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  2. LOL right. Give us everything while we give you nothing is hardly a bipartisan agreement. Their idea of bipartisan is we will fund the government in return for your political death. Shoomy did not offer a wall. I agree with the Shoomy of 5 years ago. The guy who said doing exactly what he is doing right now would be inconceivable. This is 100% on the dems. The house passed a bill that left all this irrelevant crap for later. The dems could end all this right now, and lose absolutely nothing. Then fight for what they want on another day. Trump is willing to put aside everything he wanted that has nothing to do with the budget. Its the Dems who refuse to see this as two separate issues.
  3. Hi

    Kind of a late response it backfired in many ways I asked a question and since the odometer effect is in action I would have the answer in my head as I’m spelling out my answer thts programmed in my brain example me : (you smoked reds) board yes ) then my answer automatically is you drank Budweiser as well (board) no Belvedere wtf is Belvedere ?? Me no mr ouija board reds and Budweiser go hand in hand( mr.ouija board )no Belvedere . I don’t know nothing about racecar driving I always thought the Stanley cup was related to it anyway me: wow you competed for the st cup and your a 3 time champ at 27 years old from Indiana and your mad you didn’t finish a race (mr. ouija )”it’s the Daytona 500 and I’ve been stuck in Indiana for 9 mnths ( this was back in may 2017 ) and no ones fixed my car”’ so um I google the name and it kept correcting me tht I was misspelling his name by the way Branson claymond and um google pops up with Bryan Clauson ??? I’ve never watched races or know any racecar drivers from tv so tht tripped me out just weird stuff tht goes beyond the odometer effect yea it might be your sub mind but It’s trippy ass game your sub mind ghost spirit whatever it is feeds off of emotion for some reason wether it’s anger stress or fear so you have to kind of numb yourself and stay cool let your sub mind or spirit know tht you are in control! tht game should be rated M for mature it try’s to mess with you little did it know I’m the wrong skeptic troll to mess with hahha
  4. Oh Wonder - All We Do "What does it mean to be human?" Rag'n'Bone Man - I'm Only Human (after all)
  5. It's hard...we see this cute little report, but he has yet to acknowledge that the job growth in the past year was the lowest since 2011...
  6. You will know when you honestly seek for him, because you are his child and God, who is your Father, will not keep you in suspense. But if you keep insisting on doubting the truth of this, then he will keep allowing you to wander in your doubt because it is only through your free will choice to accept sonship with him that he can act on your behalf. He will not force you.
  7. Well you can thank the dems for believing illegals are more important then you. Especially knowing they could make a deal on DACA right now. Truth is they don't want to make a deal, cause it would make all the other illegals set in stone illegal, and it would stop the massive influx of illegals who have been draining our welfare system for decades.
  8. Trump had a cute little televised press conference in which he stated that he would support whatever the people in the room put on his desk. A bipartisan agreement was reached, a bill was sent to his desk, and he didn't sign it. Mitch McConnell publicly stated that negotiations would be much easier if anyone really knew what Trump wanted. Trump once tweeted, while in office, that we need a good government shutdown. Schumer was in Trumps office, even offered a wall, and Trump went off the usual. They can try to pin this on the democrats all they want..but people who know the difference between boarder and border know better.
  9. M83 - Midnight City telekinetic... M83 - 'Reunion'
  10. What we believe is malleable...the truth is not. The Actual Truth is not malleable. It just is. A Miracle would be Jesus walking on the Sea of Galilee. That is a form of individual belief. The Actual Truth is gravity and the law of physics. It just is. No amount of belief to the contrary can change that actual, consistent truth.
  11. Yes god is the reflection of man, and man did not use mud or any part of this earth to form his body but was formed with the breath of man. jmccr8
  12. Good for you!
  13. Democrats don't want a deal with DACA. If it was so this would have been long over with long before Trump got in. 0bama had a opportunity to settle this issue when he had the majority years ago. They don't want any deal, cause it would include real boarder security. The illegal vote is imperative to dems voting block. Trump has said he is more then willing to make a deal on DACA, but not without way more boarder security. Dems want not only to make these 800,000 people legal, they want them to have the right to bring their entire families alone with them. Dems want everything while giving nothing. Considering the vast majority of people in this country want boarder security, Trump would be committing political suicide making any deal that doesn't include boarder security. Asking someone to lose their base, the people who put him there, isn't a deal at all. This is a Shoomy shut down, and the dems are gonna pay for it in November.
  14. Sleep is overrated! Wastes too much time!
  15. I am not a believer in a god, so if i am to look at what is cruel on this planet, i would have to say it is man. Man created the idea of a god for numerous reasons and one of those reasons was (IMO) to tell the cruel men that there is a higher....unseen (always works when you are trying to scare someone) being, which is watching their every move. Why would man need to try this tactic? Because we know that we can not blame parents all the time when one of their children turns out to be evil. As for the wraths of nature....well, thats nature and the way it works, the is nothing cruel about it, if man gets hurt by it, it can be down to being in the right or wrong place at the wrong time and it can be down to his ignorance, one example is we have seen man build in areas he should not be, and as the human population keeps growing, so the concrete keeps pouring. So the moral is, there is a greater power than man, it is nature, and trying to create your own higher power is not going to be your salvation against the forces when they pop up.
  16. Because he said so. jmccr8
  17. How do we know there is a 'one true god'?
  18. There is only one true God, the Father of all. The faith that is true to who he is and who we are, his children. You, like all of us, are tasked with determining the meaning and purpose of all of this. It's within where the source of true guidance exists.
  19. DOD employees who repair the military's equipment? Non-essential. The guy who plows the parking lot at the VA hospital, so disabled Veterans can receive their care. Non-essential. The person processing your tax return in 5 days...non-essential. So, I don't we need them?
  20. tcgram

