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  2. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    no, i was told that by a Iranian uber driver when we were stock in traffic due to street closures on the day of a gay parade
  3. "It's certainly not Rome, because the features don't match," says site superintendent Eugenio La Rocca. "Also, it's not London, as has been suggested." This ancient city could be from Spain, Trajan was from Spain.
  4. Best States for a chance to see bigfoot

    How about: 9. Anomalous Experience. Encounters with Bigfoot are experienced as real even though the biological creature is not. Pareidolia, false memories, legend-tripping, wishful thinking, exaggeration, fabrications (unintentional and otherwise), etc. Fits the data: Lots of compelling subjective reports, zero objective evidence. A uniquely human experience (there is no evidence Bigfoot is impacting upon other species)... ???
  5. Climate Change is a Hoax

    But wait there's more... https://www.news.com.au/national/federal-election/australians-are-dumb-celebs-fury-at-scott-morrison-federal-election-win/news-story/8392a4c2d8540d0c895808896c61409d Apparently celebrates, (the real experts) in AU, are considering moving to New Zealand, which is a plus for us, and remarks that Australians are Morons, and stupid, (the stupid remark comes, l believe from Labours energy minister, sorry cannot find it, but l read it in todays paper). True we are all going to perish in a global disaster since we are going to do little to curb it, eventhough we can do little to curb it, (l know). As l said previously, shock tactics, the true believers running rampant, screaming save my children, (my brainwashed children) and the rest of us, grabbing the popcorn, and watch how far they will go? Here is the true climate expert... The full video isn't available anymore, which is a pity considering l bought a full bag of popcorn, sniff. Before the flood,.....o.......k. And he says, "so much l don't know" can't argue with that point. This one is closer to the truth... p***es away substantial amounts of cash, and uses fossil fuels like their is no tomorrow, (lol) Another rich, brat, pushing pseudo-religous scientific dogma, with a lot of emotion and not much else.
  6. US government covered up UFO incidents

    Could you explain, what do you mean?
  7. @JessicaButerfly, you might want to research what you’re posting a little further...
  8. Captain Risky

    Good strong fences make good neighbours.  

  9. Respected nuclear physicist and UFOlogist Stanton Friedman maintains that the United States government hides the truth about UFO incidents from the public. Stanton Friedman has investigated UFOs for over fifty years, searching for scientific proof of their existence. He’s a retired nuclear physicist who has worked on highly classified projects involving fusion and fission rockets and nuclear aircraft for state-of-the-art companies including General Electric, Westinghouse, McDonnell Douglas, General Motors and Aerojet General Nucleonics. source: https://anomalien.com/nuclear-physicist-says-us-government-covered-up-ufo-incidents/
  10. Dumbledore the Awesome

    I've got a nice strawberry Milkshake from Tesco. Which prominent Brexiteer should I throw it at?

  11. Today
  12. The American Mafia Today

    It's the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" meets "The Sopranos." A career criminal with past ties to the mob has been charged with beating up a former RHONJ cast member and her fiance after breaking into their home in 2017. James "Jimmy Balls" Mainello, 51, was arrested at his home in Bayonne on Friday nearly two years after the bizarre attack in which "an Italian guy with a North Jersey accent" told the pair: "This is what happens when you **** with people from Paterson." Monmouth County prosecutors said Mainello and another man were lying in wait inside the Banyan Boulevard home of David Cantin on May 13, 2017, when Cantin and Dina Manzo were bum-rushed by the two assailants as they walked through their front door. Read more: https://nj1015.com/what-happens-when-you-f-with-paterson-arrest-in-rhonj-attack/ Contents of computer cell phones ‘essential’ to defense in mob-boss slay, says lawyer The lawyer for the Eltingville man accused of slaying mob boss Francesco (Franky Boy) Cali outside the victim’s Hilltop Terrace home last month, said Wednesday that information on his client’s computer and cell phones could prove crucial to the case. “We want the guts of the electronic devices so we can begin our own analysis,” attorney Robert Gottlieb said during Anthony Comello’s arraignment in state Supreme Court, St. George, on murder and weapon-possession charges. “All of that information is essential to move this case forward.” Read more: https://www.silive.com/news/2019/04/contents-of-computer-and-cell-phones-essential-to-defense-in-mob-boss-slay-says-lawyer.html Tony Musitano, once a notorious Mafia boss with a string of convictions and a wicked sense of humour, dead at 72 Anthony Musitano, known to everyone as Tony, was walking through the dry cleaner he ran in Hamilton, Ont., lighting a cigarette as he passed stacked barrels of chemicals. “Should you be smoking here? Is that stuff flammable?” I asked. Musitano turned with a serious look and said: “I can make it burn, if you want.” The joke was that Musitano was once so notorious for a string of arson and bombings in a Mafia extortion plot that Hamilton city council passed a unanimous motion banning him from the city when he was released from prison. Read more: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/tony-musitano-once-a-notorious-mafia-boss-with-a-string-of-convictions-and-a-wicked-sense-of-humour-dead-at-72 e
  13. I don't believe you

