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  • acute


    Congratulations to President Putin on winning the latest free-and-fair Russian election, with zero intimidation and no voting irregularities.


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  • XenoFish


    Food really taste good when you haven't eaten all day.

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  • Piney


    Big sister's recent pilgrimage. I didn't get anything exotic this time. Just a little book and a tee shirt

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  • Grandpa Greenman

    Grandpa Greenman

    You're reading something and you think, is this a crazy conspiracy theory or is this for real?  How do you know anymore which is which. Whom do you trust?

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  • Not A Rockstar

    Not A Rockstar

    Hour old yellow lab puppy under my shirt to keep it warm while its Mama stresses having her litter. She is calmer with her one puppy born away from her with me for some reason.

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  • Vlad the Mighty

    Vlad the Mighty

    Alcohol reference, fantasy violence and Bad language 

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  • tcgram


    3 of the worst words to hear, "Tomorrow is Monday".    

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  • StarMountainKid


    The purpose of America seems to be to provide an exclusive, private club for wealthy white men. 

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  • Vlad the Mighty

    Vlad the Mighty

    my tv's no good any more

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  • Eldorado


    Candid, and generous, and just, boys care but little whom they trust. An error soon corrected; For who but learns in riper years, that man, when smoothest he appears, is most to be suspected.

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