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  2. I don't think anyone has the right to force religion or skepticism or anything on anyone. But is it wrong to try and open someone's eyes if they have been blinded by faith in anything.
  3. In spite of my reaction to the 911 call, I still think EVERYTHING else points to Adam and/or Adam and Jonah together. However, I will also acknowledge that size of house, built in that era with solid wood, plaster thick walls, you aren't going to be able to hear from room to room very well. That bothers me about Rebecca's statement that she called to Xena who says she heard the shout while in the shower on the 2nd floor. That would be down the upstairs hall who knows how far and then through two SOLID wood doors. Horse pucky again ! So, in spite of believing it's Adam, I can't totally disallow for the fact it's very possible for someone else to come in that house (especially if you were familiar with it) and those in it not be aware of their presence.
  4. The Solar system is such a minutely small target, cosmologically speaking, it's a wonder anything passes through from other systems.
  5. I haven't had much grrrr-ry stuff lately apart from some b***** nicking one of my strimmers even though it had had it now I've got another camera and is pointing at the shed
  6. they of all people never get punished for their mistakes, so that creates the attitude.
  7. Hi Stubbly I think that he is saying that there is more than just the observable and quantifiable. In part I agree but for me it is the faith and determination that I have in myself. Because I see us as god it could be interpreted as because I have faith in myself I have faith in god which is potential. jmccr8 Well, isn't that what I was saying in the post he responded to? But, I do feel the same way as you do, from your last line in your post. All we mortals, dreaming of immortality, or are we immortals, lost in a mortal dream? Naw, ya still lost me, Hammie! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry.
  8. She died later in hospital, it's in the links I've been posting.
  9. When I was a lad it was paper bags and returnable bottles, we kids used to collect pop bottles to return to the shop for a few pence each. Milk bottle empty's were returned and reused...why is it not possible to go back to that simple clean system??
  10. Researchers believe that it is very likely that the interstellar asteroid came from a binary star system.
  11. Glad to see you are also calling out this immature false bravado. One can't even debate that kind of illogic without descending to their level. We need better quality discussions on this forum.
  12. I've heard this story, but require links to support this. If memory serves (might not) he was still getting treatments as well.
  13. When I was reading about this earlier, I kept thinking of my kids. They just happen to be boy, four years younger than the girl. (They're adults now.) But I do remember when they were the ages of the kids in the article, they too fought over things, including the controller. (oh man, there really is or was, hissy fits that went on on who actually owned one particular one.) Anyways, despite my hubby being in the military, no matter where we lived, there was never any gun in the house. I actually try to remember how I was during these situations. Granted, they were my only two, but at those ages, I was in another room. Though, when hearing them at it again, I did come running into their room to try to defuse it. Though, I think, as parents, we try to teach them how to handle situations like this. Could either of them could have reached for something that could harm the other? I don't remember them doing that. So, even though they did squabble, yell, and get into hissy fits, they didn't resort to violence. I do agree, the parenting aspect wasn't in the negative in this. In my feeling, that is. How was it, that the boy felt he needed to reach for the gun to deal with this? And yes, I agree with various posters here, how is it he knew? Why was a gun so readily to him? I grew up, where I remember my father did own some guns, rifles I believe. But, they were locked up high, and I don't think any of us knew how to get to them. And if I remember correctly, he ended up selling them. I grew up with four siblings, (think of all the brawls and the like I grew up to. ) I don't think any of us really felt the need to resort to violence to each other. Though, I must admit, there was a big bay window I kind of .................... hurt......................... but, I learned my lesson!!!! (Oh yes I did!! ) Now, when I read one particular article, it said the girl was wounded and in the hospital. I don't know if it got updated, I hope she recovers. Though, it was in the brain, correct? I don't know how her life is going to be from now on. or a cop If cops did have them in the own, would they readily have them accessible. I would think they, of all people, would have them safely locked away or something close to that, where they're not readily accessible to kids.
  14. Then why do you bother? I make a comment, then this happens. Why? If I am nothing, then why do you keep this going? I upset you just like I do others. Apparently I'm the gold standard for offensiveness. (Yes I read that comment). There are believers that are just as bad or even worse than myself.
  15. All we mortals, dreaming of immortality, or are we immortals, lost in a mortal dream?
  16. Yes, they do. It's called mind over body, and they helped a little boy destroy his brain tumor by imagining he was using a Star Wars laser gun fired at it. He did that regularly and in a year the tumor was gone. A woman ridded herself of breast cancer simply through positive meditation it was gone. My dog had a bump on her nose of unknown origin, and just by applying positive energy, the hard bump disappeared.
  17. Coming after you? Who started this exchange? You started it and if your not prepared to take as good as you give, maybe shouldn't have. We've been here before, as well. All you are to me is lines on a screen, someone behind one cute little avatar or another, poking and jibing and denigrating what others hold precious. You may change the window dressing, but the merchandise is still the same.
  18. Well, I'm sure the bug colonies were not intended. That's why the brains and eyes were preferably removed, I suspect. Besides which, the cadre of mummification priests perhaps were looking forward (!) to that day's lunch fixins: Yes, shocking...needs some sauce to cover the gruesome!
  19. She used to do some stuff for Alex Jones, as I recall, but I think she decided he was becoming a bit too potty.
  20. Hi Stubbly I think that he is saying that there is more than just the observable and quantifiable. In part I agree but for me it is the faith and determination that I have in myself. Because I see us as god it could be interpreted as because I have faith in myself I have faith in god which is potential. jmccr8
  21. I am extremely concerned about all of the plastic that is unnecessarily used by us. Straws, disposable plastic tableware, single use plastic bottles. I truly feel that we need to do something about the amount of toxic plastic we bring into our environment every day, so although I'm not for banning legos I do believe that people should be made to think more about the hazard that they potentially bring into our environment. Arnold Shwarzenegger believes there should be warning labels. How about you? Link
  22. And it's been 3 years since the OP was last here. There's little point in keeping this thread open.
  23. Thank you as well, for also clarifying it for me. I was wondering if that is what is being discussed. For me, though, I was trying to understand Hammie's point in reply to my point of not relying solely on faith, that even though faith is used, yes, being informed is the end result to anything, in my feeling. If I looked over Hammie's quote to me again: I guess, he's agreeing with my point in not solely using faith in decisions and actions...... I guess. Hammie! Help me out here!!!
  24. How many time will you come after me? It's as if you're on a mission or something? What? Do you miss the old Xeno? So what's the real reason you come after me? Looking for a "lost soul" to convert? Would you rather me constantly complain about everything? Seriously what gives? We've done this dance since I first joined.
  25. tcgram

    I really don't get the saying "It's always the last place you look." I mean of course it is. No one finds what they are looking for then continues to look.

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