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  2. You view life in Harmony but you follow the GT.
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  4. Hi Piney Like I'm all out of likes. Yes and I suspect that there has been a lot of archeological sites that have been lost due to the effects of the floods. Some of these floods were moving as much volume of all the rivers globally. jmccr8
  5. Everything that is like Christ is cherished.
  6. Mississippi Alluvial Plain. That river had to be a beast at the end of the last glaciation.
  7. Working gun control? Gun control that actually stops people who are disqualified from purchasing a gun from purchasing a gun? There needs to be changes. And if the next generation of voters, have to protest to achieve that, as an Adult, I will support them. And these kids are not naive. Not the ones who live in areas they don't leave thier own homes because of gun deaths or who have been through gun violence. Thier innocents is lost.
  8. Before you make any comments about gnosticism know it well because you don't know anything about it. Your facts as you call them are laughable. Someone did a real number on you. GT is a gnostic book because of salvation through knowledge. Demiurge is not god. Who is this demiurge I wonder?
  9. Haven't a clue.
  10. No it's not. It was probably based on the maps of Columbus and it's portrayal of the North American Coast is completely inaccurate.
  11. Is this what was said in the pamphlet sent to your house by the government? the one i got said leaving ment leaving everything and there'd be no going back, all the senior members of the government said there'd be a recession the day after the referendum thousands would lose their jobs straight away, the media also spouted the same mantra, Johnson and Farage were amoung a few lone voices and not even in government we voted to leave in spite of all the doom and gloom, you've been spouting this crap since day 1, shut up!
  12. You really did not post that link I know...One of the biggest ufo hoax sites on the web! Scott Waring runs it..
  13. Now I can picture @ShadowSot out there in public bein' like:
  14. This doesn't support your original claim that the cross was a sign of oppression for the Jews in particular. I have no dispute that the Romans used crucifixion as a form of death. And you didn't address my second question.
  15. What evidence do you have that makes YOU so certain that it is aliens or angels?
  16. Hi Blaye After looking through what you have presented so far all I can say is that I appreciate the effort that you have put into you theory but I don't see the connection that you are inferring. jmccr8
  17. the pier reis map which is sourced from older Greek maps from the 4th BC. probably the best evidence for Phoenician, Greek and Roman travel outside of the Mediterranean basin and into the Atlantic. the map also shows Antarctica. another interesting fact is that only 1/3 of the map has been found.
  18. I thought for a sec that black thing in between the two heels was a part of them. Nice lookin' though.
  19. It's kind of weird seeing kids marching for causes they don't fully understand, on behalf of teachers/parents/donors who would be more successful in their crusades with a child's face on the cover. Students plan pro-life walkout Eh, I'm not sure how I feel about this developing trend
  20. Hi Blaye There were 50 mega floods after the last ice age in N.America, the same thing happened in the Urals and much of Europe at about the same time so cultures all over the world would have flood stories that are not related. The one flood plain in the East U.S. that emptied into the Gulf of Mexico was 120 miles wide so the devistation would have been significant. jmccr8
  21. Ahh yes...the next "tragedy". Let me tell you a bit about it. It will happen in a matter of months, maybe weeks. It will be a white male, probably in his 20's, on the trigger of an AR type rifle. He will shoot as many as he can in a few minutes then shoot himself as cops arrive. The same questions will be asked, the same voices will rage and the post-mortem on the whole event will come down to a few salient points. He will have left indications of what he was planning. Someone in his orbit will have suspected what he intended to do and no one will have attempted to stop him. There will be no proof that removing guns from our culture would have stopped him, specifically, yet the howls of disgust will be full-throated and we, here, will chew the same dirt and come to the same conclusions. The key part of the story will be HOW he got onto the campus with the weapon and why he couldn't have been taken down sooner, while more victims still had a chance. I firmly believe that it is the destructive, mind-numbing culture that our freewheeling friends on the Left have created that has led to these blood orgies. That said, I refuse to let them benefit from these horrors by taking my rights away as a result of the soul sickness they have spread. Parkland is the perfect storm of reasons why giving a government MORE control is the worst solution. These kids need to grow the hell up and if they want to demand change then let it begin with them. Let THEM start watching for signs of insanity amongst their peers and reporting it in time! Let THEM police their own communities and classrooms for indications of desperation and reach out to the marginalized or angry and try to be a friend in one way or another. If that fails then they need to learn that seeing something and saying something isn't just a trite slogan, it's life insurance.
  22. I can’t velieve people want to ban this...
  23. Really hard to find an Eagle meme that isn't political...
  24. if you suffered that badly you'd never have clicked on it in the first place I call fake *and no, I don't care watch out its gonna get yooooooooo
  25. This kinda reminds me of post #87 Just curious. What kind of religious BS was you faced with today? Who are "we"?
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