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  2. Warmer days ahead cracking the ice crust hatches the world from great egg
  3. acute

    Have you noticed on the news?..... Britain expells "spies" but Russia expells "diplomats".

    We don't have any spies, you see. :lol:

  4. lmao, bull, that is exactly what it's used for, for gun dealers to call in. your anti NRA propaganda noticed, lol btw article says removed, so would i believe you or the article, hm, ....definitely not you
  5. SUBSCRIBE So should we vote ‘remain’ if we want to protect our food security? Not necessarily. Consider the question of whether the EU will punish us for leaving, with tariffs depressing prices for UK farmers. It’s possible, but the EU needs us more than we need them. We have a huge trading deficit with the EU and almost half of it, £32 billion, is with Germany. They are desperate for us to keep buying their cars and white goods, so maybe we shouldn’t panic too much on that score. And how unknown will the unknown we are leaping into actually be? It is known, for example, that we would finally be allowed to negotiate our own trade agreements with non-EU countries, because Iceland does this already, most successfully. Already 60 per cent of our trade is with countries outside the EU, and British farmers will become more competitive in their dealings with them if they are no longer tied down by EU red tape. But from the farmers’ perspective, these are secondary issues. What matters more to them in the short term is being able to stay in business, and they won’t be able to do that without subsidies. This is where Westminster will have to step in, if it is serious about food security. The weird thing is, it would make financial sense. Just to continue paying farmers the same subsidy as they are getting now would cost the British taxpayer half as much, because, at present, we pay £6 billion a year into the CAP, but our farmers get only £3 billion back. British farmers are effectively subsidising their competitors: the French, by far the biggest beneficiary of the CAP, receive three times as much.
  6. This falls under the header "be careful what you wish for" You cant run around saying its a mental health issue and then be upset when people start paying attention to those with mental health issues.
  7. she is undocumented, she is not under daca protection, contrary to your opinion, so yea she is.
  8. A handwritten note from 1899 has been found inside the pillar of a Victorian bridge in Cardiff by workers preparing to demolish it. Splott Road Bridge is being rebuilt, allowing it to be raised and strengthened for the electrification of the railway line. The note, dated June 1st 1899, was found as Network Rail contractors worked on the upgrade. It appears to say: "This bridge was constructed by Makay and Daniel 1899."
  9. I know that, but the EU redistributes the money by subsidising our dairy farms in a way that a post-Brexit UK government won't.
  10. A treasure trove of Iron Age artefacts has been found at a site on Scotland's Orkney Islands that was once home to a tall monumental tower-like structure. Archaeologists excavating the area found evidence of a 'great feast' that dates back back around 2,000 years, to the Middle-to-Late Iron Age. Ancient bones, jewellery and crude metalworking tools were found at at the site, where sheep, otters, cows and horses were sacrificed for the clifftop banquet.
  11. WHO CARES WHAT MANY HAVE SAID, i see what happens, i had 3 guns basically confiscated due to new laws, 1 of them .22 bolt action rifle, not ar not ak, not uzi, or a machine gun, an effing bolt action .22, that is the thing you talk a lot but have no idea what you talking about, you have no effing idea what really going on in usa
  12. So I asked about the video because one in white mode has a dark object and another in black mode has a dark object. But here is a an unrelated comment about the BS coming from the for profit group formed by Delonge. Didn't this for profit group say they would release 24 videos? After 5 months they have released 3. This video is a part of the GIMBAL video it seems. They chopped up a video into multiple pieces. As I pointed out in a thread about the stories told by Elizondo not matching up with efforts made through the FOIA, it seems that these videos and the group he claimed to run are not being supported by replies from the US government.
  13. Why do you continue to peddle this book?. It offers no evidence for it's claims, the Author is unknown and the substance he or she were taking when writing it are also unkown. I know it's claimed higher beings helped but there is no evidence and you can't support that.
  14. maybe you should turn on your brain and stop snorting whatever you snorting, there is not a single word on his condition, in the article except 56-year-old Lighthouse Point man who was determined to be a potential risk to himself or others. determined by whom, based on what????????????? change your dealer cuz sht he sells you makes you see things
