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  2. I don't believe you

    No, not by the victim.
  3. Doing God's will.

    What color shirt are you wearing? Could you have chosen to wear a different shirt? It's baffling. That you want to make a case (for example) that you do not have a the power to choose which shirt to wear. Is that what you're making a case for? That you couldn't have chosen to wear a different shirt? It's as if you're trying to make a case that your not responsible for your choices.
  4. I don't believe you

    Just a line from The Wrath of Khan.
  5. I don't believe you

    The first question vegans ask me is could you kill that animal yourself for the meat. I always say yes. I grew up on a farm. I've done it plenty of times. The reason I can't see eating meat as ever being seen as evil is because we are omnivores by nature. We didn't get a choice there really. It's our makeup. Lie you say, with synthetics, we are likely to find that a viable alternative one day, but I just don't see a natural function as evil in any way. As for pets, my dog is very spoiled. Considering pets as evil is only a PETA dream. Walkers suggestion is ridiculous.
  6. I don't believe you

    I like this, but actually I see humans as having a greater potential than the y demonstrate at present. Vulcans were not naturally rational beings They became so to survive after nearly destroying their world in wars , and educated their young to think only logically and rationally. While humans should retain their capacity for emotion, the y must learn to react logically, not emotionally, if we are to survive
  7. Knowing someone is dead before being told...

    Yes I agree. Quantum entanglement, universal consciousness, something....
  8. I don't believe you

    Wrong, wrong, and wrong, but yes it is a way of interpreting it A modern reader must look through the eyes of the original writer in order to understand the story and its purpose This requires a lot of study of the historical period, beliefs, and culture, of the writer. It also requires academic understanding of the principles of deconstructing texts But never mind It is actually one of several academic interpretations i have encountered while studying how to deconstruct the bible Your last comment is disrespectful but also totally disconnected from my academic skills training and abilty the current US Secretary of housing and urban development (Ben Carsons) was told the exam questions for his final medical exam by angels, yet became one of Americas top neuro surgeons
  9. Doing God's will.

    Of course. But it can never be "freely willed" in the sense you propose. Unless you can think of something that allows for "could have chosen otherwise" in any particular situation, either logically or in principle?
  10. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Unfortunately we are not dealing with open minded individuals, of if we brought up the following someone who is open would see that serious doubts are raised. • In the 70's, a prominent scientist said, that the science made it highly likely that we would see several large scale negative things occur in 15 years time, or whatever, and it was 100% incorrect, (previous post l made here). Quite ironically all the end is nigh predictions made on Earth Day in the 70's were all, well, none of them occurred. • Now almost 50 years later, on Earth Day, 2 days ago, David Attemborough makes a similar statement in his so called Factural Prop,....doc, "based on the science it is highly likely, blah, blah". Notice a pattern here??? The best scientists and science cannot predict anything reliably! And yet we can reliably predict the end is nigh in the year 2033! The end has been nigh for the last 50 ....years, but l guess that the fanatics don't want to give up their GMC, decoder rings and grim reaper hoods for anything. I don't care either way, but make my decisions on Valid evidence, not emotional dependency. It is funny that when this point is brought up, no rebuttel, just "personal warnings and equally change the subject comments". I have seen this convenient dismissal many times, with someone either attacking the poster or the evidence, with the evidence being valid, and the opposing side having issues. I think the issue is that one side believes in anything mass media, gov, and ...nature doc, presenters, actors, etc say, since they need to believe that the earth is a shiny apple, and don't want to believe that it is rotten in the core, (which is closer to reality) since that leads to fear and dread scenarios, (grays, or aliens near earth, ghosts, Mars not being dead and so forth). We can try to show that this view has serious issues, but the closer we get to showing things that should raise serious doubt the more spaghetti science is brought up and the more "see spot run" evidence is given. Best to leave the cows in the pasture!
  11. That might have been another reason I would have trashed it. EVD I read and it was was painful especially the 'bomber bays picture'.
  12. Let's talk history

