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  2. You like "quote mining" Psyche? Popular in "sceptic" or scientific circles?
  3. Indeed. Commie little lullaby.
  4. I grew up on the Beatles. The lyrics are as plain as day. It's bewildering he would cite that particular song.
  5. PINEY PINEY - you can't tell another person what's not to learn? There you go trying to control the existence of information. There's a lot to learn here (if you but knew). Here's something your eyes have missed, several of your eyes have missed and its because you don't believe. You need to control who believes what, when and where and made you blind some crystal clear unknowns. Unknowns I refer to ask questions. I have a lot of questions. I'm the house occupant. My point of view is, I lived in the house. Your point of view puts you hundreds if not thousands of miles away. Here's why I do what I do. The questions I want to know. 1.) I want to know how the spirit was able to write on the walls. Some of the writings appear behind furniture. How did it write behind a computer desk? Behind a stereo speaker. None of those items were moved. 2.) December 2014 - How did they write on every wall in my office including the ceiling in twenty minutes time? Thats how long I was gone? 3.) How did they write similar symbols in my car (parked outside my drive way) 4.) How did they write in the hallway, while I was watching TV . Girlfriend and I didn't hear a thing. 5.) How do you write with sage stick? I tried . I couldn't do it. 6.) How to paint and write on every wall and not get so much as a drop of paint anywhere else? 7.) Where did you get the Bone Black? 8.) Why did you use Bone Black? Why not a sharpie? 9.) Why is the office the only room you wrote in? 10. How did you avoid getting paint on the carpet? 11.) How did you avoid getting paint on anything, except the wall (see question # 6) THOSE ARE JUST STARTER QUESTIONS A.) where do items go when they go missing? B.) where did the kid toys come from? we have no kids? C.) How can a Bible catch fire and NOT BE HOT TO THE TOUCH? D.) What do water puddles mean? E.) Why do poltergeist infestations, the world over all have common similarities? F.) Where do the rocks come from that are thrown into the house? Warm to the touch and not from the immediate area? Those questions PINEY are why I'm here. You might not want answers to those questions. You might not even care. But I do. Guess I'm just wired different. Maybe its because I've seen things with the naked eye that only 1% of this population LIVEs to see. I'll probably never get the answers to the questions. But I'm going to try anyways. Your innuendo and innuendo of others is not going to deter me. I've arrived. Get used to that. Keith Linder has arrived. No one's forcing you and others to be here. I'm here, and I'm going to be here for a long while. Gods will of course.
  6. Nope your cherry picking again. Religion taught you that I take it? Very popular in religious circles it is! See: Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can No need for greed or hunger A brotherhood of man Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you You may say I'm a dreamer That's referring to obsessions, let me undo the misdirection you are spewing forth: Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people living for today Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people living life in peace, There you go you learned two things. What the lyrics say, and how you get caught out when you are not honest. Big day for you isn't it!!
  7. I was with a group of people who got "asked to leave" the oldest pub in England. I'm not even sure why. We were all pretty drunk, 2 of us were English speakers (me American and a Brit), 2 Swiss and 2 French and one Portuguese. I think the drunker we got, the louder we started to talk at each other thinking volume was our communication deficit solution. Super fun night!! Super UNFUN next morning. LOL. I also got thrown out of a Miami casino (Magic City Casino? I think it was) where a friend of mines band was playing in their concert venue. I was stone cold sober because I'd been roped into driving. I was never quite sure what happened, but we were backstage and some bouncer got ticked off and shoved us out the back door and locked it. Ok then. LOL.
  8. "Confession in the Catholic Church is a spiritual encounter with God through the priest," he said in a statement.'' The Kingdom is inside of you, said Jesus. The priest is not necessery for a spiritual encounter with God. The only repentence possible for a child abuser is to turn himself in and face the consequences. How could it be otherwise?
  9. You just lost what respect I had for you. If Papa wants to be your fan boy, he is free to do so. Have fun on your ego tripping. You give no one else respect, don't expect any back.
  10. I told you I know about your side of the tracks. Bet I could surprise you. Does not matter what you believe, its historical record. It happened and it cost taxpayers that much to chase a pipe dream. The bill was not imaginary. Only the subject was. Yep Really really. Not in this case, it was for a war application, if there was anything to it, they would l have grabbed it with both hands and taken the advantage. And then they would have taken all the credit for this breakthrough and made billions from it. Applications for such a talent would be very valuable in many markets. In this case we know them well after the fact and all that 20 million resulted in was a pretty funny movie. Some the characters are actually based on real people. People with fanciful outlooks like you Illy CH and Will. If they had anything to report, those eccentric personalities would have made sure word got out just like any of you would. If you haven't seen the movie I recommend it to all.
