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  2. Yes, Keith please respond. In case you’re not sure what we’d like a response to...
  3. While this is true. There are those who only want belief over knowledge. This is nothing wrong with having faith in a higher power, it's a personal belief. However, I can not help but think that those who want to connect dots that don't exist do not actually believe, they need something to validate their spirituality that's concrete. This is one of the reasons I've put spirituality in the psychology (soft science) bin. It deals with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. And how beliefs affect you.
  4. I think I like the idea BUT after the way this administration went after the J20 folks it brings me right back to a paranoid state. Trump Said to Weigh 'Red Flag' Orders to Take Guns Away Quickly
  5. So how about it Kieth - defend those test results. How can you say it's bone black when the tester can't possibly verify that? Maybe because you already knew what it was, since you put it there? Or maybe it isn't bone black at all. No response IS a response, btw, but not one that helps your case.
  6. Kia ora, Mo. I meant "operator" in the sense of a person who takes telephone calls and dispatches resources. The linkage of "mind" and "feel" was taken and continued from the post to which I responded. Sorry if any of that was unclear. Guyver I didn't get that from the post in the context of the exchange of which it was a part. It may be a fine line between criticizing the world view and criticizing the person, but it looked to me like Harte stayed in fair territory. Speaking of world views, I think I understand that you believe in God, and that you believe that God sometimes intervenes in the world. I am not at all clear about what you think about God in relation to evolution by natural selection, nor your thinking on whether real science does or can include any form of "supernaturally directed" evolution.
  7. It practically seems like just about every very old fort/inn/prison/psychiatric hospital/battlefield/etcetera is haunted after following this stuff for years. I'm beginning to think it is almost to be expected in places where a long history of emotional events have occurred.
  8. Dear Not a Rockstar and eight bits Thank you so much for your kind emails. Yes, you are both right - I need to talk to others about it but there are problems with that. One has Asperger's and tries to be kind but doesn't quite 'get' the emotion, and the other is as emotional as me and I don't like to burden her as her mother died at the same time as my father, over 20 years ago and she gets quite upset when we talk about things. We tend to email and meet up every few weeks as we live some distance away. I am so sorry for the loss of your father, Not a Rockstar, and I guess it seems a bit odd an 'oldie' like me finding it hard to accept my mother's death, but we were still children to our parents and that relationship doesn't alter. I have been under medication for sleeping and depression over the 6 years since mum died. I had some counselling over a year ago but it didn't really address the problem. Your suggestion, eight bit, is rather interesting. I have written the odd play which has been performed by amateurs and have been thinking about getting back into my writing. In fact, my two good friends and I were thinking of putting on an evening of short plays written by us (they both write, too). It may be cathartic to do as you suggest, even though it may be upsetting at times, to write such a short play, based on the feelings that I can remember from the dreams, attaching it to an interesting situation that an audience can relate to. It all seemed so real at the time and I should have kept a notebook by my bed for such things, but the dreams have been so few and far between, I always forgot to arrange it. Anyway, bless you both for caring enough to write. My three cats are certainly 'doing their bit' to keep my spirits up, and thank God for them, or Mum, whoever sent them to me!
  9. Have you had your boyfriend run what is approximately the same route you think you hear the footsteps going while you stayed inside to listen? This could be an easy way to figure out if its actually footsteps or not.
  10. Take all the time you need. Our hearts go out to you.
  11. dang, brutal :/
  12. LOL feed your fish, man
  13. Its funny how that works, I have an 18 year old with no interest in driving, which is good because he is very young for his age. However I also have a 13 year old who if legal id probably feel comfortable tossing the keys to now.
  14. Can your boyfriend run to the deck immediately and check the roof the next time it happens? Can you install a security camera? Footsteps are a commonly reported in haunting cases as you probably know. Good luck.
  15. As the "report" is utterly lacking in the complete primary data (in detail), questions can arise. Would humbly refer you back to my contribution #446 and the deafening lack of response. Please note figures. .
  16. This isn't an argument. Its simply presenting facts. Since the aforementioned facts dispel the innuendo in the Nunes memo, no its not a surprised that they mentioned their "grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy"
  17. Yes, and Each to their own.. I Am not religious, nor does it bother me, if People are good, this is what matters more than "Labels" and Sides .. I Am Spiritual, I have Seen and Done Many Many Many Amazing things and Frightening things also, which is very real because of this Yin yang, Dark/Light Mind Over Matter situation we have at Present .. There Are Brilliant and Good Honest Ppl in Every Field .. When you go against Status Quo, expect Resistance .. Change is not Easy ... But hold fast to You .. Your Inner You , Knows ..what your Desire is and I say Awesome .. Go for it . and this is True for Everyone .. Trust in Self Again .. Mo..xx
  18. I'm about to pull sausage and kraut out of he oven so will be back later and all after dinner... But I would really like a few cat memes posted up by the time I get back please. Puppy adorable can count here too...but a toothache of confection of sweet kitties and puppies is in order for dessert tonight please.... And your cookoff super cute meme off of one hour starts... NOW!!!
  19. I listened to a few. Some were pretty good, some not so good to my ears. Thanks for sharing. To spike the conversation here, can you give us a video time of about the best one or two?
  20. Look it up on search, Fort Washita. There you'll find sites with pictures.
  21. We're here whenever you need or want to talk.
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