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  2. Aquila King

    I make a joke thread in the jokes and humor section, and it gets deleted? Clearly they didn't get the joke... :mellow:

  3. Goodnight everyone...
  4. Goodnight see you tomorrow
  5. I would but apparently science can't prove that I exist, and if I don't exist how could I have made an assertion? It's kind of an oxymoron asking an unverifiable entity to verify a claim. That leaves us with somewhat of a dilemma don't ya think. Oh wait science can't verify that you exist either. jmccr8
  6. I'm heading to bed, going to take tomorrow off work and go up to the hospital. Have a good night/day!
  7. Only two dead? Still an horrendous tragedy.
  8. already straight to late night is see
  9. Not quite he is wrong that love is a chemical, or just a chemical,. induced feeling or emotion. It is an intellectual construct created by our own self awareness, involving symbolism, abstract thoughts and understandings etc. We learn how to love, and construct love, from those around us, but also from things like reading or watching media I learned how to love my wife by watching my parents love for each other but also by reading a lot of literature about great loves and how/why they worked or failed However because love is this, then yes, each individaul constructs a meaning for love for themselves. It has nothing to do with chemicals, however. You can love people you are not physically attracted to, and you can love them for life. You can be chemically attracted to people without any love for them . You make up your mind to love. You build a mindset of love, and as long as you maintain your decision and discipline of mind, you will maintain that love all of your life.
  10. Can you provide a link to an article that backs up your assertion? Making unverifiable claims does not add anything to the discussion.
  11. Then Mr. Walker must be Mr. Wilson.
  12. At least he didn't have a huge count for victims before he was stopped.
  13. Neither do most people.
  14. Looks like someone offered the ghost candy
  15. No it's not, you've given that love personal meaning like XenoFish said originally.
  16. I was always more like Denis the menace. jmccr8
  17. With my psychotic powers, I sense the impending delete hammer of an irate mod coming down on our extraneous posts. Good day, night, whatever to all.
  18. Why a ghost? I don't usually eat ghosts.
  19. Hmmmm ... you don't say ... ~ ~
  20. Answering a question with a question. The sign of someone parading style but lacking substance. It's odd to me, how easily you peddle pure fantasy and change testimony on a whim and yet then lecture on how trials work. All the rules favor you when you get to make them up as you go. Anyway, let's go with the insurance claim as a factual piece of trial evidence. Dec 26th robbery, of every item on the list, including two safes and all that heavy equipment. Todd had three generations of cycling family members helping him, including early rising grandpa and grandma on the tandem to balance the weight of the weed eater. Can't disprove it since no one asked any questions about who else helped him, but it's now irrelevant. Good news, your original shoe is clean of the twine/frame conundrum, but the other one is equally soiled without Todd, Pearce and the three amigos.
  21. Ive said all i need to say on this issue See you in 200 years
  22. Hi Hammer I use the 3oz medical spoon, well actually I have a whole set so the nurse/nurses can have some too. Wouldn't want them to come down with something after caring for my fevered mind. jmccr8
  23. I'm here now. I needed to have some dinner.
  24. I did. I am full of it.
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