    Personally, I think Mr Walker is a good fellow, a garrulous old charlatan who posts outrageous stuff and delights in the ensuing controversy and relishes the attention. It's all harmless fun and he presents an irresistible windmill for myriad posters to take a tilt at. It does go without question that some take him far too serious.
  14. Impedancer


  15. Is this cthulhu?

    yes i could be a fish but you dont see him. I know the feeling how something strokes gentle my lower leg in a deep dredging lake and i struggle in the water but didnt hit it and then swim away with 3 km/h. And not forget it because not sure what touch me there.
  16. I'd be a hypocrite otherwise. While he was alive I did not find any of his contributions noteworthy and felt he undermined critical thinking. Yeah but Krantz was a scientist. Friedman claimed to one long after he left the field. I found that dishonest using an appeal to authority like that. Krantz continued to write papers and face skeptics all the way through. Friedman didn't. He picked soft targets. I remember some of the believer posters here contacting him in the past and he told them not to talk to anyone skeptical and made skepticism put to be a bad thing. I didn't think he was a good role model for anyone. I'd agree with you on Krantz but not so much Friedman. Indeed, but wouldn't that offer such an individual even less integrity? Preying on the 37%?
  17. XenoFish

    I was sleeping so well. Then the alarm ruined it.<_<

    1. Captain Risky

      Captain Risky

      For someone that routinely wakes at a sparrows i can certainly relate. :angry:

  18. Anybody ever have speed dreams?

    Ahhh yes. That old argument. Hahah. You know logically none of this should be happening. There is logical happenstance, but a race of beings capable of recreating virtual environment inside of a neural network? Dude..one in ten thousand galaxies.
  19. I don't believe you

    Hi Eight bits Well said and I couldn't give a laugh and thank you so here it is. jmccr8
  20. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    Yes. Absolutely. They do.
  21. Nigel Farage’s undisclosed ‘lavish’ gifts

    What is it with this milkshake meme that nutty Remainers have taken to throwing at prominent brexiteers? I suppose it's something to do with instagram or whatever. anyway, the one this nutcase threw cost £5.25 didn't it?! Insanity.
  22. Cern and time line jumping

    The Berenstain vs Berenstien to me is just pronunciation was done incorrectly by a lot of people and it just stuck in people's memories and went from there, since that pronunciation is an easy mistake to make. I'd never heard of the Mandela Effect until that X Files reboot a couple years ago had an episode about it. I think memory is not infallible but who knows on a quantum time level if there aren't gravitational waves that create a burp in the system. I've never experienced an inconsistent event ever but not opposed to the possibility. I do think in Field of Dreams they say both, when he's asleep it's "they" and later it's "he" but I'd have to watch it again. That one is easy to explain to as he gets the voices it's the team that comes first then his Dad.
  23. Psychic attack! Need help!

    I can't see that the name makes any difference, there is no known mechanism to read thoughts, or implant thoughts from afar, it is just a supposition for which there is no confirmatory evidence.
  24. I don't believe you

    You should think about why nastiness attracts you, But the Walker phenomenon isn't a deep mystery. Much of what skeptics get out of the UM game is solving puzzles. Day in and day out are the short-form kibble puzzles: the errant camera straps, the ouija boards that ... well, anything with a ouija board. They're fun, but not a nourishing diet, and let's face it, when you've seen one orb, you really have seen 'em all. In contrast, Mr Walker offers a Russian novel of woo. Where else can you find in the same thread God manifesting as truck headlights, the scoop on how slavery is an enlightened but misunderstood institution, why Eve didn't mind Adam throwing her under the bus, plus a tutorial on maximizing your tax advantage when making charitable gifts in Australia? There's nothing else like it on the whole web! And while on other boards here at UM there is constant complaining about "drive-by" posters, Mr Walker has been at this for years and years. There's always something new - it looks like maybe we're going to have a gangster story arc sometime soon. All that, and he can prove that ten years ago he was sane. What is rare is valued, and only a very few other posters have ever put half as much effort into playing the fox for us beagles to chase. I assume that from the foxy point of view, the fun is in making the beagles work (and that ultimately, we can't really bite). You know this is BS; it couldn't possibly be anything but BS, BUT you can't prove that it's BS, so I win. Or can we? And the game is on. It's a sport, Habbie. You're at a football (soccer) match, and you're wondering "Why do all those folks in the red shirts want to kick the ball at the nice man in the blue shirt who's dancing in front of the net?" It's fun. Fun for the folks in the red shirts, and I suspect fun for the nice man in the blue shirt, too. In all these years, he's only been scored upon twice. Prove him wrong about that.
  25. Why is the Pentagon interested in UFOs ?

    You're probably correct. 80% of UFO Sightings can be attributed to America's Donald Trump
  26. Psychic attack! Need help!

    i don't necessarily think it's a psychic attack it's more of a telepathic attack, i would like to know how it works and how to cut the connection
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