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  2. I don't believe you

    A 3 year old's sense of justice is like our own. It is what it was taught to see as just. Teach it to put itself first, and justice will demand this, Teach it to put others first, and that will be justice. Teach it to share equally, and that will be the criteria for justice
  3. Missing Crystal Lake boy

    with the little i read very sadly he was born with drugs in his system, i believe it said the state had removed him before, they seem to be looking at mother and father with focus on mother, my fear is the parents did something to the poor little guy, i too hope im wrong but arrows do point.
  4. I don't believe you

    Actually you do Otherwise you are judging from outside of an entire historical and cultural perspective end saying that your culture is superior You don't think hour killings occur in the west we had one in Adelaide not so long ago. we all have flaws and faults but tend not to see our own. Many western men kill their wives when their wives say the y are leaving them or have had an affair and that is a form of honour killing. I would ask a woman if she feels subjugation is better or worse than sexual objectification and i would ask women from different cultures and beliefs Some women might not see or feel they are being subjugated, but rather cared for, loved, protected, and not having to face the dangers and hardships of a western woman. The word and terrn is very value laden. If the woman is doing what she wants and values, and feels safe and happy, what is the problem ? My wife has been abused by "liberated" women because she chose to stop working when we got married and allowed me to care for her and provide all her needs. Her pov was that she did not need to work and so her job could go to a young unmarried woman, but the liberationist tried to tell her that work was where women became radicalised and socialised, and that she needed to work to establish her independence and dignity I refrained form commenting and let my wife rip them apart. she explained tha t she was freer (and happier( not working for money but doing what she loved) , than she had ever been in the 20 years she had worked, and tha t as we were equal partners half of everything i earned was hers anyway.
  5. Artificial plant

    if this is a real event then it can be explained and might be boring or might be fun but will be worldly, in cases like this the easiest and most times fastest way to the answer is set up a surveillance cam
  6. I don't believe you

    As both of us have plenty of kid stories to support this. You bet they have a sense of justice.
  7. Random Staircase in giant garden.

    vivid imagination
  8. Climate Change is a Hoax

    what are you on about? half a degree fool....
  9. Dire wolf? Wolf shifter? Magic?

    i was in that nuked thread, with the ops claims her friend turned into a werewolf and her threats of great harm to disbelievers and all, what is being missed is the OP wants valadation that werewoves are real, that the wolf she claims to have seen was real but of some supernatural plane and that shes special it choose her, no amount of showing animals have eye glow matters to her, because this creatures eyes glowed from within, i will end it there to avoid and threats.
  10. The Screws are tightening on Iran

    why should it be of any interest to the US?
  11. Venezuelan Revolt on the Horizon?

    "You being you" is clearly intended as an ad hominem. You're firing from the hip again Trump. I know the names - I named their party. Name a party who said they don't have the best party. This another appeal to false authority by you. The point is all these international sanctions allegedly because the human rights abuses and political prisoners. People so important we can't even bother with their names. Try standing some time. Maybe not so much will go over your head. You should know that when you keep peddling fallacy you'll be called out.
  12. Revelations talks about climate change

    Perhaps you should recite from your source. Mine just says "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void...
  13. and then

    Tomorrow we're doing a side trip to the Biltmore Estate.  It should be fun though I'd rather have gone in the Christmas season.  

    1. Piney


      If they have nice gardens everything is blooming now. 

    2. and then

      and then

      The grounds are my wife's favorite attraction but I'm more into the history of the building itself and the exquisite libraries and collections of items the Vanderbilt's collected in their European travels.  We went once before and I recall a silver chalice that was sitting on a table with a sign labeling it as having held Napoleon's heart briefly.  How's THAT for a bizarre trinket?


  14. My haunted doll attacked my husband

    and you want big $$$ for it correct?
  15. CIA classified book on Jesus

    Man, when I saw this thread, I thought this has got to a an old thread that was necro posted on, but no.... this is a actual current thread. Anyway... sounds like real mumbo jumbo b.s. I would find it funny though if there came out aliens were real AND also that Jesus was real. At the same time. One proving the other.
  16. The Screws are tightening on Iran

    That might be a response to Iranian rhetoric AND their moves to build bases for offensive weaponry on Syrian soil. I'm sure that's not sufficient cause for you but Israel sees it a bit differently. Hence, the increasing numbers of Iranian body bags traveling East.
  17. Replace one word in a movie title with Bacon!

    Shawshank Bacon the bacon cemetery Salems Bacon Schindlers Bacon
  18. Worldwide Walls

    Its pretty ****ing astounding
  19. I don't believe you

    Same here I couldn’t ever hit a child, I attribute it to my empathetic nature, and my early environment was very abusive, yet I knew instinctively my mom was sick and sought to protect my sisters.
  20. IRS fails to hand over Trump tax returns

    Whoa...I never said that. I only said the dems are too stupid to know when to stop the investigations. That's all.
  21. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    White House plans to fight House subpoena of former counsel Donald McGahn for testimony on Mueller report Checks and balances? We dont need no stinkin checks and balances
  22. The Bats ghost theory....

    dont get offended, its not personal i can both not believe the story and still not call you a liar, we start with a common theme from many haunted ghost type movies. the thing here is i didnt see it and you didnt video tape it, even though its happened more than once the other witnesses arent here, but thats just more stories countless times i have experenced people backing up some false claims. so since i dont believe spirits exist much less do things like toss knives, and why would whatever toss a knife and miss, that doesnt add up nor do i believe in Telekinesis which has been tested exhaustingly and not repeated much less proven, so all we have is your story, its enough for you to believe, george will believe it but me, i can respect you believe it even though i dont, no i would have to see it and even then research it,
  23. The Screws are tightening on Iran

    That goes without saying, doesn't it? I really don't recall the last outpouring of goodwill that came their way. That's the thing about being hated nearly universally... it's a LOT easier to just say SCREW THE WORLD, if someone rises to kill us, we will kill them FIRST.
  24. Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

    Trump doesn't want aides to testify to Congress after Mueller report: 'There is no reason to go any further' They will be testifying to the chosen representatives of the American people. I understand his party isnt currently in power but that is not cause to negate the constitution.
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