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  2. RoofGardener

    We missed 240,000 migrants.

    ROFL... the figures are WAY higher than THAT !
  3. freetoroam

    Zoo visitors scratch names into rhino's back

    Some are already there.
  4. Totally horrible......
  5. RoofGardener

    Starvation in Venezuela is on the rise

    Weeeell... perhaps @Earl.Of.Trumps. However, the political instability and corruption has been going on for 100 years. This is somewhat prior to the US economic sanctions
  6. freetoroam

    Zoo visitors scratch names into rhino's back

    Maybe its time to change that now this has happened. If an animal had bitten their hand off, the animal would be put down. The distance would protect the animals against the idiot humans.
  7. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Dumbledore the Awesome

    Butt or lap?

  8. Essan

    We missed 240,000 migrants.

    We said the same about the Christians, the Romans, the Celts and the Beaker Folk. We're still here
  9. Iilaa'mpuul'xem

    Zoo visitors scratch names into rhino's back

    Oxygen Thieves... What makes someone think that is funny or a good idea... people make me sick.
  10. I'm not sure I understand what you are talking about when you type - from the right wing perspective evil disappears from the world when discussing mass shootings. I never heard anybody say these mass shootings are not evil and just shooting people without any kind of proved justification (like self defense) is pretty damn evil to me, despite whether mental health issues have anything to do with the mass shooter or not. So maybe you just assume that, because people don't say it enough? I don't see these events as unavoidable, but I also don't see it as - we need to take away the guns from law abiding citizens - when there can be different ways to prevent these events and right now, the FBI and local state authorities are currently proving to all of us, that there is a different way to handle this issue, by finally getting off their butts and finally going after potential mass shooters. Hell, I'm watching the news right now and they just arrested a 29th person in Long Beach, California as a potential mass shooter since the El Paso and Dayton shootings. If the FBI/local authorities currently keep going after potential mass shooters , like they are doing right now and keep it up, I don't see that happening. That is going to make a big impact. More needs to be done of course, like fixing our mental health care system, not just because of all these shootings, but because of the growing suicide rates too. Red flag laws are still not a bad idea either. And I wish the FBI had started preventions with previous potential mass shooters like Cruz/Parkland, when the FBI were warned about him before he went on his killing spree. The discussion about mass shootings probably would have faded away by now. When in reality it's a case of lack of education about firearms, fear, paranoia towards law abiding gun owners and their emotional knee -jerk reaction to horrific events, all the while, not logically thinking for themselves and just looking for anything to blame instead of the lunatic who pulled the trigger and caused the event? Well, that's exactly what it logically looks like to me, when I'm in my shoes. The easy availability of high capacity weapons - man this is the worst typical lame totalitarian anti-gun talking point I've ever heard said. That kind of logical reasoning is heavily flawed. Because it's like blaming the ease of availability of pills, ropes, bridges, cliffs, knives, razor blades, yeah and even guns, for suicides when it's the individual themselves, the logical prime reason, who is committing the action with their own hands. You do know the basic law of physics, right? Action causes reaction? Human pulling gun trigger = equals firing gun? Come on, Farmer...you can use less flawed arguments then this one.
  11. aztek

    We missed 240,000 migrants.

    how long you think you can keep your culture and way of life? cuz those 70% who give birth want to change your country to fit their culture and way of life. which contradicts yours. and i have no doubt it was not missed, they knew exactly what was happening, they just felt, you do not need to know
  12. Daughter of the Nine Moons

    Zoo visitors scratch names into rhino's back

    Wtf is wrong with people.
  13. When they left the zoo they went to find some ice cream cartons to open and lick... we are fast approaching a precipice of stupid...
  14. Two zoo visitors have sparked outrage for scratching their names on to a rhino in France. The 35-year-old animal was pictured with the words Camille and Julien etched on to its hide Pierre Caille, director of La Palmyre zoo, which is around 500km south of Paris, told Sky News how Noelle the rhino had the names inscribed on a layer of mud and dead skin on her back. He added she did not experience any pain and was being looked after, but called the action "stupid and disrespectful". https://news.sky.com/story/french-zoo-visitors-scratch-names-into-rhinos-back-11791371
  15. Here is what you posted "There are some 9,000 asteroids as close to earth as the moon is with about 100 new ones found every year. And let me ask you, Toast, how man asteroids are there?? " You claim modification by Toast but that is not true. Below is a list of asteroids approaching near the Earth and within a lunar distance. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_asteroid_close_approaches_to_Earth Even your original link has this to state https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near-Earth_object The confusion here seems to be that near earth means close to the orbit of the Earth possibly crossing the orbit. When they cross the orbit they will be farther than the Moon if the inclination of the orbit exceeds 0.16 degrees to the ecliptic.
  16. lost_shaman

    Climate Change is a Hoax

    It doesn't affect the 10 micron radiating body because the body is already in a higher energy state than that of the 15 micron EM wave length, so the latter can not be thermalized it will be reflected or scattered no energy transfer takes place. This rejection of lower energy wave lengths is in accordance with the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
  17. So the question remains why would people, in seemingly not connected cultures, come up with pretty radical idea to deliberately deform skulls of their children. It will turn out, thanks to DNA, that many cultures history - as science - treated as unaware of each other were actually mixing, genetically and culturally, and still the question remains, why was having an elongated skull seen as such wonderful trait? So many other useful traditions got lost and bending your head out of any reasonable shape remained for few thousand years and who knows how many migrations and re-identifying?
  18. Scholar4Truth

    Videos/Photographs Paranormal

    You can check out this thread https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/forum/10-ghosts-hauntings-amp-the-paranormal/
  19. Tatetopa

    Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Chickens coming home to roost. Ides of March, Republican style, Lil Kim porking us, Saudi Arabia stiffing us, Netanyahu losing, personal fatigue, watery support for Iran sanctions, China standing their ground, more mass shootings, resurgence of ISIS and American loss of life, floods, infrastructure collapse, hurricanes, hardening of the arteries and dementia from cheeseburger diet, opiod crisis increasing, medical insurance rising and people losing insurance, prescription drug costs rising, failure of small town community hospitals, continuation of coal mine closures bilking miners, continued bankruptcies of Midwestern farmers, Roseanne Barr challenging him in the Republican primary (somebody more entertaining and outrageous comes along), personal business failure, loss of American technological leadership to name a few things.
  20. itsnotoutthere

    We missed 240,000 migrants.

    Indeed. And there are those that would happily let it continue ad infinitum
  21. freetoroam

    Woman reels in weird fish with two mouths

    I showed my husband the photo (he knows his fish) and before reading the article he said, looks like its been injured. So am going with what the catcher and my husband say, injured.
  22. Scholar4Truth

    What's your weather like today?

    Cloudy and 76 degrees.
  23. Scholar4Truth

    Paul is Dead

    Maybe because they felt he was getting too much of the spotlight and attention.
  24. Thread cleaned Enough with the personal insults please folks - keep it civil.
  25. Scholar4Truth

    Shipwreck from 1854 found on Welsh beach

    I wonder what treasures they will discover by exploring it.
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