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  2. A monty python thread. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ COOL !
  3. Machines made from DNA show signs of LIFE

    Here's an idea for you to entertain. Let's say it's near the end of humanity's life span. We as a species decide to create a life form that will evolve to fill every niche a planet might require including something like us. What if we are the one's that seed the cosmos? Right now such a thing is fantasy, but in say 100 years it might not be.
  4. 'Extinct' flower rediscovered via drones

    The article says they tried things before and were unsuccessful. I would give nature a chance to take it's course. Researchers believe it is pollinated by native birds. While scientists had tried to use cross-pollination, grafting, and tip cuttings to propagate the plant, none of their attempts were successful.
  5. Making The Law of Attraction Actually Work

    The universe has both a light side and a dark side to it. That means to be in balance with life you need to develop both your light side and dark side. If you go through life trying to be solely good then there are some harsh lessons to come your way. Likewise if you are pure evil you wont like what happens to you either. You need to learn to master both along with how and when to apply them. Life does not favour the solely good or solely evil and will hold you back for it. It will punish and crush you for it. You have already been stung by the sounds of things. You need to learn to be kind, compassionate, forgiving, helpful, loving, and nice to other people. While also learning to lie, cheat, hate, resent, be mean, and ruin peoples lives. In essence, the point of life is for you to build up your wisdom of what is good and evil through experience. Your Bible tells you that, read all the stories of people climbing back up the old ladder to reunify with good. Read King Solomon. Everyone from Abraham to Moses were sinners and they all went far. You have cut off the dark side of reality so now you are out of balance with it. It is not what God intended for you. God used that old snake in the Garden of Eden to try and push man in the right direction. You need the knowledge (or wisdom) of what is good and evil in order to become like God. Not a one sided approach. Do you really think the high flyer in society is good? He/she is both good and evil. He/she has gained insights into how this duality works. They know when to use good and when to use evil. Like I have told you up above hate the poor (not the rich), be selfish (instead of charitable), be lazy (instead of a hard worker), try to avoid responsibility (instead of seeking it), try to do the minimum (instead of working hard), etc. Do that and you will end up rich. Poor people will cause you problems though and everyone will want money from you. You will also be forced to have to work hard and get thrusted into leadership positions because of all the incompetent morons around you. Do that instead of being positive, making plans, wishing for things to change, etc. You are trying to use the light side in a situation where you need to be using the dark side.
  6. Machines made from DNA show signs of LIFE

    Yes I know that evolution and reason don't share Facebook friends, but my point is that only intelligent life matters on the universal scale. Ignorant life does not matter. It is just a biproduct. Like a color that no one sees. It was there, but never mattered.
  7. When grandma is drunk and it's not even Christmas yet.
  8. Atheism is incompatible with science

    It could even be the dream before the nothing.
  9. Machines made from DNA show signs of LIFE

    youre missing the bigger picture.....all life on earthed started from microbes
  10. 'Extinct' flower rediscovered via drones

    Making the plant available to various botanical gardens through seed propagation and eventually for sale in commercial nurseries can help ensure its survival...or at least give it a better chance...
  11. XenoFish

    Buy your tickets now. For the Bigfoot vs. Lizardman Death Match. 

  12. Machines made from DNA show signs of LIFE

    What's the point of a seed if you don't want the tree that might results.
  13. When she gets there she know, if the stores are all closed, with a word she can get what she came for But it makes me wonder ....
  14. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Yeah, I know there is now a desperate push by the Left to somehow place Trump and Barry on morally equivalent ground. It's not going to work. If you really want to extrapolate what we've seen so far, Trump's legacy will be as the man who ended the terrorist wars and saved the US from certain globalist slavery. Obama's legacy will be as the CIA-groomed, Manchurian Candidate POS the people of the US managed to scrape off their collective shoe-bottom. So, big difference.
  15. Eleven months on since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex tied the knot, the arrival of the couple's first child is just around the corner. So how much do we know about the future royal? When's the baby due? Initially we were told the couple's baby was coming in spring 2019. Meghan has since revealed a little more, saying she was due at the end of April or start of May. So now all we can do is watch and wait. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47934729
  16. Machines made from DNA show signs of LIFE

    What's the point of surviving, if surviving is all there is? To me, life has only one point: To eventually grasp the universe. Even if there are microbes on billions of planets, if they stay at that level, they are pointless.
  17. Machines made from DNA show signs of LIFE

    Waterbears will conquer the universe.
  18. I don't doubt that moon might have quite a few extremophiles. It's just no good for humans.
  19. Machines made from DNA show signs of LIFE

    Deinococcus radiodurans is an extremophilic bacterium, one of the most radiation-resistant organisms known. It can survive cold, dehydration, vacuum, and acid, and is therefore known as a polyextremophile and has been listed as the world's toughest bacterium in The Guinness Book Of World Records. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deinococcus_radiodurans
  20. One last thing Rabid. I know this method works. Because each morning I affirmed and acted. I told myself that "I will make the most of the day, regardless of what happens." Every single day even now. I broke that negative train of thought that was creating my depression. I didn't focus on being depressed, I focused on what I wanted instead. As it stands I have another statement right about my computer, that I used to remind myself of what I need to change about ME. I even made it a status update. So do not tell me I am wrong. I know it works. Focus on what you want to change and change it. I
  21. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Well, yes, In the same way there is no consensus on the Earth being round because there is always someone who will argue it is flat
  22. Jupiter puts out some hell on radiation.
  23. 'Extinct' flower rediscovered via drones

    I kind of hope they never reach the plants. It would be a shame to see the only three known to exist get wiped out by man's meddling. They certainly shouldn't cut them.
  24. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Ridiculous, yes. Ridiculous that they thought they would get away with it. It was, without question, an international conspiracy: George Papadopoulos‏ @GeorgePapa19 FollowFollow @GeorgePapa19 More You know who else was in London on May 6th (the day Mueller says the “investigation” launched) besides the DIA guys and Alexander Downer’s wannabe honeypot, Erika Thompson?Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok’s direct boss. The FBI/CIA was colluding with Australia to create a fake pretext
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