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  2. Mind-Body- debate

    To not behave deterministically,for me it's acting without thinking, spontaneously. This kind of action is closer to who we really are instead of deliberating on who we should be.
  3. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    I am north of Alexandria and south of Monroe. Town name wouldn't help :). Been all over St Augustine but not Jville so much.
  4. Mind-Body- debate

    OK friends, she is on to us. Sorry Ella, we have sworn an oath not to tell you what we have found........
  5. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    man we got to the Valley of the Kings by the worst cab ride hell could devise and I was so over heated I ended up back in the cab about passing out while the other three with me went in and looked around some but came back soon so could get back to the hotel on time. One of the saddest moments of my life to be in that hellish cab in Egypt and unable to do more than just relax and ignore the cabbie who kept peeking in at me as if I was gonna steal his seat or something.
  6. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Weird you asked me this I was about to ask you bout LA, I went there years ago with friends. They have family in the country. Was so much fun, got to shoot guns and had a low boil which is amazing. To answer your question I'm in Jacksonville.
  7. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Well, stop it. What are you thinking!
  8. Which is honestly ridiculous. T. rex is a North American dinosaur discovered in 1900, about as far as you can get from being a figure in Hindu mythology.
  9. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    If GT and similar Anatolian sites have taught us one thing, it's to keep digging. You never know what might be there.
  10. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    @internetperson which part of Florida are you at? I was born in Orlando and just moved my Mom from the Panhandle when dad died this past Winter.
  11. Perhaps I should simply have said that the T. Rex is a representation of the wrathful kundalini goddess. Kali is the name that is most familiar to us, but I have also heard of Bhairavi, Ekajati, and Vajrayogini. The point I was making is that the traditional depiction of the wrathful goddess is so familiar to us that we are not really frightened of it anymore, but people really are frightened of the "extraterrestrials".
  12. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Valley of Kings Karnak Temple for me.
  13. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    GT. I am convinced there were cultures further back than we yet know about so GT fascinates me is all. I guess I just mean if they could know that, so could other sultures and they were close enough for a bit of cross over or an escaped slave who had been taught to end up elsewhere, etc. Things we will never know about, as it was as vivid and varied as we are today as lives go.
  14. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Hey! I'm working here.
  15. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Saqqara would be my first stop.
  16. Mind-Body- debate

    Doesn't seem so easy to me. How?
  17. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Who? GT or Egypt? We don't know enough about the GT population to say at present. The Prehistoric Egyptians came from north Africa and the Levant.
  18. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Yes, I have seen Saqqara and it was impressive as old as it is, though plainly not yet perfect. I also got to see Giza and some other spots but nothing as much as I wanted to. Was there on military business so time was hard to come by to tourist it. Was blessed to see as much as I did though.
  19. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Do you suppose they moved there and settled in from another, perhaps larger culture we have not identified yet?
  20. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Make sure you check for facial pepperonis when you wake up.
  21. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    I'll admit I know virtually nothing of GT other than the basics and that it is indeed very very fascinating. The Egyptians had a progression of working with stone similar to modern progression with technology. IIRC it started with tombs. Again IIRC some tombs collapsed in on themselves, they had to keep fixing them, then they figured how to make them stronger. Also there're lots of pyramids (pre giza) other than the pyramids of Giza. Sneferu or whatever his name is built tons of them and one was going to be bigger than the largest one in Giza. EDIT: Come to think of it, this was far after 10k bc so this doesn't address your theory so nevermind.
  22. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    I wonder the same kind of things, if more conventionally. I honestly don't see any connection whatsoever between GT and Egypt, but I'm only one of many who thinks about who the GT people were. We'll probably never know, unless they can finally find burials with viable genetic material. As for where they went, I doubt they went far. GT seems to have been abandoned about the time agriculture took hold, so I'm willing to bet the GT people stayed in the region and farmed. And now I want enchiladas. With black olives.
  23. Intense Secret Service agent for Trump

    he looks possessed.
  24. Mind-Body- debate

    True that. It is the organization of material. Like software organizes the flow of electrons in a computer. When the computer is turned off, the software ceases in that computer even if there might be copies somewhere else.
  25. Sauroposeidon begs to differ. From Wedel et al. (2000): I think T. rex is a little lacking in the arm department to be a representation of Kali.
  26. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    this will be me soon enough. A company I am affiliated with is opening a new store soon and so I will probably go from zero to 60-80 hours a week soon enough for a while nite Peppermint Girl
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