    120kya in Australia? Bowler et al’s report on the Moyjil site is a model for how to present claims of early presence (of humans) https://archeothoughts.wordpress.com/2019/03/13/120kya-in-australia-bowler-et-als-report-on-the-moyjil-site-is-a-model-for-how-to-present-claims-of-early-presence/
  13. Weird photo goes viral

    Weird and slightly annoying (not sure why) Something looks like sets of earrings. The brown thing looks like a dog in the face, but some kind of stuffed animal body. Is there any background info. on it?
  14. I don't believe you

    Not at all. A partner stand by the other. You said they tore her apart which doesn't sound like she handled the situation at all. Rather than disempower, it's more like by standing. Gun mentality? Really? They couldn't afford me. Like rape? There is only one standard when the word No comes into play. And as a result we have education, sewerage, running water, better health, liberation of minority groups etc. Its not all bad either. Yes I do and I will. JWs now face courts fir letting children die. That's a good thing. Ignorant people following religious rule that slaughter Offspring for offending their God and suppression of rights is very worthy of judgement. Perhaps you can't comprehend such when you don't even support your own wife? Killing another person is pretty straightforward Walker. Either it was an accident or not. Of course I do. Why wouldn't I? Why wouldn't more research into truth serums be a better option? That's not honor thats jealousy IMHO. We send people to jail for it. We don't condone it through religious law.
  15. So when will you be starting that? Like I said (and you IGNORED) why weren't you debating this on the relevant threads that discuss the Elizondo/deLonge/TTS misinformation at great length? May I impolitely guess that you didn't do that as you do not understand high-end camera optics, stabilisation / tracking systems, FLIR, aeronautics? It certainly would have been embarrassing for you, so .. wise move.
  16. Doing God's will.

    There is nothing paranormal involved in making a choice that's within your power to choose. Least of all is what you choose to dedicate your will to doing. And what you choose to do with the use of your mind.
  17. haiku time

    wishing for time to stand still, reveling in small moments we call life
  18. Doing God's will.

    Then by your choice about this, you have validated that in this universe, you have the power to choose.
  19. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread III

    I don't know man. Based upon the tone of some of your posts you strike me as a typical basement dwelling millennial gamer whose diet consists of pizza, Doritos, twizzlers, and mountain dew. Not exactly a healthy diet, nor one beneficial for high testosterone levels.
  20. Doing God's will.

    ps. There is also no available logic which supports the claim either. It seems to fail on every level. The best way I have heard the dilemna explained is... "All logic is against free will, all experience is for it." I'll go with logic and science on this one. Humans are too easily deluded. If you really give it enough thought and observation, you'll see that "experience" really doesn't support it either. It's fair enough if you still wish to believe in it personally, or claim it relies on some paranormal process beyond observation and logic. That's a personal belief though.
  21. I don't believe you

    To borrow from Paul, only a person who can’t judge childhood violence lives under it and goes on to advocate for it. What did you do wrong besides be an appropriately dumb kid who didn’t know any better? You seem to have a hard time distinguishing/judging obvious harmful behavior from non harmful.
  22. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    This too: The Mueller report itself is now receiving deep scrutiny...and it doesn't look good for Robert Mueller: Special Counsel Mueller--Disingenuous and Dishonest https://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/2019/04/special-counsel-mueller-disingenuous-and-dishonest-by-larry-c-johnson.html So, we can see that Mueller's report is utter trash and cannot be used for anything beyond lining birdcages...if even the birds would have it.
  23. Doing God's will.

    I disagree Will. It's black and white and about as subtle as a sledgehammer. There is no principle we have found so far in the universe, that allows for the type of free will you propose.
  24. Game of Thrones

    i don't think that Dany will give up or share the throne for love. to kill Jon Snow and all that know the secret is not beyond Dany. i think Jon and his honourable nature are both going to get creamed.
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