night that a being such as him could become president, but still It’s not right that whatever he does it’s automatically wrong in the eyes of the media.
  22. Glysophate is a herbicide, and certainly cancerous, but if you can create genetically modified plants which are naturally stronger, more vigorous, and resistant to disease etc you can reduce or even eliminate the need for herbicides and pesticides in agricultural crops Without genetic modifications, the only way to feed the world is through pesticides and herbicides, which do create environmental harm and danger to humans.
  23. Mind and consciousness are much more than the activity of nerve cells in our brains.
  24. That is not love at all. Love is an intellectual or cognitive construct which we develop in our minds, sometimes from reading, often, from being loved by others. It does not have to have a chemical component at all, but that mix of chemicals combines lust and physical attraction with the intellectual construct to create a short term bond. Love does not inherently have to contain any physical attraction or lust for another it is a pattern of neurological energy which creates a state of mind that we recognise as love. Thus, i can construct and hold that powerful feeling of love in my mind, for my parents, wife, or other loved ones, for 40, or 60 years, or more, without it changing or diminishing, whereas if it was a chemical based response it would not endure
  25. interesting link..... there does seem to be some kind of unholy alliance between the Shadowy Deep State and Al Qaeda / Saudi Arabia ... (ISIS?)....
  26. When was this? I know the dockyard does Victorian/Charles D. Days where people dress up
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