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  2. @Gilbert Syndrome after years and YEARS of threads on this website about this subject you are coming up with tons of “facts” nobody has ever posted before. How about some links?
  3. That's creepy and awesome. I loved the talking paintings, despite their obvious glitches. It'll be fun seeing what fake news makers do with this in the coming elections. Did I type 'fun'? Sorry, I meant F-ing terrible and horrifying. The fake drunk Pelosi was already bad enough, and that's clearly the tip of the iceberg. It was an obvious fake, yet far right wing people on fb still bought and shared it.
  4. I´m currently on a break from fighting pirates from coming into my mancave. Thank god tjat their mothers called them for lunch
  5. No. You’re wrong. The sound version was also YouTube years ago but like many copyrighted videos/movies is no longer there. As far as no scared horses watch the video again. When the alleged Sasquatch first shows up the footage is so shaky because they are filming from the back of a bucking horse. The footage gets steadier after the filmer dismounts.
  6. It's a very minor thing really, it hasn't bothered me for years. I've also often raised the point about Patterson having to have a bigfoot cistune handy, for his bigfoot film. It'd sort of be an essential. I don't usually bother with bigfoot but I do like the PG film as it's a classic hoax, nostalgia really. I think weakest part of it is the backstory. As in the part most vulnerable to scrutiny. Obviously, the fact that it suppisedly shows a bigfoot not withstanding.
  7. Lets see what terrorist state (ressource federastion) will do....
  8. Possibly, but if the guy in the suit was already with them that’s a lot less likely imo. You would think he would have been with them and changed into the suit and they would have had a discussion about where to walk and what to do and possibly even rehearsed it where the horses would have seen them.
  9. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Just  how creepy is that Rachel Maddow person? It is a woman is it? It's very hard to be sure

  10. How Iran will defeat Trump and America

    You speak accurately of a horrific HISTORY of so-called Christians who murdered, tortured, stole and enslaved Jews for centuries. That it happened is even LESS excusable, IMO, than what some Muslims do to Jews today. At least Muslims are exhorted to such behavior by their holy book. Christians undertook such acts on their own authority and desires completely. However, that does not mean that Islamic FUNDAMENTALISTS are any less a threat to modern civilization and especially to Jews and Christians.
  11. Tommy Robinson standing for MEP

    I think the anti-TR brigade like to imagine he is Islamophobic. He quite clearly is pointing out that different Muslims have different interpretations of the Quran and with some of the angles on it then its a terrorism threat in our society. And he doesnt have an attitude problem with Muslims, he is normal towards normal Muslims. But, you know what the politicians are like in this country. Everything except complete submission to immigrations and completely portraying it wholly in a positive light means you are a fascist lol.
  12. How Iran will defeat Trump and America

    You stated that the "Zionists" attempted to ethnicly cleans the "Arab World". Of COURSE they didn't. I know what I'm talking about. You used hyperbole to make some sort of point, and didn't succeed.
  13. I don't believe you

    a.) to back the claim, pls provide an associated study, conducted by a religion independent organization b.) pls provide information about the amount of donated money, and other values like properties , those went direct into the hidden cash boxes of the Vatican.
  14. Pseudoarchaeology Timeline

    Well, that literally is in the name. —Jaylemurph
  15. Waking up with bruises on my wrists?

    What would you be concerned about?
  16. Chimps seen cracking open tortoise shells

    i don't know, it's not such fun when the surprise is you
  17. Carlos Allende

    No human equivalent to the level of happiness a dog gets from running across a field just a-sniffin and a-chasin, is there? 

  18. Well, he lost every science debate he participated in and then built the Ark. Not exactly Fulbright material.
  19. Abortion exceptions

    It's absolutely a form of birth control. Abortion= no birth. The abortion rates are half what they were twenty years ago because of better birth control policies. Sex Ed, access to birth control, and getting rid of abstinence only training would go a lot farther reducing abortion rates that merely passing a law. All that is going to do is criminalize it. No on the AIDs wards. AIDS is relatively new and started off in the gay men community. No one even really paid attention to it till the 80's. As for other STDs - they can cause infertility of complications with pregnancy. Don't really need to put anyone in a ward to treat them either. Give them some antibiotics and send them home. The reason for the wards back then was because there was often residual tissue that started to go septic left behind or other damage that required hospitalization to be treated. Edit to add: I don't think anyone really cares about kids put up for adoption or in foster homes, hence the lack of data.
  20. Still on 16 Volt The battle is over The war is lost Kill the survivor Whatever the cost Is this how it's supposed to be? I think I still need therapy
  21. Wouldn't that be under the (wait for it... ) Act of God clause?
  22. So the astronauts in earth orbit would transmit to the CIA satellite which would then relay the signals to the CSM which would in turn, transmit the signals back to earth? LMAO. One question, how did the CIA satellite account for the time it takes the signal to transmit to CSM and back to earth? Also, how did this satellite receive signals from the EO craft when they weren't in a compatible position?
  23. Waking up with bruises on my wrists?

    nothing peranormal you bruised yourself and didnt know it, boring but true.
  24. What Are These Shadow People?

    When did yours first start? Were there any major life events around that time?
  25. Today
  26. Dumbledore the Awesome

    poached egg?

  27. I don't believe you

    Faith through fear is not authentic. Faith through trust is, trust can be shown, it can be proven. I see no real proof of gods love. Just confirmation bias.
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