  15. You'd expect they would be the ones to drop the 'gotten' and keep only the shorter 'got', wouldn't you?
  16. Wow! A copy and paste from the for profit group. No personal comments. Let's take a look at what these for profit purveyors of gobbly gook posted. 1. It appears that this is a video clip from the GIMBAL video but 900 seconds earlier. 2. It's apparently the same group on the same plane playing with their equipment and learning how to use it. 3. The video lacks the section normally placed on the front and end noting that this is a video released by the government. 4. The 259 knots and Mach 0.61 are not in agreement probably because these clowns don't understand what they posted. 5. The unidentified vehicle? Seriously vehicle? It is small and probably a bird or weather balloon. 6. They claim "flying very low over the water" when in fact it is over 10,000 feet up. Clowns. 7. They get it right finally that the capture took multiple tries. 8. They also get it right that the equipment operator is excited - probably due to their recent use of the device. 9. Now they suggest that " Even IR imagery of a cruise missile, would have visible wings at this range." A cruise missile is roughly 20 feet long, a 12 foot wingspan and the wings are a foot across. It is not a cruise missile. The object is about 6 to 10 feet across. The "There are no obvious wings or tails on the object." is true but suggesting not a cruise missile is really stupid because it is not in the shape of a cruise missile nor does it show exhaust. This is just an effort to mislead people. This observation does not rule out a bird or a weather balloon. 10. They notice and then waste time misleading with an image that "There is no exhaust plume from the object." That is consistent with a bird or a weather balloon. What is noticeable is that these clowns get the location of the object wrong, which is over 10,000 feet. They do not estimate the speed of the object which is around 20 to 35 knots. They do not estimate the size, which is 6 to 10 feet across. I think they posted the irrelevant crap they did to feed the loonies believing in them and their for profit group. They also did not point out that the ocean look tends to be the IR signal reflected from the sky. That is why the waves are seen. The water should be a consistent color. But is shows texture which is really different temperatures from above being reflected from various angled parts of the water surface. Don't forget this is a part of the GIMBAL video and the times show it to be 900 minutes earlier.
  17. My guess is the Virginia loss busted many a bracket. Virginia Loses in a Way No One Will Ever Forget
  18. Well... Can we please go to the Vaticans library get all the religious texts and apply the same technique so we can try to regain some of our real history, rather than the fearful baseless rantings of crazy zealots.
  19. Britain doesn't receive any money from the EU. Britain is a net contributor to the EU budget.
  20. Something tells me the Inspector General's report is going to be very telling as to why Mr McCabe was fired. Let's be real here, both Sessions and Director Wray know the conclusions of the IG's report are not very favorable (as in horrible) regarding Mr McCabe's conduct at the FBI.
  21. A self-declared "cyborg" has been fined after he was unable to produce his travel card on request - because it had been implanted in his hand. The 34-year-old man, whose legal name is Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow, had the chip from the card inserted under his skin by a piercing expert in 2017. The NFC chip was taken from an Opal travel card - used to get around Sydney and similar to London's Oyster card. He had it coated in bio-compatible plastic before it was implanted.
  22. The inviolate text of the record of Jesus' life and teachings will be found in Part 4 of the Urantia Book.
  23. History and the present clearly points to the bible thumpers rejecting it with the utmost contempt. It is easy to see they embraced might is right with the "God Almighty" as their malignant narcissist in chief.
  24. You need to pay for the answer. They only accepts credit cards.
  25. Please don't bother making the mechanism as it won't work. As an engineer and physics lecturer I can guarantee it won't work. Overunity goes against all current understanding of laws of physics and thermodynamics. There have been papers regarding the second law being broken at the nanoscal level however it's not concrete evidence yet. I doubt a mechanism with so many moving parts as you described will not have issues with friction, heating and it needs to be started externally.
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  27. "Really? so where can it be found?", the incredulous listener asked, for the second time.
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