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  2. theres not much sexy about fat bellies...really fat ones anyway....the only thing to make that sexier is diet and workouts
  3. I thought for a moment that the geeks had inherited the Earth, but then I realized it was actually the trolls.
  4. Please do. And I want to hear the yelp all the way over here in DA. Chomp!
  5. Yeah, I'm not sure what that would do to dogs.
  6. I'm a total nerd, I'll admit. But there's a certain line of geekdom that I find it hard to cross, and on the other side of that line is things like superheroes, Star Trek, World of Warcraft, LARPing, D&D, etc... Thankfully the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made them somewhat cool. Although Captain America is still just a dorky concept.
  7. Long as it works. Those things aren't cheap.
  8. It must seem strange, in a certain manner, if you also have Irish forebears who fought for the Stuart kings. It's a bit like if you descend from Highland clans with bitter feuds. You hope that your Campbells and Frasers weren't involved in this atrocity. You pray that your McDonalds weren't a part of that crime.
  9. Sharpie it on
  10. Lol she got zero of the Ventolin, shes interested in it packed up. Old bulky one, from 1998 and its still running.
  11. Hmm. Then how does one go about putting a nipple on his belly?
  12. EXCELLENT!!!! This is Brilliant, You definitely Hit the Nail on the Head..!! Nothing more to add to this My Learned Friend.. Except.....Thankyou Hre2breal.. WELL SAID..!! Mo..xx
  13. Don't let her huff it she will really be wired!
  14. Do ya one better.
  15. I was home schooled in first grade, but that was about sixty years ago. I do remember going into school about every 6 weeks with my mom to talk to a teacher so that she could assess our progress. Maybe there are ways to get around that as Hats suggests.
  16. Agreed and wells said. Thanks! Umm, what?
  17. The villains are always more interesting.
  18. Lol you forgetting I'm marrying a gamer? That's not a jock type lol. Harley is telling me off for not letting her play with my nebulizer, she thankfully isn't scared of it
  19. Groups, like ISIS, indeed grown in a vacuum....a power vacuum. Iraq is fertile soil.
  20. Lol, mine too. Loki is by far my favorite villain from any superhero movie, period.
  21. In non Hulk mood he wins.
  22. Never would have happened. Just would have jabbed him with that blue spear thingy.
  23. What's wrong with girls these days... Always goin' for the emo guys over the buff jocks... I guess that's somewhat better for in-between average nerdy guys like me, but daym...
  24. Well, one thing I have noticed is that focus on screens has limited our awareness to peripheral events in our environment. That goes for using a desktop monitor or a phone. Concentration is fixed on a very limited area.
  25. I think that's actually my most favorite moment in a marvel movie
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