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  2. It was described as looped around the neck, not tied. What I meant was that I don't know why Peterson had those items in the truck that night, I don't know how he considered those items- or whether he'd considered them at all- at that point in time; I just know that after that night, circumstances show that he considered those items as potentially incriminating.
  3. Yes it’s pretty amazing! Sad too though for the little fellas that didn’t make it. May they Rest In Peace in goose heaven.
  4. Lilly said they were for crimes prior to them working for the campaign. I said that the latest indictments weren't and then also went on to add in the very same post that there was nothing in there related to Russia. Need to read past the first sentence, Merc.
  5. I look at all the evidence and argumentation from all sides and form a judgment on likeliness. Seems like the sound approach. It is better than being prejudiced by personal history.
  6. PINEY a spirit drawing an upside down man on numerous occasions and the substance it chooses to use incinerated Bison bones/Cow bones (modern day) IMO is a Native American connection. If that offends you then oh well. I'm not here to offend. I'm here to follow leads. An Upside Down man from my research has hints at Native origins. I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time. My report said high probability and my report said I would be taking this theory further when I visit the respective Native American museums. I might get there and get laughed out of the building, or maybe I won't. Maybe I'll see another Upside Down Man symbol drawn somewhere. The Poltergeist drew that in my office - numerous times. A couple of times it had knife, cross of center dead center. That might mean something. I dont operate on limits. I operate on theories. My theory might hit a dead end, oh well - most theories do. Or it might not. I wont know until I exhaust every means at my disposal..
  7. Oh come on, you know better than that! What was the bank fraud etc. related to? (Hint it had nothing to do with Trump campaign) This kind of nitpicking doesn't fit with your statement that " Spoiler: I'm not going to prefix everything I say with IMO. " = Only Tiggs gets to nitpick.
  8. The thing is, if there aren't any "bodies hidden" then it really won't matter what Manafort claims.
  9. Dear atheist colleagues here, I see that no atheist here has done any investigation of existence. You can't accept that? My observation that no atheist here has done any investigation of existence? Okay, start investigating and reporting here what is your concept of existence and how you come to it. Dear all visitors, let you all await with bated breath to witness an atheist here presenting his concept of what is existence, from his investigation of existence.
  10. You haven't seen much of anything. You just believe what others tell you and that's a big point.
  11. Fine. But that doesn’t mean others couldn’t have seen things you haven’t. That was my point.
  12. Depends which sources and methods Mueller would have to burn to prove it in a court of law. As a pure hypothetical -- remember Trump's claim that the UK Government were wiretapping Trump Tower? That claim marries up with a longstanding rumor that GCHQ had hot-mike'd Manafort's mobile phone. If -- and again, this is a pure hypothetical -- if they did do that -- then they'll have recorded the Don Jr meeting at Trump Tower. And if they did -- then Mueller will know exactly what was said during that meeting. And if there really was "a well-developed conspiracy of co-operation between them and the Russian leadership" which was discussed during that meeting -- then Mueller would know all about it. In that sort of scenario -- less embarrassing international incidents all round if he can just get Manafort to 'fess, and point to where all the bodies are hidden.
  13. That's easy. I live and I die. What I do between birth and death are up to me. I hold to no promise of an afterlife, instead I try to make the most of the finite time I have. In general terms I am what you would call a Realist, on a more philosophical note, I am a pessimistic existentialist. Does that work for you.
  14. Look , this is the way I feel.There are many things about the world whether visible or invisible. My dad would on ocassion tell some family ghost stories from Germany, like the strange bar of light near Gambach, which followed my great grandmother's family down a hillside path one night after going to another village for a festival. At some point on their way home, they picked up this strange light. It followed them until they got to this roadside shrine which is very common in Catholic Bavaria, and then it seemed to disappear. Several days later great grandma's father asked some of the older people in town about it. Apparently they knew of the light. The path had been used during The Children's Crusade (Middle Ages) it was very old. And the reason for the shrine was because a young girl had been murdered there.Many thought it was her spirit acting as a guide. Daddy also mentioned an experience great great uncle had with a werewolf back in Latvia on his mother's side.) My dad, his mother and her Aunt Louise used to have these particular dreams. And whenever they did ,someone in the family died. So I don't discount peoples experiences just out of hand. Never did my mom ever tell any from her side,who were hungarian. Or maybe she never heard any. I've heard of writings on the wall like at Borley Rectory in England and elsewhere. Also thrown objects, objects disappearing and then reappearing etc. Where they go I don't know, maybe another dimension. Heck the paranormal is even mentioned in the bible for example the Witch of Endor. Jesus drove out demons, and the Apostles think St.Peter who had an encounter with Simon Magnus. What I wonder is has someone bought the house, and living in it,and if so are they having any paranormal activity. If they are, with writings on the wall etc. then there is definetly something going on.
  15. I agree and you can't criminally prosecute a sitting president but Muller's marching orders, at least in my thinking, is to get enough to allow the democrats, after winning win their majorities in both houses this November , can start impeachment proceedings. I agree with you on the Steele dossier, the evidence he has re. this collusion is info recieved directly from Russian Intelligence source, you know the ones with that urinating on the bed story.
  16. To add, the schools are being close, now parents are not sending the kids to the elementary schools,afraid the attacker will go there. Now also many reports of a lot of schools are getting threats. Maybe police ought to be put in and gives teachers guns.
  17. And I in contrast have come to believe his honesty heavily based on a number of serious and professional investigators that have actually been to the house such as those in the video in post 43.
  18. Yesterday, a former politician praised the high school students who are demanding safety in their schools. His words: "We've been waiting for you". Every one of those students should've responded, "Who are the adults here? Why were YOU waiting for US to get involved before protecting our schools?" Once again, the politicians are kicking the can down the road.
  19. This thread needs to just be locked. It's going nowhere fast and it's obviously pointless trying to get anything out of the OP.
  20. Weeeeell... KFC ran out of chicken... but.... I'm not sure that really counts ?
  21. Dear atheist colleagues here, do you have beliefs at all? I like very much to know what are your beliefs.
  22. "All I wished to see" is what I said. I don't want to see more....
  23. The world ended...didn't you notice?
  24. No, You lied about bone black having native connections and you changed your story onmany aspects.
  25. Which is a different statement from ‘all there is to see’. I don’t think anyone has seen everything.
  26. Searching the British newspaper archives and I found 'many' passengers who died on the ship. Literally hundreds of results came up. I just glanced down the first page and saw the following: 1936 - Able Seaman fractures skull aboard Queen Mary. Taken off and dies soon after. 1936 - Captain of new liner Queen Mary suffers fatal stroke in cabin. Taken off and dies soon after. 1936 - A female passenger has died aboard the Queen Mary. 1936 - Golden wedding tragedy. Mr. Frank Coffin, 73 fractures skull aboard Queen Mary and dies. 1936 - Able Seaman killed. Fatal accident aboard Queen Mary. 1947 - Famous Evangelist Gipsy Smith, 87, dies of heart attack aboard the Queen Mary. 1950 - Mr Robert Rolland Metcalf, 37 died suddenly aboard the Queen Mary. 1950 - Mr. William H. Barrett, 69 died in his sleep from heart failure aboard the Queen Mary. The list goes on and on......
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