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  2. Psychic attack! Need help!

    that's what everyone tells me but he is really good at grabbing my attention any tips? is there a way to fight it? i've tried it successfully once by "fighting" the energetic pressure on my crown chakra but he keeps coming back
  3. Prayer, a way of life

    Unless you are getting 1st hand reports from the staff themselves, you should be weary of what you read in the media. Try reading other sources too and it will give a clearer understanding of what might be , or what might not be, going on behind somebody elses closed doors: What do you mean it came to you, were you not there at the time of being blessed? You seem to have gone through a lot of turmoil in your life, sorry to hear that, but IMO if there were a god, i would not choose to worship of follow it. (Just like politicians, you do not have to vote for them just because they put themselves up front) but unlike politicians, no god has ever come forward. People use an idea created by man and then will create their own structure of praying around it, the 'it' is refered to as 'god'. ? Do you mean like Princess Anne?
  4. Giza tourist bus hit by roadside IED

    Let me guess... radical Islam.
  5. Psychic attack! Need help!

    it's going to sound crazy but i know it's him because we talk i can hear their voices and they can hear mine he's friendly sometimes but most of the time he is a bully we talk about everyday things but most of the time he just makes fun of what i'm doing or people around me
  6. I think that is awesome, Just to do something like that for charity is amazing in itself. Because I know most people here wouldnt even get near a cow let alone kiss it LOL. Congrats to those people.
  7. Yes and i have shared this factual experience with you,As i have written it is as it happened and it is all the systematic facts pertaining to what happened.
  8. I don't believe you

    Ive explained (correctly) the nature of evidence. My point is that on any flight past evidences count for nothing Your current survival only means you were NOT one of those unlucky passengers killed when your plane was shot down, hijacked, lost at sea, or ran into a mountain. You HAVE no evidence for a current flight until the flight is completed . Sorry but my god has nothing to do with this, and cant "go away" because it has its own independent existence, no matter what i believe Try reading my posts without your preconceptions about my intelligence, or abilty to discern reality. Eg You are just boarding a flight. Tell me what evidences you possess that this flight will arrive safely. What do you know about the state of the airplane, the pilot and crew, or the many other variables like weather, topography, terrorism etc.
  9. I don't believe you

    You CANNOT have evidences that the particular plane you are on will fly safely and arrive safely, BEFORE the event You can have past experience and you can have theoretical knowldge on flight dynamics etc. but each time oyu step onto a plane you face a totally new scenario. Past experiences and knowledge mean nothing. If your past flights had NOT been successful you wouldn't be there to ponder on it. Only faith lets you step on board for THIS flight. Probability helps, but people rarely use it. (Do you know the probability of the plane you are on crashing, bearing in mind all the unknown variables of that; plane, pilot and airline ? ) They use faith
  10. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    What, exactly, is your point with this past history? How is it significant TODAY?
  11. I don't believe you

    Some of the first animals you mention pass what is known as the mirror test, where the y can differentiate self from other. That is a very low level entry point to self awareness ie it is awareness OF self,but it doesn't mean the animal can think in abstract symbolic or other ways, and thus cant be spiritual, creative, or share the level of intellectual emotions which humans have. We know of no other animal which has more self awareness or abilty than a 4 year old child, and in many respects, such as sophisticated language, they have much less. Elephants are interesting, and certainly are worthy of more study.
  12. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    I AM settled, what makes you think otherwise? BTW, let's talk serious stuff, have you done your homework on Halliburton and Cheney yet? I'll need a full report in the morning, Greenwich time.
  13. I don't believe you

    Give one example of what you mean. I use (formal and informal) logic in everything. However logic is a process. Thus the the outcome of logical thinking varies with the staring point. Logic can't lead you to a fact or truth unless the original starting point is correct.
  14. I don't believe you

    No they are "dumber", but maybe "happier."
  15. If people need counsellors because of a fricking TV show ending, I really worry about the human race. Society is so screwed
  16. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    Settle down now, BRD. No one wants war. But the U.S. will not tolerate continued attacks against Allied interests, and Iran damn sure better realise this. We are "posturing", like a lion ready to pounce.
  17. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    Really? What's the latest prophecy bulletin say about Realpolitiks?
  18. Prayer, a way of life

    The goat needed to be placed in this thread. Harte
  19. Cern and time line jumping

    Verifiable evidence. It's a fact that memory is unreliable.
  20. Prayer, a way of life

    I've had the goat since you showed it to me. I play it every time a SWJ speaks during a faculty meeting.
  21. Alabama abortion ban: Republican senate

    Kind of intelligent response I'd expect from you.
  22. Today
  23. Game of Thrones

    "The world must learn of our peaceful ways...by force!" Pretty neat Evil Empire vibes with that speech to the troops early in the episode. That big red Targ banner with the dragon roaring on the other side. I thought they wrapped it up pretty well. I just wish I could say they wrapped it up really well!
  24. Prayer, a way of life

    Seems you WANT the goat. Here 'tis Harte
  25. Alabama abortion ban: Republican senate

    Now you're projecting. Before you said they were. BTW Who formulates the drugs? Special pleading. This has nothing to do with the argument "Abortions are sad that Doctors have to kill lives, when their job is to save lives". You can't get over the fact I called you out on your straw man argument. For someone who insults others, you sure have thin skin.
  26. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    Be clear on what you're saying. Because what HE is saying is whoever disagrees with America and its goals will face military action with possible devastating global effects, if it comes down to it. I understand he's just a armchair hawk fool saying his piece on a forum to make himself feel important and in the grand scheme of things, whatever he or any of us say count for nothing, but, simply put, it's the mindset of a murderous psychopath which funnily enough, he defends by calling others anti-american when they disagree with his war game fantasies. As if his sick mind represents all Americans LOL. Now, what is utter rubbish? For calling him a psychopath for wishing the death of thousands, millions, for whoever doesn't tow the line with American politics as he suggests, the fact he didn't mean it that way, or simply because it's your belief American politics does work this way? If it's the first then you're just another psycho like him. If it's the second then who are you to defend what he's saying? If it's the third, then I agree, considering all the Neocon Right wing extremist war mongers populating American Congress which would put it on par with other murderous extremist regimes present and past. Luckily there are also enough Liberal minded Progressives that keep the savages at bay. Let's see, 1, 2 or 3. How about that, it even rhymes.
  27. I don't believe you

    Battle of the Planets/G-force myself. But my real love is "Bubblegum Crises"
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