  11. I’ll go further and say it’s more than politics. It’s ideology. Progressivism is not politics.
  12. Nothing you say makes a lick of sense. But do rejoice, papageorge, your check is in the mail.
  13. Hey Dude .. I have a lot to say as you know heee hee he .. But am busy right now .. I'll be back though my friend .. Catch ya up then ..xx Mo..xx
  14. Politics Left vs right
  15. He said it in his post to but because he supports a religious narrative you would be OK with that. Spirituality doesn't seem to curb hypocrisy does it.
  16. Oh wow, you guys found Native American symbols on the internet. You did the same thing I did AFTER the poltergeist wrote on my walls. How do you think I knew the "upside down man" symbol was called a "upside down man symbol" LOL But I'm glad you decided to let google do your talking. I'm glad some of you took the time to at least go online and research something oppose to making blanketed statements. Now PINEY, Moonman, Not A Rockstar, who's going to go out and Google the term Poltergeist and the word Wall Writings? Pls bring your finding about Poltergeist wall-writings back here. Papageorge please don't fret, rejoice. They've finally doing what I did two years ago. RESEARCHING...........................
  17. Might it have been this place? Im wondering if you actually had Haggis on the potato?? Haggis are baseball sized too
  18. Goodnight see you tomorrow
  19. That's why grandparents can't be home to be with children who's parents are working. They have to work if they want a roof over their heads and food to eat. They may even be able to supplement their medicare. Everyone wants their grandparents to take their medicine. The problem is they can barely afford them. That's another problem the US has that a lot of the rest of the world doesn't. Wait until they're done messing with the elderly's social security. Did I hit another head Likely?
  20. No sorry Mo your just wrong. Have you heard of lobotomies? They would not have the effects they do if the mind was not the brain Seen the effects of brain damage on the body? How a severe trauma to the head changes our motor control or processing power? That's because the mind is the brain. Brain surgeons could not do what they do if the mind was not the brain, MRI's would not work if the mind was not the brain. We have overwhelming amounts of evidence that the mind is the brain. Not at all, manipulation of people is as far as that extends, try bench pressing your body weight with your mind. That's a very human construct. And it relies on the qualities we have developed like guilt. People use that for good and bad, and I would agree that it is something to be mindful of. That works more the other way. Some refuse and fear change, no more reverence from audiences for telling tall tales, with accountability comes responsibility. One can't just make up a god story and have uneducated audiences to marvel at their words. This is a new age, and with it we must be honest as basic knowledge grows. We know Zues does not hurl lighting bolts we know thunder is not Thor's hammer crashing, and now Yaweh and his ilk are being exposed in exactly the same way. No it's true Mo. Again, the supporting evidence is overwhelming from fossil records to current DNA studies. The theory of evolution is as sound as the theory that the earth revolves around the sun, or gravity. Religion lies about this and always has for self preservation religion has motive to lie science does not despite unfounded paranoid rantings to the contrary. You've heard of Galileo I take it? Religion is erroded by science today just as the Greek and roman gods were. Nope, sorry, your 100% wrong, the energy in our bodies is no mystery at all. We know how it is generated and we know what happens to the energy left in our bodies when we die. No matter how hard you close your eyes and wish to be an energy being, when you open them reality, and the science will still be there. I cannot begin to understand why you make stuff like that up. This is not a vehicle this is it, and your wasting it in dreaming about another continued life that will never be. And I think that's a crying shame. We are priveliged to experience this brief existance. I'm going to make the most of it while I'm here.
  21. Night. I generate enough hot air, I'll just blab on in you're general direction
  22. I'm only posting this because I care, but you're only 18 so why are you getting drunk till you black-out? Do you do this often? If you keep this up you're either going to wind up dead, or you will wind up in a nursing home where you will have to be bathed, have your diaper changed and be fed due to the fact you drowned your brain cells with booze and can't function. What a shame.
  23. Well there is a good 40 mph wind blowing south. Might make it down in a few days. Be sure to send some warm air back this way My eyes are telling me its been a long day and they are ready to close up shop. Have a wonderful night/day and I will see you all tomorrow.
  24. It was in the 80s today, and humid. I'm not a fan of cold, but do like to have more pleasant weather and a slower build up.
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