    You know you're getting old when:   You go to bed later and get up at your usual time but feel hung over and woozy!!   And you didn't drink the night before!  LOL  

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    2. tcgram


      They make me too groggy the next day, unfortunately.  

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      If I take the recommended dose they do the same to me. If I go 1/2 with it I'm fine.

    4. Hawkin


      I feel like a horse that's been rode hard and put away wet.

  21. Which god? What faith? Who determines the meaning of such things?
  22. Fila we can look at the reports from the PDF so graciously supplied by Quillius to see that witnesses imagined all sorts of different things. That happens with confused people. 1. Three Vees joined by triangle or diamond 2. 1 craft white lights 3. 1 triangular 4. V with 6 lights and sound 5. V silent 6. flying wing 8-9 amber lights sound 7. hexagon 9-10 lights 8. 1 UFO 9. 2-4 pinkish-orange lights 10. boomerang 4 orange lights That is the first 10 witnesses in the list. Could it be anymore diverse? Sounds to me like these people are all mistaken or looking at different things. Their descriptions are completely different as to altitude, number of lights, color of lights, number of craft, shape of craft, sounds, solid vs not solid ... As far as planes go we know that: People heard planes (witnesses 4 and 6 for starters) People with binoculars and telescopes all reported planes People reported that the lights changed position relative to each other (witnesses 1 and 9 for starters) The planes were recorded in a video showing planes The person reporting the formation in front of the Moon (Witness 76) The pilot in the airplane reported planes. (Witness 120) Some witnesses reported seeing stars pass between the lights (Witnesses 34 and 35 for starters) Some witnesses thought they were planes (Witness 20 for starters)
  23. XenoFish

    I want to say sorry to all those who've had to deal with me over the past few years. Apparently I'm going through a midlife crisis.

    1. tcgram


      Ain't nothing but a thing, none of us are perfect.  :) 

    2. Eldorado


      Wishing you well!

  24. And what's Trump's stance on DACA? This is the man who said he wanted a "bill of love" on DACA. House and Senate Republicans want a DACA deal. Don't sit there and act like this is strictly a Democrat issue, because that can't be farther from the truth. And now Republicans want to tout CHIP? Democrats have been pushing for a deal for months, and now all of the sudden Republicans want to sound like they are the champion for free healtchare for those who can't afford it? Why do they do it? Because they know there supporters will believe anything that are fed. Case in point, just read this thread.
  25. "there exists great confusion respecting the meaning of such terms as God, divinity, and deity." When you once and for all determine the truth of the aforementioned, you'll have taken the first step towards becoming clear in what we are all tasked to do. To grow up in a greater understanding of God and the truth of our destiny as his children.
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